MMP: Vernon to Crabtree ‘Get Your Butt to Camp’

It looks like Vernon Davis has had enough with Michael Crabtree being a douche and has this advice for him. “He needs to get his butt here and help this team out”

  • Seems Vernon isn’t the only one who has some words for teammates. Looks like Gore is wanting Vernon to show maturity
  • Gore is tearing it up in camp and everyone is taking notice.
  • Zeigler leading candidate as the third option with Jones out and Crabtree removing sand from his vagina?
  • Jed York tops list of Bay Area sports power players
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    • ninerfaithful

      we have emerging leaders n this team i know they have the tools to lead this team to a playoff birth Frank Gore is a true leader and vernon is learning how to become a leader

      oh ya Crabtree it time to get into camp my friend aarron maybin would have been my pick at ten anyway

    • New Mexico 49er

      Crabtree do you want to be a 49er or not? The team would like to have you on the field and I agree with VD if you want to be part of the team "GET YOUR BUTT DOWN ON THE FIELD".

      GO 49ERS>……….

    • Cory

      i guess Crabtree doesnt have common sense because if he sits out and re enters in the draft….there is a huge chance he wont even be taken in the 1st round with what he is going. So really holding out is hurting in every direction.

      • Niner Pundit

        agreeed, i seriously doubts he reenters. He has to know that will bite him in the ass.

    • Lowrance

      Is it Friday yet??????

    • crabtree you are a beasty wide out so just get out there an prove the world that you are the best………… your biggest fan,joe brown