Marvel Smith to Retire?

Marvel Smith is not making the trip to Dallas for this weekends game against the Cowboys. Now Matt Maiocco is on his Twitter speculating that Smith may infact be retiring. Here is what Maiocco’s tweet said.

I’m getting on flight to Dallas. Maybe I’ll have more about Marvel Smith’s likely retirement when I get there.

This should bode well for Alex Boone, but doesn’t bode well for Niner fans if that means we’ll see more of Barry Sims.

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  • ninerfaithful

    what a waste i just READING we still have to pay him and there is no injury clause in the contract what a joke another one to add to list of BUSTS at RT Adam Synder GET AND STAY HEALTHY PLEASE

    • fiverings

      Barrows is reporting that its official

  • dosia510


  • Lowrance

    What’s the latest word on Snyder?
    Barry Sims is a siv

  • Niner Pundit

    Snyder not playing, but they say its not serious. So hopefully be good to go next week or start of season.