Highlights: Preseason 49ers vs Broncos

Here are some highlights from the preseason opener of the 49ers/Broncos game. The 49ers won the game 17-16.

49ers vs Broncos Preseason Week One.

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  • dosia510

    thanks 4 the highlights. i love watchin them. GO NINERS!

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  • R,Craig33

    Tell me what yall think about this, if crabtree continues to hold out then how about trading him to the cardinals and a low draft pick for boldin.

    • Niner Pundit

      Too late to trade Crabtree. Of course when he signs they could trade him, but that is not going to happen. They are still high on Crabtree and feel he will contribute. Yeah he’s being an ass for holding out, but nothing a lot of draft picks don’t do. After he signs all this holdout talk will be water under the bridge. He’ll just have to prove his worth after that is all, which most likely will not be until next season.

    • Mas

      I don’t really think it matters too much. Crab may be the highlight, table-topic of conversation but Maybin has held out even longer AND to add douche-to-douchebaggery, it’s because he’s waiting to see what happens with Crabtree’s deal.

      Either way, Crabtree holding out isn’t an uncommon thing. His ass-bag cousin just made a “re-tard” comment on his behalf and even if it is true, he holds out an entire season and then what? We hold the rights to him up until the 2010 Draft. He won’t be able to participate in the 2010 NFL Combine and chances are, he’ll get picked up at best, late 2nd Round, play 2 seasons and be long forgotten.

      Guys like his cousin exist… Unfortunately, they live long enough to drag the mentally weak down with them.

      I want Crabtree to sign… I really do. But if greed rules over sense (which inevitably it may), it will be at the loss of the individual, not the organization.