Green In, Keasey Out

The white rasterfarian has been let go with an injury settlement and brought in to take his roster spot is former Cardinals cornerback Eric Green.

Green played with the Cardinals last season. The Dolphins released him Wednesday. Green has started at least eight games in each of the last three seasons. He gives the 49ers another corner with experience.

Green visited the 49ers as a free agent in March before signing with the Dolphins.

Keasey’s departure was inevitable this season, due to the loss of Martz and the signing of Moran Norris. With his fractured forearm it made his release that much easier. Now we’ll get to see more of Britt Miller and Rentmeester, real fullbacks. The addition of Green is a solid one, he may or may not make the team, but he adds depth, experience and it’s nice to see the new regime add a player like Green instead of taking a 5th round draft pick who played wide receiver and try and convert him to a corner.

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  • To sum it all up in one easy sentence… Eric Green is garbage and just here for depth.

    • NinerPaul

      Thats funny John…… But I think it might be a smart move for the front office >> Cardinals >>> 4 years >>> I’m sure he knows there offense somewhat and the tendencies the offensive players or coordinators have. Maybe he helps us on gameday we play the cardinals with better information not to mention he has something to prove agains the team that didn’t resign him.