Douchieness to Last Until September

According to an article by Tim Kawakami and confirmed through Maiocco’s Twitter Michael Crabtree will hold out until September. A source informed Kawakami that Crabtree almost certainly will sign, unless he’s crazy enough to start skipping game-checks, which he probably isn’t, but that it won’t be until in the weeks or days before the 49ers’ Sept. 13 regular-season opener.

Looks like we can chalk up season one as non productive for Crabass.

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  • SubwayJared

    gotta luv the blunt truth

  • Redneck9er

    Actually I'd like to see crabass re-enter the draft and go in the second or third round and laugh my ass off.

  • Wow, he is just wasting his time waiting that long just to get the money the niners are offering now. What a Waste! Thank God for Josh Morgan, Bruce, Hill, Ziegler, etc.

  • FranktheTank

    Fuck Him

  • this guy is a dead beat! give me the contract offer and ill be there tomorrow!

  • NinerPaul

    OK guys I know your passionate as well as I am, but you got to let this thing play out. Its the other part of the game, the game of business and leverage. You don’t think this is hurting this guy. When money, agents, advisors, family, your love of the game and this unprepare situation comes about for a young person that makes it difficult …… This is a mental test for this kid to factor all these things and make a decision thats for best himself despite his surroundings. I just hope that he ways out all the cards, diggs deep, and plays his best hand in his decision. Much love …. Michael……….

  • redneck9er

    Well all i got to say know is, when this game airs tommorow. lets see what happens. If hill hits morgan for two TD’s and the receivers are great. crabass IS GONNA FEEL LIKE A CUNT! if things don’t go that way (I would doubt it), he will have something to bit on. I feel better than I have in a long time about this WR corps. Crabass has a lesson coming about hiring family to do your bidding as far as proffesional career goes. my though is hire an agent who has experience and has no ties to u personally. We would love him to be on our team but I think it will be proven we don’t need him.

    • JD

      redneck, he has an agent. his cousin is just his “advisor”. the BS about him holding out and reentering the draft was a BS ploy by his cousin. His agent came out right after that report and denied the rumor. its a numbers game. plain and simple. Crabtree and his agent feel they should get a good price for him, which they do honestly, and the niners are trying not to commit that much more to a rookie and kill any cap space that would bring us back to Cap Hell……

    • NinerPaul

      Yeah >> Good point we’ll see how things go tonight…… Damn I Love Footbal!!!!!

  • JD

    Honestly….people always hear about the player holding out….people forget there are agents involved 95% of the time. To say we do not need him is bullshit. we need all the WR help we can get with Jones going down. plus, in most likely his last year, do you really think we are gonna lean on Bruce or work our young guys into the mix more? We need Crabtree, plain and simple. and you know as well as i do that a couple months from now, when all this is said and done, everyone will have forgotten about the holdout and be focused on making the playoffs.

  • Greg Wheaton

    Id like to see him skip this year, enter the draft next year, fall to the second round, and get picked up by the 49ers for 1/2 the money he was offered this year.

  • NinerDave

    It’s a crying shame that Crabtree won’t sign. But that’s how it is, you can bet he’s not looking forward to training camp, so if his agent tells him, wait and maybe we can milk this for a few extra mil, you know he’s gonna wait. It’s all about the Benjamins.

    But the 9ers have gone what, 10 years without a bona fide WR? What’s another season. I just hope that if he doesn’t sign early enough to be of use this season that they just dump him back in the pond. Probably too little anyway.

  • Ali

    I want Crabtree. He will make the Niners better. So what if he is trying to get his $. Good for him. Football is a business. As long as he is staying in shape and studying the playbook, he should be full speed by week 3. He is a rookie. Not like he would be a big playmaker for the first few weeks anyways

    • AMas

      I doubt any fan of the 49ers on draft day said, “Ahhh Shit… Crabtree’s still there – I hope we don’t get him”. In fact, I was ecstatic!

      He can hold out all he wants… But once the season starts, he’ll start losing game day pay and be looking at a minimum of a 6 year deal with the money he wants or a 5 year deal with a ton of escalators to meet.

      If he doesn’t want to be a Niner – Phuck it. Sure, it’d be disappointing that we wouldn’t receive any compensation for losing a 1st Round pick but we’d walk away with two things intact – 1. Our Balls/Pride 2. Cap Space to splurdge in Free Agency on proven talent.

      …And week 3? Doubtful. Dude hasn’t ever had to run a west coast route tree OR beat the press (on the field) in game situations. He may be talented but right now, he’s probably sitting in Jerry Jones’ office, playing Madden 10 and realizing he doesn’t have a QB in San Francisco.

  • Scofield

    Crabtree is whats wrong with pro athletes. There is no entitlement to playing a kids game. He will be remembered as a money whore his whole career.