Crabtree Threatening to Be a Douche…

One report coming from Pro Football Talk is saying that Crabtree is threatening to sit out the season and reenter the draft. Of course after this report came out, Crab’s agent Eugene Parker is doing damage control and saying that is not the case. It seems that some douche, a cousin and advisor of Crabtree was the one who said Crabtree would sit out. Following are the two reports.

Per a league source, agent Eugene Parker is telling the 49ers that Crabtree will sit out the season re-enter the draft in 2010, unless the team gives Crabtree what he wants.

There’s also a growing chorus of league insiders who are speaking out against the widely-believed effort by Parker to blow up the slotting process with Crabtree. Teams obviously would contend that the unwritten rules of draft-pick negotiation ritual should be honored; however, some of the agents who arguably would benefit from the introduction of chaos privately have described efforts to blow the curve as “inappropriate” and “unacceptable” and “wrong.”

And if Crabtree opts to re-enter the draft next year, the current thinking is that he wouldn’t be the first receiver drafted. For now, the guy who is regarded as likely to be the first wideout (and possibly the first overall pick) is Illinois junior Arrelious Benn.

Here is the comment from his douche of a cousin David Wells.

San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree is prepared to sit out this season and re-enter the NFL draft in 2010, David Wells, Crabtree’s cousin and adviser, said Thursday.

“We are prepared to do it,” Wells said. “Michael just wants fair-market value. They took him with the 10th pick and you have Darrius Heyward-Bey [the seventh overall pick by the Oakland Raiders] getting $38 million? This week is crucial. Michael was one of the best players in the draft and he just wants to be paid like one of the best players. This week is very crucial.”

Eugene Parker working damage control

To follow up an earlier item, the receiver’s agent, Eugene Parker, went on record saying he has never threatened the 49ers about having Crabtree skip this season to re-enter the draft.

Parker: “You’ve known me a long time and I’m not a guy who makes threats. Nor am I a guy who negotiates in the public. I don’t know where this came from but no such threat has been made.

Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat quotes a 49ers source as confirming what Parker is saying. I just spoke with a 49ers spokesman who offered this: “The 49ers are not going to negotiate in the media. In our view, there has been open and positive communication between both sides.”

Sounds to me as though Crabtree’s cousin and adviser — the man who said Crabtree would be “prepared” to sit out the season — might have overstated things.

Source: PFT, ESPN

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  • Cokemule 49er

    The problem is not crabtrees agent, it's that mikey has surrounded himself with his "advisors" who probably dropped out of high school but are going to tell him how to handle his business. I myself would probably commit murder to get a contract that they offered. All he has to do is play football. Just look back at the past ten draft and tell me how many future hall of famers came out of the top ten. Sign the contract, be a hero, get us a few more rings. Punk.

    • Q.

      I really dont see the big deal. we have high hopes for the niners this year. singletary and the rest of the squad are trying to get it together and this is a distraction we dont need. we have a hall a fame coach that knows what we need to b to become contenders and the last thing we need is false info. from a sideliner trying to get the most money he can with out proving himself in the nfl. give me a break either contribute or move on bcuz the 49er train is moving forward with or without u.

  • RaphL

    Way to go Raiders…Not only are they dysfunctional on the field, in the locker room, and through ownership.. but they're effing up the signing of the top draft picks.

    Couldn't agree with you more cokemule.

    • NinerFan2187

      lol the whole raiders francise is a joke. they are truly the pit of the entire sports world

  • Texas9er

    Fuck Crabtree. I can't stand his ass. Im a Longhorn fan so I don't like Crabtree very much. When the 49ers drafted him my hatred for him went away but after hearing about htis shit my hatred is back. I had a felling that he would be another T.O. I hope this is just his ghetto ass cousin saying this but Crabtree is also a huge Cowboys fan. If I got drafted by the Cowboys I would probably do the same thing. Fuck Dallas, Fuck Texas Tech, and Fuck Michael Crabtree

    • Mr Scary

      good one

    • AMas

      Watch Jerry Jones come in on a white horse to Niner HQ with a proposal… When we drafted him, I loved it. I had heard nothing but good things about Crab, despite all the critics – I believed it. Now – not so much. Get your ass to camp, stop being a bitch and fire your douche-bag cousin for being an ass-clown.

  • redneck9er

    if i am a high school student i am not gonna ask for general manager pay. i am not gonna say i will hold out for that pay hoping i will get it when they have 5 people already lined up for the GM job. I will never get hired. then sit out for a year with no practice and still beleive i can hold my own without any experience in a year.

  • Forensics187

    So what happens to the Niner’s if this fool does sit out and re-enter the draft next year? Do we just get hosed on our pick, do we get compensated in another way? WTF

    • Q.

      thats a good question how does that work? why should we have to suffer becuz some unproven college kid that dropped from 1to 10 in the draft wants more than he has yet to show hes capable of doing in the nfl do we get stiffed?

  • imAniner

    yah..those asses that surrounds him..just money hungry bastards..and crabshit is there meal ticket out of where ever they live…and DO REALIZE CRABTREE..YOUR A BIGGER ASSS FOR LISTENING TO THEM!! you will regret not signing..and if it really happen u dont sign with us..and u wait next year..and your ass falls apart..TELL US HERE THAT..YOUR “ADVISOR” still around you..BRAH!..SUCH A DOUCHE!!! i knew it..the way he looked on the draft..he was’nt all that happy..and when ever he get interview..he cant say done with this clown..hope u find what ur lookin for..NINER WONT TAKE ANY OF YOUR SHIT CRABSHIT!! i hate you soo much right now!

    • Q.

      use ur own judgement crabpee its ur life fuck it up if u wnt to and b another statistic. ass bag

      • bamone

        yea… how did bo Jackson do after holding out????
        Elway…. well he was good but no montana would lose superbowls.
        wake up crabtree. sign a 5 year deal and if you don’t like the 9ers play good this year and ask to get traded next year. it will be better for you and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • redneck9er

    well crabtrick hasn’t been hearing the reports from training camp. bruce abviously and morgan and Battle and davis being utilized better and zeigler (Sorry if i mispelled his name). many reports that we have the deepest WR corps ever. if he sits out a year, that is a year not playing any football. any team looking at him will think, you have not played football in a year and you are very rusty. then 3rd or 4th round and way less pay. don’t let family run ur business and be ur agent. Fire him and hire a proffesional.

  • West

    Calm down! Its so easy to say what you would do or wouldnt do on a BLOG. So i guess NOBODY on this site has turned down money to get more money before they agree to be hired… “If this is true then ask for more money in your next job interview, dont sell your self short’. You never know that guy Fred doing the same job as you do everyday maybe making more than you, lol… Bottom line, wait an see what happens and dont x him out so fast…

    To answer your question if Crabtree sat out the whole season and re-entered the 2010 draft 9ers wouldnt be compensated by the NFL. They would control his rights up until draft day.

  • DaHawn49er

    I would like to see Crabtree re-enter the draft next year, And just watch him fall lower the the 10 pick the 49ers took him as, And get less money as well, No team would want him, Well wait maybe Oakland might, Just to spike the 49ers..

  • Texas9er

    I wounder what the 49ers would charge to trade for Crabtree? Maybe a 1st and 3rd. 3 first round picks would be nice.