Alex Smith on NFLN Total Access

Rich Eisen from NFL Network’s Total Access sits down on Niners cam and talks with quarterback Alex Smith.

Smith on Niners Cam

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  • NinerPaul

    Common' lets all just have it out….. One of you writer's just simply put >> Shaun Hill or Alex Smith? >>> State your argument and reasoning…… And have the fan's lay it out……..

    • NinerPaul

      I'll start with mine! Common' Hill without question…… 7 – 3 as a starter >>> Hummm almost 9 – 1 >> Remember the Arizona coaching fowl up at the with a half yard to go. Chances are we would of and should of won that game. And how about that Dolphins game that came down to the last play or the one big pass play that beat the defense. Hill had us in that game as well, he played well enough to win that game if it weren't even for that one blown coverage in that Dolphin game. And the argument of, "Alex has had a different OC every year" Hummm…. So has Hill, also add a couple more teams to that list as well. How about this one "Alex was blossoming under Norv Turner" Hummm …. that year, 7 wins for Alex in 16 games. Hill 7 wins in his first 10 games. And Alex's 2007 eeee…. lets not even go there. At Least Hill won 2 of the 5 games the niners won that year….. Simply Hill….

      • NinerPaul

        To follow up with that 07′ season Alex had 2 wins and 7 losses before getting hurt. And the other win came from trent dilfer in 07′. Some other interesting facts >>> Shaun Hill’s first start back in 07′ >> Against the Bangles with chad johnson, hushmazada,chris henry and Carson Palmer at QB. Who would you of picked to win that game >> And guess who won? Not bad for a first start >> Then followed up the nexted week with a win against Garcia, Clayton and company of the Buccaneers.

  • I just want Alex to win because he gives us more of a promising future at QB. He was the 1st pick and is motivated to prove people wrong. Also has the physical tools at QB position just has to execute. Shaun has bounced around a lot and people dont consider him a ‘franchise QB’. Although, if Shaun can have a strong season (20+TD,80-100QBRating,10-18INT,3000+yds). If either Alex or Shaun can do this then he will be resigned to a long term extension since both expire after 2010 season.

    • Niner Pundit

      I approve of this post

      • NinerPaul

        Good points Pundit, and it is fair to say that either QB would deserve that extension base on those numbers. But I would throwe in wins as well, which would show a good game manager.

    • Mas

      You are a dumb – human being.
      1.) “he gives us more of a promising future at QB” – So does my son and he’s not even born yet.
      2.) “He was the 1st pick and is motivated to prove people wrong” – It doesn’t matter if you were picked 1st or last, if you’re an athlete, you’re motived to prove people wrong. Also, if you get tested for AIDS and it says positive – you’re motived to prove people wrong.
      3.) “(Hill)has bounced around a lot and people dont consider him a ‘franchise QB’” – No Shit but people say that about Alex Smith? (Really… You asked that?)
      4.) “Although, if Shaun can have a strong season (20+TD,80-100QBRating,10-18INT,3000+yds). If either Alex or Shaun can do this then he will be resigned to a long term extension since both expire after 2010 season.” – If I was in the NFL, threw for 20+ TD’s, 10 INT’s and 3000 yds, I’d get a Pro Bowl vote. (Not that I’d win – but I’d get a vote)

      Niner Nation, I apologize if castrating John on his comments comes as a bit of a surprise/douchebaggery but seriously.

      I will give you this John, Alex Smith may physically have the height (6’4″) and be a little shy on the weight (217 lbs) but you completely neglected to think about the mental capability required to understand a NFL playbook in addition to the plethora of defensive schemes that an NFL QB encounters.

      Alex Smith can do things none of us can do. He’s a QB for a Pro Football franchise that prides itself on having the greatest Qb of all time play for them. However, as a fan and as a guy with a keyboard, John, Niner Pundit & Niner Paul – you all need to get in your Toyota Prius and yellow convertable Miatta and drive until you realize the error in your ways…

      • NinerPaul

        Lets just talk snaps >> Each snap that mind is challenged to execute moving the offense >> The mind has to respond in the regardless of its past (Plays, coaching, training, preperation, etc.) The bottom line again execute, move the offense and wins. Shaun in real game situations has had 367 pass attempts, Alex 800. Alex, has more twice the number of real attemps, AKA more experience. If we took alex's first 400 attemps it wouldn't even be close. Lets say I'll give you all of Alex's 05' and 06' his record 9 wins and 14 losses and that with 240 more attemps for alex. If I throw in 07' it gets uglier. Every Alex fan argues promise, potential, upside, and aren't ready for the word bust. Personally I like facts, offensive movement, and most of all wins! I even believe that Shaun can as a team player get us a Super Bowl, ala Trent Dilfer who I might add Hill replaced. Which mean it takes the whole team and all phases. Research what Hill did for Maryland there first winning season in so many years and took them to a BCS for the first time under a first year coach, and picked up from a JC cause no big school wanted him as a QB, Hummmmm sound so familiar. But he's here now and happy about that cause i'm happy about wins and as a diehard Niner fan I havn't been this happy in a while. Shaun has got something to prove too!!!! Go Shaun Super Bowl Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mas

          I love this comment

  • Mas

    You may or may not like this…

    Ryan Leaf: Drafted 1st Round, 2nd Overall in 1998 by the SD Chargers. 4 Years w/ 1 year of not accumulating any statistics.

    Alex Smith: Drafted 1st Round, 1st Overall in 2005 by the SF 49ers. 4 years w/ 1 year of not accumlating any statistics.

    R. Leaf TD/INT/SACK/PASSER RATING = 14/36/65/50.0

    A. Smith TD/INT/SACK/PASSER RATING = 19/31/81/63.0

    Frankly, I'm over it. The fact that this is even considered a "competition" triggers acid-reflux. I understand that 7 coordinators in 7 yrs plays a role in his progression but so does frailty and being indecisive at the most important postion in football. Scouts get payed 6 figures to evaluate talent and this is the best they can come up with? Shameful. Lacking a true understanding of identity and making inconsistant selections by drafting athletes instead of football players has been our weakpoint. When we were able to take Patrick Willis, 10th overall – I shotgunned a beer with 6 of my closest friends. That's when things started to change.

    I love our 49ers. We're finally heading in a good direction with the potential to win 10 games this season. In addition, 2 1st round draft picks, plenty of salary cap space and a motivated, smash mouth defense. We're literally 3-4 picks away from re-establishing dominance in the NFC.

    Who/What/Where would you make your selections in next years draft?

    • NinerPaul

      Looks like we still need a pass rush >>>

      • Mas

        I WANT A QB.

        Smith can hold an interview with quick responses but he can’t seem to hang on to the ball and be decisive. Sam Bradford looks like the purest pocket passer of the top 5 5 QB’s expected to be drafted next April. (Snead, Tebow, McCoy, Bradford & Tim Hiller out of W. Mich).


        6’4″ 257 LBS. OLB Sergio Kindle, TEXAS. Best LB Prospect out of Austin since Derrik Johnson. ALSO, 6’6″ 290 LBS, Carlos Dunlap from Florida – Beast. However, this position will be deep in 2010.

        I WANT A SAFETY.

        Taylor Mays is more over-rated than Tyra Banks. Yes, he may hit like a truck and be a staggering 6’3 3/4, 230 LBS and move at the speed of light – in one direction but Eric Berry SS out of Tennessee is a ball hawking Ed Reed type Safety with skills upon wheels.

        I WANT A DT that holds up like a Dutch Levee. Obviously, we have needs. In my most honest of opinions, we don’t have many but the ones we have are important. In this particular order based on depth:

        1. QB – Not a deep class. Bradford/McCoy/Hiller/LeFevour
        2. OLB/DE – Deep AND a need area. Dunlap/Kindle/Hardy/Selvie
        3. S – Berry/Mays. Sleeper Myron Rolle the Academic also happens to be a great athlete as well. Plus, he could be his own doctor.

        • NinerPaul

          I agree about Taylor Mays being over-rated. When there was talk that the niners might pick him if he was in the draft this year, freaked me out…… Hell no…..