49ers Beat Dallas 20-13

Felix Jones got the Dallas Cowboys away from their goal line and, 13 plays later, into the opposing end zone. Marion Barber did most of the hard work in between.
No wonder the Cowboys are so excited about their 1-2 punch in the backfield.

Dallas rode Jones and Barber for most of a 94-yard touchdown drive, the highlight series during the first-half battle between the first-team units in a preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday night. The 49ers won the battle of the backups in the second half, winning 20-13 on a 9-yard touchdown run by Kory Sheets with 33 seconds left.
The Cowboys (1-2) outplayed the 49ers (3-0) when the starters were in, with Tony Romo getting the offense into scoring position on three of four drives, but led only 10-3 at halftime.

Shaun Hill and the 49ers sure could’ve used Michael Crabtree.

Playing in the hometown of their holdout wideout, the 49ers had only 36 yards over their first three drives. They even used their version of the Wildcat formation twice to try getting something going, with little success. On their final drive of the half, Hill finally completed some passes to a receiver — three to Arnaz Battle — and got a 42-yard field goal in the closing seconds of the second quarter.

“I would have liked for it to have gone a bit smoother than it did,” said Hill, who was 9 of 17 for 79 yards. “You can’t tell a whole lot right now. I just wish we could have put a few more points on the board. … There’s just certain plays out there that we need to make, but we didn’t. They were stopping those drives. Obviously, we have a lot of work yet to be done.”

Sheets turned 11 carries into 42 yards and two touchdowns. His first tied the game at 10 in the third quarter, then came the winner in the final minute.

Romo was 11 of 17 for 125 yards and his first big mistake of the preseason, a rushed throw into double coverage that was intercepted. He also probably made a bad choice by throwing to Patrick Crayton on a third-down scramble inside the 10; had Romo kept running, he might have had an easy TD run. Crayton was stopped and the Cowboys settled for a short field goal. They also kicked one on the opening drive, but it was wiped out by a penalty and they ended up punting.

Romo guided Dallas’ starters to 195 yards and 13 first downs despite being without starting receiver Roy Williams (shoulder) and reserve receiver Sam Hurd (thigh). Miles Austin caught three passes for 44 yards and undrafted rookie Kevin Ogletree had two catches for 36 yards, both on third downs on the opening drive.

“The guys are working hard and playing at a fast tempo,” Romo said. “Mistakes have been kept to a minimum. … (Austin and Ogletree) know the offense and they’re doing a good job.”
Jones finished with 23 yards on five carries and Barber 47 yards on 13 attempts. Third-stringer Tashard Choice — who has dubbed the trio “Smash, Dash and Tash” — outgained them both, going for 55 yards on eight carries in the second half before leaving with an injury.

The Cowboys’ lone TD drive was the kind of series they’d like to repeat this season: 94 yards over 14 plays. There were 11 runs and three passes, all to different receivers, all for first downs.

The series began at the 6 and nearly ended on the first play as the speedy, shifty Jones blew through the middle and into the secondary. After going down on an arm tackle by safety Mark Roman, Jones walked away smiling, then later blamed himself for not picking up his heels enough to get past the final defender.

Then Barber showed why Terrell Owens dubbed him “Marion the Barbarian,” bullying his way for 30 yards on seven carries, including a 3-yard gain on fourth-and-1. His last carry reached the 3, then it was Jones’ turn again. He slithered between his blockers for his second touchdown in as many games.

“We have to carry this on through the regular season,” Jones said. “It’s still a learning process for us. We are just going to continue to run hard and get better.”
The second football game in the Cowboys’ new $1.15 billion home drew 72,171 fans, and didn’t feature a single punt that hit the overhead video boards that have been such a source of attention that the league issued a ruling about how to handle such a situation.

Well, those who showed up early might’ve seen San Francisco punter Andy Lee reach the 90-foot-high board solidly once in pregame warmups.

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  • Eleven11

    Am I the only one thinking we should start Nate Davis if Shaun Hill under-performs? Even though we won, and I didn't actually get to see the game considering I live in the DC suburbs (and should technically be a Skins or Ravens fan) and won't get to see the game til the replay tomorrow, it seems like Nate Davis is performing better than Hill and Smith combined. I know he's still green and can't be the starter yet, with a couple of years if we don't get someone better, I see potential for him. All I know is he went 15-20, and neither other QB has put up numbers like that yet.

    • Niner Pundit

      I agree on Nate. His passes are so much better than the other QB's on the roster. I say put him out there, it's obvious this team is a run run offense. What do they have to lose. See what Nate is made of. Its obvious Hill, Smith and Huard are not the future.

  • A True Niner Fan

    Nate Davis Played very well but it was against Back ups…he woulda played horrible if he had played against the Dallas starters….with that said I was a little concerned about how the defense wasnt blitzing that much until they said that Mike Singletary was saving all the good stuff for the regular season which makes sense I guess. Kory Sheets had a great game and that last game winning touchdown was Awesome!…Shaun Hill didnt get off to a great start but he didnt turn the ball over and when we needed a drive he marched us down the field in the 2 minute offense and got some points on the board against the Dallas Starters and against the clock….It was good to see Patrick back out there and knock some rust off…it seems to all be piecing together nicley for a good run this year….after Nate Davis performace tonight I have to say I think he mighta just beat out Damon Huard for the # 3QB cause theres no need for 4 QB's

    Great Win Niners!

    • Niner Pundit

      Nate’s passes are ten times better than the ducks Hill throws. Not to mention he looks the most comfortable out of all the QB so far.

      • A True Niner Fan

        I think your thinking of Alex Smith when you mention duck balls thrown…As I recall Shaun Hill had like 2 throws over 20 yards in that 2 minute drive and if it wasnt for a Pass Interference call on a Nate Davis Prayer then he doesnt get another chance an we punt the ball away an potentially lose the ball game

        • Niner pundit

          Oh no I was talking hill his passes 8 out 10 times are ducks. He has no arm strength and most of the time the receivers have to comeback for the ball. Have you not been watching his passes this season? They are laughable

          • NinerPaul

            At Least Hill’s passer rating was better than Romo’s….

  • seekret_sauce

    But if you guys noticed, that throw Davis did was pretty accurate. If the defender didn't interfere then it was a perfectly catchable ball.

  • ninerfan4life

    GO NATE …….

  • James

    Im A Believer Nate Davis Throws Bullets To The Chest #7 !!!!!!

  • 49er4ationver

    Evrythng Startz Clicking The Defense Is On Ponit .. And The O-Line Seems To Pick-up Blocks . We Cant Lose With Davis Quarterbackin ..

  • ninerfan4life

    GO NATE …………

  • Lowrance

    I’d love to say go with Nate, but like another said, it was against second string.
    A few of his passes were on a rope. Great! Then he had some tocuh passes. Liked this one game with him, but need more.
    O line did ok, didn’t see Sims wiif like before, but they didn’t open many holes to run in either. Snidely get well soon.

    I am SO hoping this “Vanilla” defense is only for the sake of not showing our D….But please??? One more 3 man pass rush prevent defense and I’m going to throw something at the TV!!!
    We presuured Romo like twice, and he was off both times… we need PRESSURE!!!!! D backs can’t cover forever….
    Blitz if you can’t get pressure because you diodn’t go out and get the personal!

  • Lowrance

    And Eric Davis and the other dork need to pay attention to the game more. Some of their comments are ridiculous.
    Ref runs in to spot the ball a yard short, then holds up a fist for 4th down, and what’s his face still says “Looks like the Cowboys made it” then carry on their own personal agenda conversations…

  • Lowrance

    Pundit? I don’t see many of the regulars from last year. I’m guessing the sign on for this sight being hard for so long made them try elsewhere….too bad… we had some good info shared last year. (Except for the petty crap, lol)

  • dosia510


  • stilldiggin4gold510

    Aye Everytime Nate Davis Is On The Field .. We Win .. Itz Bout Time For Change .. Hill Hasnt Improved .. Smith Is A Bust .. Im On The Free Smith 09 Movement .. And Nate Davis Only Knows How To Win .. His Leadership .. Is Just The Right Mindstate We Need To Win These Football Games .. Davis The Franchise Boy-Boy ..

    • NinerPaul

      To really show that were going in a new direction we should release Smith, and Keep Nate and Huard >> Besides he’s done the worse….

  • 49er4ationver

    Go Nate !!!!!

  • wickerman

    Hill looked awful. Threw into coverage a few times, missed open guys and generally looked like a deer in headlights. I have to agree with pundit on the ducks.

    Defense is looking like it is incapable of pressure too. If the best we can do is beat raiders/broncos first teams we are looking at 7 losing seasons in a row.

    • NinerPaul

      Common I think we'll do better than that……. It seems to me that they're (the coaches) holding back some……

      • wickerman

        I dunno. I really get nervous looking at who the 9ers beat late last year and how we did against a top 10 team yesterday. Makes me think the 9ers are just a high-end of mediocre team right now.

        The defensive line is weak except for Smith (Justin). The o-line is average inching towards good. We need young receivers to step up (Hill/Morgan) and take the torch from Bruce. The RBS look great. Davis and Walker could be a good receiving TE tandem if Raye will include them like he says he will.

        Nate Clements continues to prove he is overpaid – Dre Bly looks better than him right now. Lewis makes me wonder if he will finish the year with the concussions.

        Hill won the starting job and then came out and showed that maybe he didn't deserve it as much as a rookie does. Yes, i know Davis played vs the 3rd rung defense, but even the most passionate Hill defender has to admit he looked terrible.

        I think Singletary BETTER be holding something back for the regular season or we are in for a long 17 weeks.

        • NinerPaul

          If you look at the game book its Hill is at somewhat a disadvantage this pre-season as a starter >> He had only full 2 series before going into that dallas game where that defense let it rip. I think Hill realizes there are no excuses, He has to get it done in his given opportunity. My concern is that this offense is too run loaded and doesn't have the passing versatility that Martz's system had last year which Shaun was effective in. It was more a balanced run pass system and i had to admit the passing scheme's were very creative enough to be a pass run offense. Defenses had to respect the pass when the went on the field against a Mike Martz offense. Rayes offenses have been known to produce run yards, tight end production, but really never top rated QB's and wide recievers.

  • A True Niner Fan

    dont get me wrong I like Nate Davis an who knows mabey hes the future..but I think I heard somewhere that he has a learning disablility or something like it takes him awhile to process information so mabey in a year or two he could be ready to go even Mike Singletary said he has talent but its Raw Talent kinda untamed but for now its Shaun Hill …Hes #1 an hes earned it, dating back from the last few years. Im shocked to see everyone lobby to get him outta there after 1 (so so) performance when he didnt even practice all week cause of a sore back…are you guys forgetting who won all those games at the end of last year??? not to mention he didnt have Adam Snyder in ther blocking and coffee missed a crucial block on that sack he took and if Shaun Hill was in there against the 3rd string D he would carved out 300+ yards cmon guys get it right!

    • Niner Pundit

      Looks like Hill's getting lots of excuses.

    • NinerPaul

      I’m with you True Niner……

  • James

    I am very skeptical that Hill will lead us to the playoffs this or any season for that matter. I also don't believe that Davis should be the starter either in that he is only a rookie and the playbook is trimmed when he is in there.

  • West

    Marvel Smith RT looks to be retiring… Levi Jones RT free agent we need to bring in as insurance. Snyder im not sold on and Simms sucks on the road. I think Simms is half def.

    On Nate Davis, I was glad when he “slipped” to us. I thopught he would be gone by the 3rd round. But Nate isnt ready, they need to take there time with him and have him ready for next year. Hill will get us to the Playoffs this year.

  • dosia510