Singletary on Dan Patrick Show

Head coach Mike Singletary joined the Dan Patrick show on Tuesday to talk about the following.

— Singletary explained how he almost made Michael Crabtree cry. Singletary said that he saw Crabtree doing a jog-through on the practice field. Singletary said he hadn’t heard that Crabtree was medically clear, so he went over and told Crabtree to get on the sideline and sit until he gets full clearance. Singletary said Crabtree got “teary-eyed” because he wanted to be out there.

— Singletary said that he isn’t just a motivator and a yeller.

— Singletary said that he doesn’t have different rules for different players. And Singletary said that Mike Ditka didn’t give different players different treatment. Singletary said that Jim McMahon got the same treatment … he just reacted differently.

— Singletary said that when he was a freshman at Baylor, the philosophy was no water. But that changed during his college career and his coach started using Gatorade and water.

— Dan asked Singletary the best piece of advice he ever got. Singletary pointed immediately to Bill Walsh, who taught him to have good people around him and to be himself.

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