OchoCinco Loves Frank Gore

Chad Johnson Ochocinco tweeted on his twitter page that Frank Gore will rush for 1700 yards this season. Here is what Ocho had to say:

Just finished training with Frank Gore at South Florida gym, can we say 1,700 hundred yards!!!! Niner fans get ready

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  • Texas9er

    Good Times, Good Times are ahead. I can feel it and so can OchoCinco

  • New Mexico 49er

    New Mexico fans can feel it also, get ready for us Cardinals

  • Yes we can, Chad. Yes, we can.

  • Lowrance

    Frank's always had the heart and will. If our OL can block, Frank can lead us to the promise land…..

  • ninerfaithful

    fuck chad sign with the niners this next offseason and come play some real football