Michael Crabtree ‘Does Not Cry’

I’m sure most have read the story where Singletary almost made Crabtree cry, well NFL Fanhouse has an article up where they talk to Michael Crabtree about him being portrayed as a diva, rubbing his teammates the wrong way and almost crying. Here is what Crabtree had to say about the reports of him almost crying after Singletary told him to get off the field.

“Anybody knows me, knows I’ve never cried,” Crabtree said. “I don’t understand where this stuff comes from. Say I’m passionate about football. I don’t cry. I never had. I don’t know who said what but Michael Crabtree does not cry.”

Oh and the reports about his teammates running extra laps because Crabtree was late for a meeting.

“Not true,” Crabtree said. “Nobody had to run because I was late for a meeting. That’s crazy. No. I’ve never been late to a meeting.”

Full Article from NFL Fanhouse

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  • RaphL

    That's too bad cause I heard his tears cure cancer.

  • San Fransico has something great going here. They’ve got a good running back in Frank Gore, talented receivers in Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, and they have an excellent coach in Mike Singletary. Whatever drama is happening here needs to go away before the season starts.

    • Mosie

      With outstanding potential, it is so sad that CryTree is following in the steps of “Its-all-about-me Deion Sanders”
      This is the kind of thing that separates a good team, from a championship team!!

      “Whatever drama is happening here needs to go away”
      Cut out the cancer! Say what you will, but I feel it is time for him to go, so the 49er camp can complete their line up.

  • Mitch Weaver

    threatening to sit out all season and re-enter draft next year if you dont get top 3 money??? yeah… not a diva my azz you tosser

    • imAniner

      let him keep listening to his hungry money "adviser"…he'll never get the money he wants..specially if he sits this year…crabtree + adviser = no career in the NFL..


    I am sick and tired of hearing Michael Crabtree cry about money. I have all the confidence in the world the 49ers will make the playoffs and go deep into the playoffs. The way I look at it if Crabtree does not want to be a part of the team he can sit the bench. The 49ers in no way need this distraction. So good luck and lets go get’em in the 09/10 season.

    • wickerman

      The niners should let him sit. At this point with opening day on the horizon, how the hell could be be any kind of upgrade from Morgan or Bruce or even Davis? I say they shop his sorry butt around for a pass rusher – of course no team will probably want to trade anything for him…