Jerry Rice – Homecoming

Here is the video for ESPN’s Jerry Rice – Homecoming. Hopefully Youtube does not remove the video. There are five seperate videos. Enjoy.

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  • Pitna

    Seeing Mr. D almost made me cry, I wish he was still our owner, he was the classiest man and the greatest owner in the history of football, hopefully jed will follow in his footsteps, except for not keeping the team in San Fran, Damnit. I loved when the crowd booed the Cowboys, they will always be our arch rival, if your a real 49ers fan you hate them with a passion. After Jerry is in the hall, We all need to petiotion to have Eddie D in the hall.

  • Sharkjerry

    The greatest! What else could be said about this incredible man and superb athlete?

    Thanks M. Rice!

  • Texas9er

    I was wondering why the 49ers haven't tried Justin Smith as a OLB. If something was to happen to Manny or Parys that might not me a bad move. I know he is a little big for a OLB but he was a huge motor and I think he would do a good job at OLB. RJF at the left side, Franklin at DT and Soap or Kentwan on the right side with Mcdonald and Evans as the backups. Just a thought! What do yall think?

  • West

    Texas9er… I think only Nolan would make a move like that… We still have A. Brooks, Id rather see…

  • Texas9er

    West I understand what you are saying but the 49ers are a little to thin at OLB for my likings. If something were to happen I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • Niner Pundit

    I think Nolan would try him at punter before OLB.