Dre Bly is Hungry

Hungry. Dre’ Bly uses that word a lot these days. He is 32. Looking at an 11th year as an NFL cornerback. Coming off an imploded season with the Denver Broncos that left him impugned and unemployed; the San Francisco 49ers pulled him from the free-agent pool six weeks ago.

Bly is pleased with this, because he still has passes to defend, a reputation to restore. And now, there is a new coach’s confidence to validate.

Yep, walking up to another NFL training camp, Bly is blunt about it. He doesn’t need football. But he wants football.

“I’m just so hungry right now,” Bly, from Chesapeake’s Western Branch High, said last week at his formative training center on Baker Road, where he helped stage a two-day youth camp.

“If I wouldn’t have signed, I’d have been OK with it. I mean, I would have been frustrated, but I know how the game is. I know the way things ended last year in Denver had something to do with why I didn’t sign (until May).

“But that’s all in the past. I’ve got a good situation in San Fran.”

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