Crabtree to Hold Out? is hearing that the 49ers “won’t flinch” on Michael Crabtree’s exorbitant contract demands.

The agents of players around Crabtree’s draft slot (No. 10) are hoping San Francisco satisfies his top-three pick contract request so they’ll get more for their clients. But that reportedly isn’t going to happen. The 49ers have the receiver depth to withstand a Crabtree holdout, but Josh Morgan and Isaac Bruce will likely be starting on opening day if it extends long enough.

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  • New Mexico 49er

    Crabtree, the 49ers picked you after other teams went on past you and now you want to sick it the team. Come on prove yourself first and wait till next year to make your remands.

    • Fundy

      Why not put a contract together that is incentive laden? Everyone knows that a rookie wide receiver will most likely not be as productive as he thinks. If he proves himself, then the incentives kick in and he gets paid. I’ve already written him off for the year because he has not been able to participate in off-season training and now he is sitting out important practices. He will be way too far behind to catch up until next year. Josh Morgan will be the number 2 receiver and next year’s number one.

  • #1 FAN

    So I am watching Sportsnation on ESPN and this idiot Colin Cowerd still has JT O’Sullivan battling for the open QB position. UNBELIEVABLE! Does ESPN know anything about this team. It is so frustrating.

  • redneck9er

    K my whole veiw is with morgan rising as posible starter at WR, CRABtree is an idiot allowing hid agent to ruin his start to his career. 49ers could use hime but we don't need him. Our WR players are the deepest we've had in a long time.

  • The Raiders signed DHB. This should be good for us. Maybe we’ll have Crabtree signed by Saturday after all. #1, know what you mean. I just read an article that said Gore told Singletary at the end of last season that we needed to keep Moran Norris on the team.

  • imAniner

    complete BS! prove yourself..then demand!

  • redneck9er

    Morin Norris will take blobking assignments from vernen davis and hopefully allow davis to go out on routes more!

  • Lowrance

    I agree, prove yourself THEN demand. Asshole…

    Saw VD on TV saying how much better we’re going to be.
    I hope Singletary got through to VD, and now he doesn’t feel the need to celebrate his one catch per game when we’re down 21 points.
    He has so much potential. Please explode this year and make us all proud.

  • Joe S

    I have an idea, Crabtree wants more money, the Seahawks have two first round pics next year and are in dire need of a reciever. This sounds like a fair trade to me. We trade Crabtree and walk into next years draft with 4 first rounds.

  • 49ers # 1

    Crabtree who is crabtree ? Just fresh out of college and he's already starting to be picky…he should prove himself first….we have morgan and webster…..this year is playoffs we've come along way soooooooo. Who needs crabtree ? WE DONT/…………

  • imAniner

    i guess no CRABnut this year! DUDE is a DOUCHE..good luck..and hope you'll never be a NINER!!!

  • Darlo49ers

    This is the type of shit that'll piss us real fans off. We really dont have time for T.O personalities on our team. I would rather work on what we have. He may not even make the top 20 next season, there just might be even better recievers next season.

  • Anon1976

    Crabtree is a dumb ass. Hasn't step his foot on a professional field and is demanding money. TOwens had a ignorant ass attitude, but at least his crazy ass caught a ball first. This isn't college ball Crabtree; your with the big boys now. Accept your contract, get on the field, catch the ball and shut the fuck up.

    • Crabtree, I am a diehard 49ers fan and I have been all my life even when the 49ers are at their worst. I put on my jersey and hat every game day. When we drafted you, I jumped up and down with excitment and when I heard the news about you returning to the 2010 draft it made me sick. I have never heard of a player doing that. I even spent money on your dam jersey and you have let me down. I have been watching you since you entered college and I was praying that their would draft you and my dream came true, but like they say a dream can turn into a nightmare just as fast as they come true.