49ers Madden 2010 Rankings

For all the Madden fans out there. Here are the player rankings for the 49ers featured in Madden 2010.

M. Crabtree 84
I. Bruce 79
V. Davis 78
J. Morgan 74
A. Battle 72
B. Jones 70
D. Walker 66
J. Hill 66
B. Pascoe 63
D. Zeigler 62


F. Gore 91
M. Norris 77
G. Coffee 69
M. Robinson 65
Z. Keasey 62


S. Hill 69
A. Smith 67
N. Davis 64
D. Huard 58

Offensive Linemen:

J. Staley 85
M. Smith 82
C. Rachal 80
E. Heitmann 77
D. Baas 77
B. Sims 76
A. Snyder 74
T. Wragge 71
C. Wallace 70
J. Bender 66

Defensive Linemen:

J. Smith 83
I. Sopoaga 80
K. Balmer 68
A. Franklin 67
R. McDonald 67
R. Jean-Francois 62
D. Evans 61


P. Willis 98
T. Spikes 78
P. Haralson 76
M. Lawson 72
J. Ulbrich 70
S. McKillop 67
J. Moore 61

Defensive Backs:

N. Clements 84
M. Lewis 80
W. Harris 76
S. Spencer 67
R. Smith 64
D. Goldson 62
T. Brown 59
M. Roman 55
M. Hudson 48

Special Teams:

A. Lee 92
J. Nedney 83

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  • tigreludueña

    raitings suck ass

  • tigreludueña

    i cant feel the same

    i cant feel this way..

    the madden ratings in this day

    they are just gay

    where better than that will have to proove

    this is just between me and you


  • ninerfaithful

    welcome back to the page and what weak ass rating we have but love the challenge another year is getting closer

  • Texas9er

    I dominated last year on Madden with the 49ers ranked 70. I don’t know about you all but I will have no problem winning.

  • texas9er

    im gay u got a problem

  • Msouza

    Wow, i didn't realize that we were the worst team ever assembled and that our second best offensive player was a rookie, that by many accounts, may not see the field too much, lol. I mean we actually have a player in the 40's. Are you seriouos?

  • Msouza


  • Jason Hill a 66?? Shaun Hill a 69?? Damon Huard who put up decent numbers on the shittiest of teams a 58?? EA sports is the biggest t=bunch of idiots i've seen.

  • Actually Huard is pretty bad

  • Cory

    These are the ranks of now through the course of the season they can and hopefully will improve as the season goes along

  • Quiet Riot

    Fuck wat madden say we gonna shock da world

  • Texas9er

    Don't tell me we are starting this changing name shit again. Dude get a fucking life.

  • Madden is a dumb ass these ratings are bullshit this is gay as hell the only good person is Patrick Willis which i agree with.

  • imAniner

    where’s dre bly?