Twitter Tuesday: Holt & The Handicap

This week for Twitter Tuesday we decided we take a stroll around the NFL and see what athletes outside the 49ers are tweeting. Let’s start if off with the great wisdom of one Torry Holt. Torry believes that if you say you are old and handicapped but yet can drive and talk on the phone, then you are not handicapped. Just a guess but maybe that person is handicapped because they are old.

@torryholt – Just saw an elderly handicapped woman on the phone! if your driving and talking on your phone you aint handicapped!

Ocho Cinco compares getting a physical and having to cough to brokeback mountain.

@OGOchoCinco – I feel so violated right, how did they play roles in broke back mountain, I feel so empty and crushed, will I ever be the same after this.

T.O is having a boring day. Think maybe you could do some more situps in your driveway? To early to start throwing Edwards under the bus?

@terrellowens81 had a photo shoot, had a good dinner! now off 2 bed, got last 3 days of OTAs comin up!! nite tweeters!!

Keary Colbert realizes what it means to play in the city of Detroit.

@kearycolbert – Sleep… “I didn’t even have to use my AK, I GOTTA SAY IT WAS A GOOD DAY.”

Who says they don’t teach Math at Florida.

@percyharvin – To my followers asking about me choosing #12… I wore #11 in HS and #1 in college. so added em up.

Freddie Mitchell is like the Billy Mays of Twitter. Is there anything you aren’t pitching Freddie?

@freddiemitchell Professional Barbecue Recipes! Competition style ribs, butts, chicken, and beef brisket…

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  • david akers

    Looks like a changing of the guard in nfc west