Proposed Santa Clara Stadium

Ain’t she pretty? Illustrations of the Santa Clara proposed stadium the 49ers would play in around 2014.

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(Illustration courtesy of the 49ers and HNTB Architecture.)

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  • Texas9er

    Im cool with it. just build the damn thing already.

  • Bobby Boucher

    Anyone know how far from downtown SF this will be?

    • Niner Pundit

      Google Maps from Market to 4949 Centennial Santa Clara said about an hour drive time, but not sure what traffic would be like.

  • Desert9er

    I could be wrong, but I believe the last time I saw statistics done regarding attendance, more fans going to the game were from outside of SF than inside the city.

    Fans in SF and Marin will have a harder time getting to the new stadium (if built). But for the fans in the peninsula, south bay and east bay, this new stadium is much easier to get to considering it's between 101 and 237, and has easy paths from 680, 880, 280, 101, 85, 87, 17 which all converge within a few exits from this new location. You could also argue that flying down 280 from SF on a Sunday will not be that bad at all (30min).

  • Lowrance

    Moved back to Los Gatos from Monterey last year. This could be a short light rail ride away. BUILD IT!!!!!
    Although last time I actually went to Candlestick, we drank so much before the game, sitting in the rain from the top levels wasn’t as much fun as sober in front of an HD big screen, Lmao.

  • Don Juan

    So Hunters point is completly out. I think hunters point would of been the best location, I live in San Francisco and I am not looking forward to the hour or more drive to Santa Clara, for those who just say build it, you obviously do not live here in the city or in another state, because the traffic can be bad at times going down their, and the heart and tradition is by the bay. Santa clara is alright, but Hunters Point would be awesome because of the waterfront and the scenery of the location. If Eddie D. were still around he would have had the stadium built at hunters point by now, and we would of at least had a few championships. Jed is doing a good job though, we just need to keep the stadium here in the heart of the city, I will miss the tailgates by the bay, Santa Clara is a big theme park, their is not shit their! We will probably build the stadium at Clara, so I will have to make the best of it, I guess those hillbilly cowboys downsouth play their games out of town too.

  • Lowrance

    I have no problem with Hunter’s point and because they’re the SF 49ers, also don’t mind them being anywhere in SF. But they’ve tried and tried, and couldn’t make anything work up there.
    (We miss you Eddie D)
    I drive up for all the SF Giants games and love the new park.
    But if it’s in Santa Clara, it works very well for me and many south bay fans! I just want a NEW PARK!!!!

  • Bobby Boucher

    Kind of sucks that it's out of the city, but it seems to be the only viable option. I believe that serious clean up was going to be required at Hunter's point because of chemical waste or something. San Fran is such an awesome city. I've been four times. It was my yearly vacation before I got married and had kids. Spend 10 days or so if there was two home games in a row that year,and take the trolley to the game on Sunday. Don't know if it's because of all the fruit cups, but I always had great luck with the ladies out there. Great retaurants too.

  • West

    Desert9er….Niclely said1!! You aint wrong

  • Texas9er

    Don Juan, the Cowboys stadium is only about 15 to 20 minutes from Dallas. You got The Original Six flags and The Texas Rangers all next to each other. The traffic isn't that bad. That does suck for our fans in the Bay area but a team with this much tradition shouldn't be playing in a Baseball Park. Im just ready for a new stadium. I haven't been to Candlestick before but maybe next year I will get the chance.

  • junebug408

    Im a die hard 9er fan born and raised in Santa Clara, so this is like a fuckin dream! But, i do hear and understand you frisco natives. Frisco is a great city, but simply could not come up with a place for a new stadium. So Santa Clara stepped in. SC is a small but great fuckn city. We need a new stadium period. As long as its not in Oakland then its all good. Like desert9er was sayin. Most fans who attend the game arent from frisco. Most are actually from the south bay. we've been makn the trip to candlestick for years, so for those who dont want to drive downto Santa Clara and watch the niners, stay the fuck home. I'm sure the south bay alone will fill the stadium. I'd go anywhere to see them play. ANYWHERE! and oh yeah….im lookn forward to gettin hammered, watchin them smash on other teams, and walkin my ass home!

  • Texas9er

    I agree with RomoSucks but dude check the spelling

    • Gormless

      Look, guys, do the math. Can a city the size of Santa Clara afford buying heavily into a one-sport stadium to hold c. 70,000? A stadium sitting vacant from January to August? Why not slightly adjust the stadium to broaden its appeal and utility for different sports. Soccer? Track & field? Or, for concerts, security space around the field? Santa Clara is not a wealthy town. This would probably be the biggest project in its history. Why not sensibly broaden the appeal to as many Santa Clara constituencies as possible? It’s a no-brainer, IMO. This is like the city’s Convention Center: multiple, year-’round uses or we can’t afford it.

      Then again, if you want a football-only stadium, good luck certainly. Hope the stadium wins. I’m just much less optimistic if SC voters are asked to support a single-sport facility.

      • Los Banos Jerry

        You got be kidding right………..Just because its not

        going to be a track/field, or soccer stadium. It still

        can attract tractor pulls, rodeo, concerts, etc. The last

        thing the niners want is a mausoleum like the LA colesium.

        Cmon smell the coffee.

  • D. Asquith

    Stadium suitable for soccer? If not, timely and prior adjustments to facilitate that would make this stadium vote almost a “gimme” in “real football”-mad Santa Clara, IMO. SCU’s fine soccer teams would thrive there. At present, Bronco stadium is OK but high-schoolish.

    A new soccer stadium could also draw the Earthquakes. Personally, I’m not sure about 49ers’ games. (Even though I have listened to/watched practically every game since ’56, have never actually attended one.) But who wouldn’t attend Quakes’ matches in a new, state-of-the-art facility? Wow! The south bay’s demographics lean to soccer. Too, as much as I love venerable old Spartan Stadium, it has had its day.

    And as for SJSU, its football and soccer programs might benefit also. How about SJSU hosting Stanford or USC in a new stadium?

    The city of San Jose tried this multi-use stadium via bond issue tack once. Early ’90s, I believe. It failed largely due to the opposition and grassroots efforts and energy of one south SJ organizer. It’s largely forgotten now, but that always seemed (to me) a landmark election and failure for the city and for local soccer and college football. Nevertheless, one hopes the city of SC’s voters have more foresight and see more potential in a major new south bay venue than did we in SJ around 18 years ago. Our misfortune, your opportunity, I guess. Best wishes and good luck to stadium supporters.

    • Tony romo sucks8==D

      Why are you taling about soccer of a football website. Soccer sucks and just because USA finished 2nd doesn’t mean we have to talk about it like its a sport people care about.

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