Update: Ellis Signs with Raiders

06.15.09 — Update Greg Ellis has signed a three year deal with the Raiders.

06.12.09 — Sorry I’m a little late on reporting this. But just came across this info that Matt Maiocco is reporting that the 49ers might be interested in unrestricted free-agent LB Greg Ellis (Cowboys) if he drops his asking price.

The 12 year vet was recently let go by the Cowboys. Last season Ellis had 8 sacks. Over the past two years he has a total of 20.5 sacks. The 49ers have not had a legit pass rusher in God knows how long. Might be worth a shot to pick up the seasoned vet.

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  • West.

    Ellis would b a nice pick up…. Y not! We need some pass rush help!

    Pundit.. Site is looking better an easier to find stuff, keep it up.. I think the “sign in” part may have bounced some people also, not so “quick” to leave a comment anymore….

    • Texas9er

      Yeah the sign in part does kind of suck but I remember the reason he put it there. Hopefully people start coming back. This was the first 49ers site I ever used on the internet. Its better than 49ers.com but 49erswebzone.com is the shit. Does anyone know how to become a member to Webzone? I have a yahoo account and it won't let me join.

      • Niner Pundit

        I removed in the sign in mandatory. Forgot I had it setup that way

        • Los Banos Jerry


  • Lowrance

    Finally I can comment again!!! Thank you Pundit!

  • West

    nice, good work

  • West

    Now that we can post easy, any1 know whats going on with Ellis, has he dropped his asking price an what teams have his ear??

  • Niner Pundit

    Ellis signed a three year deal with the Raiders.

  • Lowrance

    Can’t understand anyone who’d want to play for that man. Money talks. Did his price come down?

    • Niner Pundit

      Doubt it. No word yet on the money involved, but since it is Al Davis he probably overpaid.

  • West

    Wow…Pundit thanks for the update…. Like Prime Time said, “Must Be The Mon-ey”

  • #1 Fan

    Josh Morgan and Crabtree will dominate.

  • West

    Wow…Vick kills dogs an goes to da Pin, Stallworth pleads guilty to DUI manslaughter an recieves 30 days in Jail…. “Just when i thought i seen it all”

  • Texas9er

    Its alive, the website is alive! Nice to see people coming back to talk 49ers. i was out of town this weekend, Did I miss any news?

  • Lowrance

    If that's the case, let him suffer in Oakland like most every player does there now!!!

    Hope he's not replaced by another 1st pick in the draft!!!

  • Pitna

    Ellis did not want to play for the 49ers, he hates this team with a passion, Ellis is one of the last cowbillys that witnessed the original rivarly of the 49ers in the late nineties into the early 2000’s, he witnessed the star incident which was awesome, and he witnessed us being sucessful in the late nineties and the cowboys sucking. The man would’nt sign with us, he is loyal to the cowbillys and those corndogeaters!

  • 9erluver

    He’ll do well wit them

  • DcNinerFan

    Oakland is where players go to die. It truly is a black hole…