T.O. Tweets Singletary Didn’t Want Him

On the official Twitter of Terrell Owens he tweeted that Mike Singletary killed the idea of T.O. coming back to the bay. It appears as if initially the 49ers were interested but ultimately Singletary said no.

@eliashaddad101 well they didn’t want me, initially they were interested but mike singletary killed the idea of me comin back!

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  • drees_3

    i agree…we got crabtree now so its all good…i dont think the fans would respond to him well after the way he left and hes a cancer that would tear apart what singletary has built thus far

  • ObSoL33tSNiiPer

    good, singletary did a very good choice right there. T.O. is a worthless bum that'll only be good with a good QB like Rivers, Manning, Brady, Brees, or Rodgers.