It’s Official, No Playoffs in 09. SI is on the Niner Bandwagon

Just when we start to get optomistic about the 2009 season, one of the major sports sites has to go and pick the 49ers as a team to make the playoffs. What does that mean for the 49ers, well it means no shot at the playoffs and now a good shot at worst record in the NFL. Last time the 49ers were talked about as a team that had a legit shot at the playoffs, they sucked. Thanks Don Banks of Couldn’t you have jumped on the Seahawks or Rams jocks instead.

The 49ers finished the season at 5-2 in their last seven games under interim head coach Mike Singletary, and that’s almost always going to earn you chic-pick, team-on-the-rise status heading into the following season. But there is something about Singletary’s old-school approach that seems to be exactly what the lackadaisical 49ers have lacked in recent years. He doesn’t seem to suffer fools or sloppiness too well, and those are two things that have not been in short supply in San Francisco for a while now.

Whether or not the 49ers have enough quality quarterbacking to make their first playoff appearance since 2002 remains a question, but let’s not lose sight of something here. The NFC West’s past three champions have gone 9-7 (Arizona in 2008), 10-6 and 9-7 (Seattle in 2007 and 2006), so it’s not going to take a quantum leap for San Francisco (7-9 last year) to scale that particular mountain.

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  • DCNinerFan

    The good news is, Peter King just ranked us at 25 out of 32, and in Peter King world the opposite usually happens, so I feel a little more confident…