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Alex Boone sure looks comfortable

Alex Boone sure looks comfortable

John Crumpacker of the Chronicle has a nice article talking about some of the players the 49ers took a flyer on who have some character issues/baggage. I for one have to say it is about damn time the team started looking at the players ability instead of if they are Boy Scouts or not.

Remember how well the whole Boy Scout mantra worked out for Nolan. I’d take Boone and his tazering over Kwame ‘The Human Penalty’ Harris anyday.

The biggest issue concerns the biggest player on the roster, Boone, who’s a 6-foot-7, 328-pounder. He was arrested for driving under the influence in 2006 and on Feb. 2 of this year, he was arrested for public intoxication in Orange County and had to be subdued by Taser – twice. He had been jumping on car hoods, pounding on garage doors and was combative and uncooperative when police arrived.

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  • drees_3

    alright im from ohio and i can tell u that boone had a hell of a drinking problem…he used to drink around 35 beers…but who gives a shit seriously he was pretty damn good for the buckeyes even though i know u all hate the bucks and think theyre over rated every year…wouldnt be surprised if boone not only makes the final cut but sees some pt this year at RT

  • MrGarrison

    He was just blackout drunk obviously. Not a character issue. We all do stupid shit when we get fucked up. That is just ridiculous. He was having a belig night. Not a big deal. And when he saw cops, he thought run.