Joe Staley Wants 49ers to Draft a Playmaker

The draft is less than 24 hours away and one of the 49ers has voiced his opinion on what he would like the 49ers to do during the draft. Joe Staley, through his facebook status has left this little nugget.

Joe Staley please let us draft a playmaker.

I propose management let Staley into the War Room, I have a feeling he would get it right.

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  • Joe Gomez

    You guys hear the news about the Cards willing to trade Anquan for a 2nd rounder? Thats a steal.

  • Back In Black

    I got a chance to talk to both Joe and Shaun Hill last night at the local pub, and they both stated very matter-of-factly without hesitation that they want the Niners to draft Michael Crabtree. Trade up!

  • MrGarrison

    We also are in their division, so they would never let us trade for him.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    crabtree, crabtree, crabtree