Where Are They Now: Willie Middlebrooks

Ah good old Willie Middlebrooks. Mike Nolan loved this man, he traded John Engelberger for him and then Middlebrooks was cut and re-signed at least a dozen times. We here at 49ersNews decided to try and track down Willie and see what he is up to.

It appears that Middlebrooks is now asst head janitor at Lincoln Junior High School in his home town of Miami, Florida. We placed a call to Willie and the only comment he gave us was that he didn’t have time to talk with us as he had some urinals to clean.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Whitney Sands

    Just to clear things up, this author needs to clear up their little TALE here. Willis was born & raised in Homestead, FL. He is not now nor has he EVER been a janitor!!! There is no Lincoln Junior High School here in Homestead, FL or in Miami, FL. If he didn’t give you an interview its because he is too busy for a low budget reporter as yourself who has to lie to get an article published… Do your research and find out what he is REALLY doing and you might actually be surprised with what you find.

  • Whitney Sands

    As a matter of fact check out this website and I can show you what he is doing better than I can tell you!!!! http://www.cfl.ca/roster/show/id/1633

  • Niner Pundit

    HAHAHAHA….clearly you can’t tell when an article is a joke and has humor in it.

    • Whitney Sands

      Didn’t see any humor, just a big lie. You’ve insulted my family and we took GREAT offense to it. But its ok I guess. Have a GREAT DAY!

  • James

    It's all good… Middlebrooks insulted every 49er fan with his play while he was here. We're even!

  • amos

    hey watch yo mouth! whoever u are u dnt know how much fam is out there….

  • monkey

    WOW yo guys are saying BULLSHIT because i know willie middlebrooks he's my personal trainer i see him twice a week he's not a janitor he was a former NFL player and CFL player and is now a AMAZING personal trainer ok. So now screw off :)

  • Big J

    I know Willie also very well, not only is he a former NFL 1st draft pick, he was a great corner in the CFL, he is currently a great personal trainer. But most of all he is an excellent Daddy…. If you aint got nothing good to say, shut the fuck up!