Spagnuolo’s System

GIANTS07 FILE 2 MILLSSteve Spagnuolo’s expertise, obviously, is defense. According to longtime team official John Shaw, Spagnuolo is the Rams’ first defensive-oriented head coach since Ray Malavasi 30 years ago. So there’s a level of expectation that Spagnuolo, as a “defensive whiz” with the New York Giants, will at least be able to straighten out that side of the ball.

“Don’t fall for that,” Spagnuolo joked Wednesday at the NFC coaches breakfast. “We had good players in Philadelphia and New York, and we’ll have some good players here in St. Louis. You believe in a system, and believe in what you’ve done defensively.

“You have good people installing it, good players executing it — we hope to do that. But we’re not going to make any bold predictions, or look into a crystal ball here.”

As he looked at Rams game film from last season, Spagnuolo didn’t cover his eyes and wonder: “What have I gotten myself into?”

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