Niners add Damon Huard

d-huardVeteran quarterback Damon Huard signed a contract with the 49ers on Wednesday after he threw a few passes for the 49ers’ brass to prove his right thumb has healed sufficiently.

Huard ended the season on injured reserve with the Chiefs after sustaining a broken thumb Oct. 19 against the Titans. He agreed to a one-year contract with the 49ers the day after the Chiefs released him Feb. 24. Huard just had to pass a physical to make the deal official.

Huard, who makes his offseason home in Seattle, will be on hand at the 49ers’ facility, beginning March 16 when the club convenes for a week of classroom work. The week concludes with a three-day predraft minicamp.

Source: Matt Maiocco

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  • Rob the PA Niner Fan

    I don’t get this. Supposedly, we weren’t going to go after Garcia because Singletary didn’t consider him to be any better than Hill, which I can’t really contest. But, Huard, in my opinion, is inferior to Hill or Garcia. So, what’s the point? It’s looking to me like, barring a miraculous comeback by Alex Smith, Hill will remain the starter next year. Which I am fine with. I’m just not too sure what the point is of getting Huard. I just hope we still draft a QB…

  • MSouza

    Rob I think the point is that Garcia would want an oppurtunity to compete, which if he won, would not make us any better than Shaun Hill. Huard is not going to get a chance to compete, at least I hope not, he will fill the Jamie Martin role in case of injury, or if Alex doesn’t redo his deal. Either way I think we will be drafting a QB in the later rounds.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Huard will be competeing, for the back up roll with the draft
    pick. Who I hope is Patrick White. Alex Smith is toast. I think
    the front office is saying all the right PR things. But he will
    never be in red and gold again. The ship has sailed. I would be
    willing to deal for Cutler. I don’t see anyone else as a possible
    threat to Hill, for the 1st half of the season.