Mr Glass Released. Marvel Smith Signed

Your bones don't break, but mine do

Your bones don't break, but mine do

The 49ers released one player who has spent most of his career on IR for another one who has sent lots of time on IR. The only difference is that Marvel is cheaper and made of rock candy and not made of glass like Jonas Jennings.

Jennings was released after being on the team’s roster for four years of his seven-year, $36 million contract that he signed on the first day of free agency in 2005. Injuries limited Jennings to just just 23 games during his time with the 49ers.

He was scheduled to earn $4.2 million in base salary this season. His release, which has been reported for several weeks, saves the 49ers $3.108 million in cap room this season.

Marvel is slated to take over at right tackle. Even if Marvel is hurt and doesn’t play RT that makes him an immediate upgrade over Barry Sims.

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  • DCNinerFan

    Best. News. Ever.

    Ok, so, with Mr. Glass gone, should we be assuming that we are finally cleaning out the Nolan team, and making it a Singletary team?