Gore Misses Mrs. Nolan’s Cookies

Can someone please get Frank a cookie

Can someone please get Frank a cookie

Pro Football Weekly is reporting that sources present at the 49ers first mini-camp were surprised by the lack of effort coming from Frank Gore.

“It was a little strange,” one observer told PFW. “It didn’t look like he was going all out at all. He is kind of moody at times, and sometimes he struggles with his weight, but I’ll be shocked if he isn’t fully motivated by the time training camp rolls around.”

Is anyone really surprised by this? This is Frank’s first mini-camp without former coach Mike Nolan and if there is no Mike Nolan, then there is no Mrs. Nolan. We all know Frank loved Mrs. Nolan’s cookies. So if Singletary or anyone else is worried about Gore’s lack of effort. My advice to them is to get their wives in the kitchen and start baking Gore some God Damn Chocolate Chip Cookies.

“He was up in my office getting a cookie that my wife had made, because my wife makes cookies on Tuesdays. And he stopped by because he wanted to get one.” – Mike Nolan

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