SI: 49ers Next Years Cards

It’s bad enough that the 49ers have sucked for many years, but now they have to be compared to the Cardinals, might as well shoot me now. Here is a little snippet from SI that mentions the 49ers will be next years Cardinals.

The most likely team to make a Cardinal-like impact in the NFC next season ironically resides in the Cards’ division, the NFC West. The San Francisco 49ers finished the 2008 season on a high note under then interim coach Mike Singletary and were one yard away from beating the aforementioned Cardinals on a Monday nighter in the desert.

Though they clearly lack an elite receiver, the Niners flourished under the leadership of Singletary and the quarterbacking of Shaun Hill down the stretch. Hill showed his mettle in some adverse conditions and won the respect of the offensive line for his gutsy playmaking late in games. Frank Gore is a horse when healthy and new offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye will likely ride him as much as possible.

San Francisco made their biggest strides under Singletary on the defensive side of the ball. Patrick Willis may lay claim to being the best inside linebacker in the NFL and Justin Smith brought his motor with him when he signed the big free-agent deal from Cincinnati. If San Francisco can get a consistent pass rusher, its defense could be dominant.

With the state of the Cardinals shouldn’t it read the Cardinals are next years 49ers?

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  • wickerman

    I think SI made their point and refuted it in the same article. They are just like the Cards – with no big play receivers? The Cards have TWO. The Cards also rode their airforce to the big game. The Niners had better have a top 10 'D' because if some team shuts down Gore, the Niners will struggle to score. Yes, Morgan and J Hill made progress, but a team with a good secondary is not going to sweat it – maybe some day one or both of those guys will be a real #2 reciever (I am inclined to think Morgan is the brighter star so far) but without a #1 the Niners will have to be in games so that thye can continue to run. The minute they go down 14 and have to throw it, the weak o-line, weak armed QB and a mediocre at best wide out corps will be exposed.

    None of that would matter if Vernon Davis wasn't the highest paid FULLBACK in the league and actually was used int he passing game( and caught the ball when he was), but we are where we are.

  • MSouza

    Is our coaching staff completely filled yet? I don’ remember hearing about a new o-line coach.

  • marksmen

    yea we already got a o-line coach, his name is Chris forester

  • MSouza

    Your right, I thought that he was fired with Warhop.

  • Lowrance

    You know you could call us whatever you want as long as we get to the Superbowl like Arizona did.
    Because, as you know, we never lose once we get there!

  • DcNinerFan

    Well considering the Cards only have 34 players signed they have a long way to resign everyone (assuming those players want to resign).

    Also they just lost Todd Haley, which will be a blow to their offense. Their defense was rotten till the playoffs, and still wasn’t that great, considering the number of points they gave up. They were just able to outscore the opponents… except the one that mattered.

  • Jesse

    No offense, but some of you guys are being stupid right now. They are saying we are next years Cards meaning that we will make a big impact in the NFC the way they did this season. They are NOT saying that we ARE the Cards. They did not compare our players, just the type of impact that they believe we will make. They’re not talking about their status after the season either, as they will almost certainly not be as good next season. This should not be taken negatively at all, considering the Cards made the playoffs and almost won the Superbowl this year. Either most of you guys on the site love making something negative out of every situation, or you’re just taking the article out of context. I really hope it’s the latter of the two.

    Sorry about the ranting, I just think that the article was stating that the Niners are going to be a darkhorse in the NFC this season. You guys are reading into it too much!