Roderick Arrested

From ESPN: San Francisco 49ers linebacker Roderick Green was arrested after he became uncooperative during a traffic stop in his hometown of Brenham.

A Washington County sheriff’s deputy walked to the passenger side of Green’s truck after pulling it over for speeding Feb. 2, said Janie Hart, a sheriff’s department patrol clerk. When the deputy instructed the occupants to roll down the slightly open window, the window was rolled up instead, Hart said Thursday.

After returning to the patrol car, the deputy approached the driver’s side and told Green to get out of the truck. He complied and was arrested. Hart said he was eventually charged with four misdemeanors — reckless driving, unlawfully carrying a weapon, possession of marijuana and interfering with the duties of a police officer.

Green was released on a personal recognizance bond the day after the arrest, Hart said. Green’s agent, James Selmer, didn’t return a call seeking comment.

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  • DcNinerFan

    Well, who in their right mind is belligerent to a police officer on a routine stop? Oh yeah, a seemingly high percentage of NFL players. Dumb move Roddy. Maybe you can nickname him Rowdy Roddy Puffer, Pundit. 😉

  • Isnt he a free agent?

    If so He is GONE!

  • Lowrance

    Does everone in Texas need a gun in their car?????

    Color him stupid….

  • This wasn’t the brightest move on his part…I’d be willing to bet that we have seen the last of him in a niner uniform. Oh well, it clears the way for someone else that is a better player. Besides putting pressure on the QB (which he was alright at) he didn’t really do anything spectacular….except put an end to the Raye thread.

  • Texas9er

    Lowrance its sad to say but mostly everyone in Texas has some form of a gun in there car. You think with the money he makes he would have a carrying license. I really liked the guy he wasn’t anything special but he played hard and he got to the qb when he got the chance. O’well lets bring in Brian Orakpo to fix our problems I believe he can be the next Demarcus Ware but with more strength.

  • 9ermanforlife

    let the man smoke his weed… but wtf was he thinking

  • Niner_Dude