Niners sign Brandon Jones to a Five Year Deal

With Bryant Johnson a free agent and Isaac Bruce possibly retiring, the San Francisco 49ers took steps to shore up the receiver position on Saturday by signing free-agent Brandon Jones, according to Alex Marvez of

Jones, a former Titan, has agreed to a five-year, $16.5 million deal, with $5.4 million in guaranteed money.

A third-round pick in 2005, Jones appeared in 16 games last season, starting seven. He caught 41 passes for 449 yards, both career highs.

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  • Los Banos Jerry

    Bryant Johnson's replacement, could be decent #2 WR. If we get

    Warner and Canty. Look for the team to draft OT Oher. Then a WR

    in the 2nd round. Unlike last year, this years Wide outs are

    outstanding. 6 or 7 possible game changers.

    Gomez this is the year you get your game breaker.

    As far as Safety goes, this year's draft is weak at Safety. Goldson

    is injury prone. Maybe a possible trade.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    I want Canty, but I have a ????????????. He's the starting right

    DE in a 3-4. That is also Justin Smith's position. Which he played

    so well the second half of the season. So here comes the ?????

    Do they put Canty at left end. which would mean that Sopoaga, Balmer, and McDonald would be rotating. Fields is gone. Is Franklin

    being phased out??????. Sopoaga and Balmer at the nose. Mcdonald

    rotating at the ends.

    We really need a starting right OT. a Pass rusher from the OLB.

    a #1 WR, a free Safety, and a QB for the future. So what rounds do

    we pick these players and how many will be starters. earlier I said

    Oher OT in the 1st round, because he's a beast. But I think that

    we can fill that need with a free agent signing, (Marvel Smith).

    I think that we need the pass rusher in the 1st. Everett Brown or

    Brian Orakpo. Haralson and Lawson are not the answer on the outside.

    In the 2nd and 3rd round there are 2 pos we need to address, WR &

    QB of the future. Pat White is the best QB in the draft. His drawback is his size. Will he go at the end of the 2nd or last until

    our pick in the 3rd. Darrius Heyward-Bey could still be there at

    our 43rd pick.

  • Ryan The 1st

    Los Banos Jerry, you certainly speak my language. To answer some questions of yours…yes, Canty would be moved to left end and Balmer would back him up. The Angry Samoan would then move to NT and then him and Franklin can duke it out for the starting role. As for the answers to our pass rush…I do think (so far) that Haralson is the answer, but I agree that Manny Lawson needs to step up this year if he wants to prove his worth (contract year). I personally would take Orakpo over Everette Brown or Maybin because he has done it for years and in my worthless opinion, done it against stiffer competition. Our first pick IS going to be a RT or a pass rusher depending on who is the most talented available. I think they kind of have to do this. I am honestly routing for the RT pick because although the pass rush is a necessity, the right tackle position has been the bane of our offenses' existence for a while thanks to Kwame Harris, Jones Mr. Glass Jennings, and Barry Simms who seems to be Kwame's long lost brother. It would make sense to get a QB in the third or fourth rounds, but not the first two….if they draft Sanchez or Stafford I am not going to be happy. As the WR situation, Hayward Bey is an intriguing answer because we are going to need to give our QB some weapons because unless Bruce doesn't retire then all of our WR are unproven.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    Canty signed with NY Giants