Keith Lewis & Banta-Cain Cut, Mr. Glass Next

ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that the 49ers have cut safety Keith Lewis and worthless waste of roster space Tully Banta-Cain. With the cuts of Lewis and TBC the 49ers will save $2.275 million of cap room.

Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat is reporting Jonas ‘Mr. Glass’ Jennings is next to be released.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • 9nerfan

    i would've prefered to have kept keith lewis. excellent special teams player. but i guess we freeing up room for a big time free agent. maybe even two. i hope so. i have a feeling we are gonna be aggressive in free agency. we will sign the first big name.

  • YES!

    anyone know how much money we save by releasing Mr. Glass?

  • West

    John…Jennings will save the 49ers $3.108 million in salary cap space. He is currently scheduled to count $6.592 million against the salary cap. If he’s released, the only charge on the cap will be the remaining $3.484 million in prorated bonus..

    Tully Banta-Cain and safety Keith Lewis create an immediate salary-cap savings of $2.125 million. Banta-Cain was scheduled to earn a base salary of $1.275 million. Lewis was scheduled salary was $850,000. Both players had one season remaining on their deals.

    Lewis was a very good Special Teams Player!!

  • #1

    These guys needed to be cut. Lets continue to release the unproductive players.

  • Rob

    Honestly, I think we should wait to cut Jennings. We don't really have a suitable replacement yet. If he gets cut, we will have to get a replacement or be screwed next year. I say wait until we already have someone, then cut him.

    Besides, he actually plays well when he isn't injured. It's just not often that he isn't injured…

  • Yes, freeing up cap space would be a great thing because there are PLENTY of possible targets in free agency that could help out the niners. WHY pay for a player like Mr. Glass that is going to sit four games ever time he gets a hang nail. BYE BYE Mr. Glass!!!! What a waste of a contract!!! Time to cut off the fat.

  • Lowrance

    It helps Singletary that he's been around the 49ers and has a great feel for every player on the team. Lewis had some great hits when he was healthy.

    Tackle still scares me. I do hope we get a solid replacement in there. My Mike's smashmouth football, I have a feeling this will be addressed very well, if the players are out there. Both lines will be the key to our success.

  • Lowrance

    Tackles like Simms and Kwame just make any quarterback’s career short.

    Could there be another Harris Barton out there for us?

  • I heard suggs is getting franchised in baltimore.

    So I guess our only option is Peppers or draft a pass rusher in 1st round which would really suck to get an unproven prospect!

  • Niner_Dude

    Hey Rob…I’m sorry dude…Mr Glass must go…NOW! He’s done nothing…NOTHING! He’s a waste of roster space…medical staff time and most of all…salary cap space…
    Can anyone say… “Jordan Gross?” Talk about making a splash!

  • 49er4life

    SWWWEEEEEEEEETTTT!!!!!!!!More $ for free agency. Here we come Peppers and/or Suggs!

  • DcNinerFan

    The only thing I’m sad about this is we won’t get to see the hilarious Mr. Glass pic on the site again… 😉 That always give me a laugh.

  • Niner Pundit

    DC…I’ll just have to create some HOF type section just for that photo.

  • Loeher

    Otogwe, Peppers/Suggs, Gross. Sanchez to growth. A nose tackle at the 2nd round.

    It would be to good to be truth.

    (But I always liked Keith Lewis D=)

  • DcNinerFan

    Lol, Pundit, awesome. :-)

    I did like Lewis, BTW. He was a good hitter. Remember the hit he put on that Seahawks receiver, I think it was Engram, a few years back on MNF? Or was it a Sunday game. I just remember it because I was able to watch it live on the east coast while talking to my dad who’s on the west coast.

  • 9erfanforlife

    I see good things ahead. Banta-Cain,Lewis,Jennings we dont need them. Singletary wants players. Lewis is a good special teamer but he lacks solid coverage skills. Look for some big names coming to ninerland soon. Watch guys like D. Goldston, R. Smith in the secondary for next season. What do you all think about getting Fred Taylor?…..Is he better than D. Foster?….What about TJ at WR. I like the direction this franchise is going. The state of the franchise thing was great for Niner Fans.