Where to go from here…

huhScott Linehan has been offered the offensive coordinators position with the 49ers after having his second interview with Coach Singletary last Thursday. As anyone who has read the comments section of my last article I am not at all disappointed with this move and in fact welcome it. Having gone through six men for the position in six years I see this as an endeavor based on an idea of continuity, something that has been lacking within the inner workings of this franchise for far to long.

Linehan was relieved of his duties in St. Louis for making some lackluster moves (see benching Marc Bulger) and what some alluded to as a losing of the locker room. In my talks with 49er fans in and around the Northern California area there is a feeling that this could lead to issues within the coaching hierarchy as well as among the players. In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth,

Linehan is not going to be asked to keep the players on board in this position; he is simply going to be tasked with compiling a game plan that is directly in line with Singletary’s team philosophy. Having said that and looking at Lineman’s track record as an OC in Minnesota I feel that if the man does decide to take the job he has been offered, it will not be without its trials and tribulations but in the end will be a good decision for both sides.

At this point one has to wonder why Linehan has not accepted the position which Singletary has offered him. Is there something wrong with the 49ers coaching structure or front office that we are not aware of?

So as of now Linehan has declined the offer of offensive coordinator for the 49ers, the job that he interviewed two times for. Linehan has cited family issues as his reason for not accepting the position that was so graciously offered to him from head coach Mike Singletary.

Linehan has three sons who attend school in St. Louis and as he said, “One issue my family is going to be 2,000 miles away for at least part of the time.” The issue I have with this is, wouldn’t he have known that being that far away from his family was an issue before even coming to San Francisco to interview in the first place. Why even entertain the idea of being the 49ers next coordinator if he had no idea of taking the job?

It can’t be that he thought being offered the position would garner him more notoriety in the league, after all it’s the 49ers. The team who has had six different offensive coordinators in the last six seasons. This is a team who would be happy to gain the employment of someone such as Linehan, as evidenced by the fact that they offered him the job at all.

So now what?

Linehan declines and the 49ers move on to their second or perhaps even third choice. How does that make the person who ultimately accepts this job feel?

“Hey I wasn’t the team’s initial choice but at least I got the job”?

That could cause problems in itself especially if it ends up being a man who has already served as an OC in this league. At this point I really have no idea what the 49ers next move is but only this team can make a job offer to a man and have that man decline the position altogether. As I sit here, attempting to conjure up a manner in which the 49ers can make a hire for offensive coordinator and at the same time save face…

I am at a complete loss.

They have of course interviewed other men for the job including Rob Chudzinski and Clyde Christensen however I feel that they will bring others as potentials and make a decision sometime in the next two weeks.

I have to congratulate the Arizona Cardinals on their win today and the advancement to the Super Bowl. Having lived in the state of Arizona for the last almost five years I have a few close friends who are avid Cards fans and there is a small part of me that is actually happy for them. The 49er fan in me of course is disgusted and feels that Armageddon is upon us, but in the end I say good for them. As one of my esteemed Niner fan friends said today, if anything it gives the NFC West a bit more respect and I can live with that.

The Senior Bowl is coming soon and as is customary it might lend a bit more insight into some of the men the 49ers could be looking at this April. Even though San Francisco is not coaching a team this year they will still be on hand, which should payoff come draft time. Moving forward though the most important issue is for the team to find an offensive coordinator and get ready for free agency

  • kruz8er

    Well if it were up to me id pretty much give Jon Gruden ANYTHING he wants to get him on the 49ers staff. Id be down with him being the OC, either way, he'd fit in well with Singletary and really, when you get down to it, they are one in the same.

  • James

    Sorry guys… I meant Muir was not known for stellar offenses.

  • Ninerfan81

    Why not consider someone like Bill Muir (Offensive Co.) from Tampa Bay who was part of the six assistants let go today. He’s old but has plenty of experience with over 31 years in the NFL and was Tampa’s Offensive Line Coach.

    I think he might be someone of interest for Singletary to look at.

    Just my 2 cents!

  • James

    I agree that Muir has plenty of NFL coaching experience; however I believe that that 49ers need someone of less salt, for lack of a better term. 31 years in the league does not necessarily mean that the person is going to be a good coordinator moving forward, also Tampa was not really known for their stellar defenses, so I would take a pass on Muir myself.

    Also the talk of Gruden potentially being hired for the position of OC needs to be put to rest, merely my opinion but I don’t see it as a viable option. Gruden is going to either be head coach somewhere next season or sit the year out.

    At this point I am not sure where the team is going to look for an OC, the only aspect I am sure of is that they had better get on the ball and name someone to the position soon… it needs to be done.

    Singletary has made the comment that they are going to be patient but the question remains… can they afford to be?

    We’ll see…

  • You know, if I were offered a promotion, I wouldn't be upset that someone else was offered it first. Sure, Singletary believed Linehan to be the best choice, but in the NFL you take your chances when you can get it.

    It would be different if, say, they offered the HC spot to Shanahan, he declined, and then they came back to their interim guy, who was already established favorably in the locker room.

  • West

    Matt Barrows reports

    Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Disptach is reporting that there's a reason why Scott Linehan turned down the 49ers yesterday: He has other suitors. Thomas reports that Linehan is high on the Buccaneers' list of OC candidates and also could garner interest from the Jets. The 49ers, meanwhile, have decided to expand their search and will conduct more interviews from here in Mobile. I don't have any names, but so far none of the canididates are assistants who coached in yesterday's conference championship games. That seems to be an indication that the 49ers weren't bowled over by Clyde Christensen and Rob Chudzinski,

  • and the fact that they know that THE CHUD and Christensen aren't worth hiring shows a MAJOR level of concern. Singletary and MCClueless gambled on one horse AND LOST BAD. If Mike Martz was still employed by the niners do you think the niners would be taking a step forward or backwards? Right now the niners are LOST IN SPACE because a good defense is great, but an offense with no direction (we ALL have seen when Hostler took over) is really bad. Good luck finding an OC replacement now. Watch them hire Rutgers offensive coordinator or something out of left field.

  • Lowrance

    Kinda figured that James, but thanks for making it 100% clear.

    Yeah, if Linehan doesn’t take it, I’d be pissed. Like you and others said. Ummm… Scott? As you came in the first time, had you no clue about moving or leaving the kids there??? And what about the second interview???/ Gimme a break. If he drags it more than the next couple of days he doesn’t deserve Mike’s team. Indecision cost you at St Louis, we don’t need it here!!! Grow a set of balls and make the decision, and FAST!

    And no way Chuckie steps down to OC

    As for Arizona, even though I wanted Philly to win, cuz I was still miffed at losing that Monday night game, I’d hate to see them lose on such a horrendous officiating call that could not be challenged.

  • joe gomez

    I say we send an apology to Martz and hope he considers coming back because there is NOBODY out there to even come close to Martz. Linehan was the man, he doesnt want the job. Were pretty much FUCKED!

  • joe gomez

    Arizona does deserve it James, for all the people that were bashing them, they dont understand taht Arizona has what it takes to win it all.. just look what they have…

    1) Solid strong armed QB that can throw down the field
    2) Two bad ass WR’s on each side ala Taylor/Rice
    3) Two solid RB’s
    4) A solid if not great defense
    5) A good coach

    We got number 5 covered, but thats about it.

  • Lowrance

    What if LT is let go and we sign Gore’s hero for minimum? =)
    (Yeah I know like that’s going to happen, and we don’t even know the extend of his injuries)

  • Lowrance

    Crap…just saw the thread about Linehan declining…. what a putz

  • PDX Mike

    I couldn’t care less about the fact that Linehan declined the offer; I was up in the air about it anyways. What does cause concern, however, is the mere fact that SF publicized the offer. What kind of franchise does that??? They willing gave up their only leverage by making it public, they have now put the other candidates that have interviewed in an awkward position and they again look like an inept franchise.

    This is borderline Raider-esque.

    They should have made the offer and kept it quiet until they had an answer. This rookie move makes them a laughing stock of the league. For everything the Arizona is doing to make the NFC West respectable, San Francisco is dragging it down.



  • Loeher

    Joe Gomez, couldn' agree more with you.

    Go Cards!

    Beside that. If the Card win, people will stop saying the NFC West is the worst division in the league.

  • McNabb….seriously….McNabb…..how is that a long term solution??? Let it go! The niners bungled this oc thing.

  • What is worse is that the niners couldn’t close the deal on this guy, but the BUCS sure sound like they are close to getting Linehan. Singletary and MCCLUELESS might want to have a little bit more urgency because I don’t want the niners to go through HOSTLER REVISITED!!!

  • joe gomez

    Loeher.. good point… people laughing at the NFC West and theyll be eating their words if the Cardinals win! Hahaha.

  • Jimbo

    ^^^ Are you serious? No matter who the niners choose to replace Martz of course they are getting worse.

  • Ryan T1000

    Bryant young is joining the Notre Dame coaching squad. He is going to hold the position Defensive graduate assistant coach.

  • Mike Martz

    I’ve been on the internet for a while now just wasting away because I have nothing better to do with my time because I’ve been kicked to the curb by yet another team because my ego is bigger than my fat ass. I suppose I’ll have to wait for another desperate sucker to pay me to bring myself and my worthless fumbling sidekick JT O’Sullivan to mess up yet another team. By the way, he’s the best quarterback I’ve ever coached. Oh, that’s right, I said that at the beginning of the year. You guys remember? You guys were so brainwashed by my mindless rhetoric. You guys thought I was going to be your offensive messiah. Instead, I screwed you right up your rear ends. I mean, I couldn’t have failed right? I came after the worst OC in NFL history. I couldn’t lose!!!! Anything I did would have been viewed as “greatness” by you, the desperate fans of the 49ers.

    Anyway, being that I screwed you out of the playoffs because of my selfishness in sticking with my butt buddy JTO, I’m going to do you guys a favor. Since it’s obvious that you guys aren’t going to bring me back no matter how much some of you whine about it, I’m feeling generous. I’m going to recommend a possible OC candidate.



    Some of you are laughing your asses off, but think about it. This guy knows everything right? He totally does!


    Hold on, I’m at the Burger King drive thru. Maybe I could have them burn him off if I drop my nuts on a griddle!!!! Maybe HE WILL ANSWER HIS TRUE CALLING AND BE THE DRIVE THRU BOY!!!! No wait, then he couldn’t be the Niners offensive coordinator!!! Scratch that. If he answered his true calling at Burger King, then I would be depriving you, loyal Niner fans, of Joe Gomez’s vast NFL knowledge!!!!! Keep in mind though, AS YOUR NEXT OC, HE WILL BE CLEANING THE LATRINE MORE THAN CALLING PLAYS!!! I mean, he’s the type of guy that when AND if he watches Niner games, his one eye (cuz he wears a patch on the other one) only follows where the ball is, not everything else that’s going on on the field!!! Because if he did, he would realize that I’m a shmuck!!!

    In closing, I think you Niner fans would be lucky to have Joe Gomez as your next OC. I mean, you probly won’t win another game, but at least he would have something better to do with his time than come on this site and cuss everybody out all the time for not agreeing with his mindless BS!!!!

    Well, I’m off to wait by the phone for some desperate suckers to call over so I can brainwash their fans into thinking I’M THEIR SAVIOR!!!! I’m thinking I’ll have a long wait. BYE!!!!!

  • Hey Hostler is out there!!! That piece of lying shit Linehan screwed us as much as Turner did a couple of years ago. Who the hell are we going to get as offensive cordinator now? We wasted to much time they should have offered the job to that idiot after they fired Martz but they waited what four weeks WTF? Linehan tried to use his kids as an execuse yeah right I wonder if he will say that after he takes the job with the Buc's or the Jet's lying little Bastard!!!!!!!


  • joe gomez

    P A T H E T I C is what we’ve been for almost a decade and doesn’t look good in the future. Meanwhile the Steelers are trying for their record 6th Lombardi trophy. Thats why im saying Go Cardinals!

  • wrbk319

    Firing Martz in the first place was so dumb.

  • joe gomez

    Souza good one pussy. pussy hiding behind a screen name. Who's out there better than Martz huh bitch? Yea that's what I thought mother fucker your speechless because you can't say shit. Yea il be the fucking OC. Couldn't be much worse than these other losers that came to interview. You claim to be a Martz hater but the majority of 49ers fans would take him back now since Linehan turned us down. If he did so bad with us how in the fuck did we come from behind in those wins dumbfuck! Your an idiot and don't know shit. Peace!

  • L.G

    The 49ers go through OC like underwear, no wonder nobody wants to take a chance. Who wants a one season job? They were lucky enough to have Martz, my gosh what do they want?


    Alright, Ryan since you won’t to be politicaly coreect and go with your Fantasy football picks for Offensive coordinator, Offensive coordinator Dennison of the broncos should be our man at coordinator, he is under shanahan our old offensive coordinator back in 94, so i think he will have the same philosophy and mindset that shannahan has. So I think we need to lock up dennsion before someone else does, I would definitly pick him over Linehan, i don’t know why everyone around here has such a big hard on for Linehan, his record is inconsistent, Dennison has more of an consistent record and has stayed with one team, and has not juglled around, shows his loyalty and that he is good! I still think we need to pick up Mcnabb, he will rejuvenate his career here and have a breath of fresh air, look what it did for Kurt warner after leaving Saint louis, and guys like Kery Collins, a new team makes a difference, he will be sucessful with a new start, I am starting to think Ryan you and some other guys on here are undercover Cowboys fans because you are always skeptical about imporoving this team when other teams do the same kinda trades and are sucessful. have an open mind ryan and stop being so politicaly correct, i was a 49er fan before you were a twinkle in your moma’s eye, so get over your Ego, the 49ers need to improve fast a go to number 6 fast, I am tired of being stagnent, you talk about the same shit every year and your ideas never improve this team, we need offense, Big tall receivers and a powerful accurate QB, enough said! Ryan got to the cowboys blog and give them some bad suggestions, me and Joe Gomez want to improve this team FAST!!!!!!

  • j. johnson

    Mike Martz aka Souza.. that is the lamest shit anybody has ever posted on here. Your mad because Gomez seems to have more vast knowledge than your pathetic ass. He is right, we should have never cut Martz until we had a solid replacement ready to step in. Hes also right that Martz did a good job as our OC, anybody that says differently doesnt know shit about football. So Souza do us all a favor, stop playing your little grade school games and give props to Gomez for one of the first guys to say on here that getting rid of Martz without a immediate replacement is a big mistake. I have been carefully watching these posts and after Martz got let go mostly everyone were agreeing with the move. As soon as Linehan didnt sign, everyone was shocked. This is a total blunder by Niners management again. Again and again, we tend to fuck things up. Its no reason we are the laughing stock of the NFL right now.


    well first off sing, should have not gotten rid of martz. Not because he is the best man for the job, but it would give sing a out, or scape goat for failure. He could just say, I keeped the guy on from a former staff, and I didn’t hire him. The only way Martz would have been a bad choice, is if the he did great. Then martz would leave for a bigger better job. I have to say don;t hire anyone from a loseing team. People who expected to win , win bottom line. Get the colt receivieing coach and call it a day. What the new coach needs more than anything no matter who it is,,TIME. the sooner you hire him the sooner he can get to work

  • joe gomez

    Hey Mike Martz.. aahem.. i mean Souza the shit for brains. So which OC are we gonna hire now dickhead? hahaha.. your lost now huh bitch? Oh by the way idiot your sister’s pussy used to be tight until me and my friends gang banged that bitch.

  • T. Dawg

    Yo that shit is hilarious Gomez. Dont mind that bitch Souza, nothing he says makes any fucking sense anyway. Fuck that homo.

  • 9ers4lyfe

    Souza says that Martz wasnt a good OC. Shit I wish we hire him back personally. Souza your an idiot dude.

  • joe gomez

    Yea hes a fucking pussy too hiding behind fake ass screen names. Thats why I had to stick my dick down his mommas throat last night just to teach his ass a lesson. C’mon mother fucker say something!

  • hunterboyz@yahoo.com

    Dawg, Y’all really beefin on a 49ers website…
    Think about it…
    You go for the same team…
    Why get mad because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion.
    Thats all it is, is an opinion. Let it slide.
    No need to disrepect each others personal life.
    No need to get offended.
    Just understand each us want the team to get better.

    I don’t know who we have left to hire, but I sure hope he’s well versed in professional football. NFL. I didn’t agree with the Martz firing, but it did happen, and all we can do is move on.
    Why keep wondering what if?

    After we fired martz, I really wanted us to pick up a guy quick, but that hasn’t happened, so I’m kinda on the “Linehan” bandwagon.
    I just want us to get better, by any means necessary!!!

    Go Niners!!! Fourty9ers 4 Life…

  • Pundit whats the moderation about? Thanks!

  • Rob

    You know, at this point, I just want the Niners to hire an OC so that I don’t have to watch people hurl insults at each other all the time any more.

    I think I’m done with the comments section of these articles until there are any more significant developments…

  • T. Dawg

    I dont post much but read every post. This guy Souza is the biggest instigator. That is why his ass gets cussed out all the time. Souza grow up, Gomez is 100% right you post some lame ass shit and if its true about you hiding behind these ridiculous names than you must be some punk kid in high school. Quit playing pranks and grow the fuck up.

  • joe gomez

    Guys, lets not waste too much energy on this bitch Souza. Hes probably some pimple faced high school kid whos craving for attention because his parentsl dont give him any. Hahaha.. gotta give him credit though he has a wild fucked up imagination. He must of took hours thinking up the “Gomez for OC” story. What an idiot..LOL.

  • MSouza

    for all you posters that may agree with me, please stop. lol, apparently i am the only one who thinks gomez is a joke, so by you posting similar statements it makes me look like an infant. I do agree that it is ridiculous to perpetuate an online argument on a 49ers web site, therefore I will take the higher road and drop it.

    Not that it matters, but I have never posted under any name other than Msouza since finding this site a little over a year ago.

  • Joes moma

    Hey joe.. i dont know who mike martz is, nor do i think that its this Souza you talk about. but honestly, back to the point. your a Fag.. A realy bitch made fag. but anyway, its funny. you get so mad as if you dont already know. i actualy liked mike martz little story. they must have noticed your gayness too. but realy, go ahead and get all mad and toss and turn in your sleep woundering how people can notice your gayness with only the text that you text. I like you joe. your the kind of little Bitch that i would destroy body and soul. But any way.. so, who’s goen 10th in the draft….

  • MSouza

    Just got done reading Mike Martz’s, i mean my, post I actually liked Martz with us. I just don’t agree that it was a huge mistake to fire him.

  • Joes moma

    OOOhh no.. By all means Joey boy.. and with all do respect to Msouza, I am not that guy. honestly joe i realy just think that your an idiot. HONESTLY. you get all mad and start cussing at other people when you dont agree with them.. which tells me that you are truly and FAG, little bitch.. If you were talking football to me in person and tryed to say some dumb shit to me, i would break your face wide open. and i need not hide behind a user name because i dont have a specific ‘user name’. so for now ill just be your moma and your daddy.. depending on how i feel at that moment. but realy joe. do you think that you could stand with other people in person and debate football like that.. hell no. Point is your a BITCH.. realy and you know it. talk football the football way. not the bitch who thinks that he realy is all knowlegable about the game yet has nothing to do with it but spectate. Dream on little man. your nothing more than a fan.

  • Joes moma

    Who is this guy saying trade for McNabb. all up on Joes nuts saying ‘we want to make this team better’. if anything thats probly you joe. honestly i agree with ryan the 1st. he seems to be one of the people who knows what there talking about. I mean realy.. McNabb?? youve got to be kidding. the guy is footballs carlton banks. and in no way is the answer to the future of this team.

  • Danny

    WOW! Ryan the 1st, Rob, and Joe Gomez are still writing on this site. Man, I haven’t written on this site in some time. Good to see there are some good people on this site still writing. The last time I was on here was when a guy was using our screen names and talking smack about each of us. Trying to turn us against each-other. Do you guys remember that? God, I do and that is why I stopped writing and coming to the site. If I remember correctly, he was in love with Dwayne Jarrett from USC. Look how good he turned out to be for the Panthers! Any who, just see what was going on and catch up with the greatest team of all time the 49ers!



    Read it. And make sure you read the comments after. Most people are on board with the Martz firing. Some dimwits are even starting to bash Sing for firing him, like some headz on this site. I’m really getting fucking tired of this shit. It’s the same ‘ol crap. MARTZ IS GONE! GET OVER IT! You guys really think you know what’s good for this team better than Sing does? Get over yourselves. Maiocco says it in plain english for those of you who have trouble understanding. Singletary did NOT want Martz. He did not believe Martz was the long term answer. Seriously, move on.

    I also find it funny that whenever someone stands up to Joe Gomez, all these no-namers that have never posted on here before come out of the woodwork defending him. I’m not making accusations, I just think it’s comical.

  • Billy

    Hey J.Johnson, T. Dawg Shut up you idiots you are talking about someone, and not even sure its him, and by the way although who ever it is, is being childish hiding behind names, but come on Joe always cussing is he any better supid idiots choosing sides when we are all on the same side we are god damn 49er fans, and how the hell can both of you have so much free time to read every post!!

    Hey Joe I agree we shouldnt have canned Martz ASAP and I dont like the position we are in, but he only look good cause we previously had Holster, now we can only hope for the best.

  • Danny, where the F*&% have you been? Also, yes, you are correct that that guy is the moron who was saying that Dwayne Jarrett is the man and we should get him. Ask Steve Smith how he feels about him. Martz shouldn’t have been fired…that is plain to see. At this point I say role the dice with the ex BC coach because THE CHUD and colts receivers coach CLEARLY didn’t wow Singletary and McClueless. Although, I do have some reservations about McClueless since he really is AN IDIOT!! Why do I say that…drafting Balmer and Cody Wallace are what started it. I would like to encourage ALL OF YOU to go back and review that draft. JUST LOOK at who was still available when we picked those players. Balmer better how up next year because being a nose wedge on special teams is PRETTY BIG FUCKING WASTE OF A 1st ROUND PICK!!!

  • Rob……The site u asked about….. Only time will tell! I like him better than the other names listed, Jagodzinski or Muir

    Jeff Jagodzinski up next, Jagodzinski served as offensive coordinator in Green Bay in 2006 under Mike McCarthy…O Line coach – Falcons from 2004-2005 under offensive coordinator Greg Knapp….Know WCO, an zone-blocking rushing style


  • redneck9er

    You damn beaners. Are u a 9ers fan or not. You so quickly get offensive when someone confronts ur veiw or opinion. Simply when someone confronts ur opinion, back it up or shutup. We are a group who is supposed to support the team we love. Lets have a effective debate over choices our coaches and team makes instead of fighting and cussing each other out when we are confronted. If you are confident about ur opinion then back it up when confronted. If not then shut the hell up, as 9er fans lets stop arguing amongst ourselves and stand behind the team we love. Allsaid!

  • Blaine

    Joe, Souza is also Ryan the First and Danny! Those bastards are destroying this site with their high school shit…. We need to band them off of here!



    Ryan, that’s exactly why he probably won’t get the job. Any OC they bring in would most definately have to agree in writing to stay for at least 2 seasons. By that time we would have groomed one of our position coaches to take over. I’m tired of retreads. If this guy from BC gets the job, we can assume he agreed to those terms.


    I like Jackson, I am from the Baltimore area and I think he is solid coordinator, alot better than that piece of trash Linehan. We need to be patient though, and wait for anything new to come up, we are limited on our choices and we need someone proven. I like Dennison of the Denver Broncos, I think he is a solid canindate. What do you think Souza, Ryan the 1st shithead or Danny, or whoever the fuck you create next you crazy bastard! Go to the cowboys Blog Ryan, Souza, Danny you little turds we know you are the same person with your anti-49ers statements, their horseshit!! Joe Gomez and I are tired of all ya’lls bullshit, get off the site! This is 49ers News not Cowboys news you shitheads!

  • joes kids

    listen to this mcnabb mcnutt sucker.. it sucks that you are a 9er fan. you are almost as big a fag as gomez.. but actually gomez… your like the queen of fags.. realy.

  • The niners signed cb Jimmy Williams to a deal. However, the terms haven’t been disclosed yet. He was good at Va Tech. He was the Falcons second round pick in the 2006 draft. This signing might point a little more to the idea that the niners might draft a trench monster (o or d tackle) or possibly another speed rusher. I in favor of going Mauluga or the best tackle available (depending on best player available approach).

  • West

    Ryan the 1st……..I hear you, B.J. Raji in the 1st round. We’ve need a DT for awhile. Complete our 3-4… an sign Peppers

    J.Smith DE…….B.J. RAJI DT……..J.Peppers DE……….NICE!!

  • West

    In other 49ers news, Scott Linehan is reportedly interested in the Raiders offensive coordinator position. If that BS detector inside your head isn’t going wild right now, I have some newspaper stock I’d like to sell you …

    — Matt Barrow

    Now that is funny!!

  • Yeah I knew that guy was full of shit!!! Dont use your family as an execuse idiot!!!

  • Hey Souza or who ever Joe’s kids are you have crossed the line grow up!!!!

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