Second Interview for Linehan

s-linehan2Adam Schefter is reporting that Scott Linehan is scheduled to have a second interview with Mike Singletary and Co.

Former St. Louis Rams head coach Scott Linehan is scheduled to interview with the 49ers for a second time. Linehan’s flight is scheduled to land in the Bay Area this afternoon, and once it does, he’s off to the 49ers’ training facility in Santa Clara.

Linehan is believed to be the first candidate to have two interviews for the job. Former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski also is a candidate.

The 49ers wanted to interview around six candidates and have them bounce their ideas off head coach Mike Singletary. After listening to those candidates, the 49ers are narrowing their search.

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  • Bobby Boucher

    I saw a mock draft today that has us taking Everette Brown at number 10. I don't watch college football, so I didn't know who he was. I checked out youtube, and the guy looks like a fucking animal. Thirteen and a half sacks last season. Could be the pass rusher that could take our D to the next level. I was disappointed to see that hard hitting safety Taylor Mays isn't comming out this year. We won't be picking high enough to get him next year.

  • Joe Gomez and the Axegrinder hit the nail on the head again. This IS the best pick by far out of those candidates. Let's get it together and find that QB coach so they can start focusing on the draft and free agency. Get him inked!!! Am I out of line to be rooting for the niners to draft Rey Mauluga???? I think he could get trained by Takeo for a couple of years and then be ready to REALLY DO DAMAGE!!! Orakpo would be great, but he won't be a DE he will either be replacing Manny Lawson or Haralson who I quite frankly don't think need to be replaced. What do you guys think???

  • Lowrance

    Good, let’s get this wrapped up so we can move forward.
    Thanks Pundit.

  • joe gomez

    Biggest name in the whole interview process. But that’s not saying much. Let’s just get this over with and sign this guy. There really is nobody else.

  • Forensics 187

    Linehan has a great track record at the OC position. Why is everyone so mad about it? Is he Martz, is he as good as Martz or better? I don’t know, nobody knows if he will measure up, but Martz’s offense does not fit with what we have on the roster. We can’t throw all the time with no quarterback and half assed receivers, We have Gore and hopefully will have Foster back.


    I’m just glad it’s not Chudinski coming back for a second interview. There was very little if any positives about him.

    I think Linehan will do fine. Plus there is virtually no chance he’ll leave after one season. There’s the continuity we need. I’ll bet he’s inked before the weekend. The 49ers want this thing done before the Senior Bowl. The staff needs to be 100% focused on potential draft picks. Plus they might be looking for Linehan’s input on some offensive players.

  • joe gomez

    Axe Lawson is NOT an elite player. Thats a problem with our team. We have too many "pretty good" players and not enough elite players like Willis and Gore. And hell Gore didnt even make the pro bowl this year. We gotta nail these picks right and start getting some more studs on our roster. If Crabtree is available I think we should take him.

  • Jimbo

    Linehan seems like a fit. However, there is no reason to believe our offense will improve if we don’t some more playmakers. With that said who do you guys think we will target with our 1st round pick? Is Percy Harvin a guy we may target?

  • Is Harvin 1st round material. He could play SO MANY DAMN POSITIONS it would be disgusting….the kid is an athletic freak. It really depends on what we are looking for. IF they need a sure fire number one then I think you either need to go after Crabtree or get it through free agency because receivers can REALLY be hit or miss.


    Ryan, I like Manny Lawson and Parys Haralson, but I don’t think either of them fit into the “elite” category.

    Since it’s obvious we’re going to run a 3-4, we have some options. We could sign say a Julius Peppers, put him at OLB opposite Justin Smith, which would take many double-teams off of Smith and Franklin. And Franklin does pretty well without the double-team. Offenses would have to worry about both sides of the line. Peppers is getting up there in age, but he still has good years left. Have Lawson and Harylson as depth at OLB, which I would be very happy with that kind of depth.

    I worry about Spikes durability. Mauluga would give us one hell of a serious compliment to Willis, in time. Takeo would take care of the present, while Mauluga would take care of the future. One could not expect an ILB to come out his rookie year and put up the kind of numbers Willis did. That shit barely ever happens.

    What I want to see is a stud safety. An Ed Reed type that just generates turnovers and knocks the shit out of people. Roman just doesn’t fit that bill. Safety is a position of extreme need in my opinion.


    By the way, DUMP BANTA-CAIN!!


    I should correct myself, I don’t think Lawson is elite, YET. I think the jury’s still out on him. ’09 should provide some answers for Manny Lawson. I really want to see him do well. Maybe he needs to be a backup right now, I don’t know.

  • joe gomez

    BREAKING NEWS: Niners coach Mike Singletary offered former Rams head coach Scott Linehan the position of offensive coordinator, it was learned this evening.

    I guess hes gonna talk it over with his wife first then will announce his decision.

  • Dustin Love

    I’m a lifetime Niner fan and I live in Washington State so I tend to run into a lot of Niner haters. These dumbass Seahawk fans don’t know shit and they all suck at life. But me and my oldest brother will always hold it down for the Niners here in the Northwest. I have another brother who is the middle child and he is a Seahawks fan, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. But my question to you guys is, do you think there is a chance that Holmgren will come our way as GM or President after next season? And also how do you guys feel about Jed taking over? Personally I feel that keeping Singletary as Head Coach was a great start. Now if only we could sign a QB who is worth a shit and get rid of Romans worthless ass we might be allright. Also who do you feel we should take in the draft? It’s too bad that Mays isn’t coming out this year. (FUCK THE SEAHAWKS!!!}

  • Rob

    Gomez, do you have a link for that? All the sites I’m looking at say he was interviewed, but I don’t see any that say he was offered the job.

    I think we just need to hire him. If you look at all the comments on this site, Linehan is the one guy pretty much everyone can agree on. And, I think he is just the best, most qualified person available. And, with a third head coach being hired in Jim Schwartz, if Linehan hasn’t already received calls from other teams, he will soon. So, if we don’t act now, we may lose him.

    Anyone else think it’s ironic that, of all the OCs available right now, Mike Martz is probably the best one? Oh, well. If we hire Linehan, I think we can avoid looking like idiots. Let’s reel him in and head to the Senior Bowl!