Rip Scherer to Interview for QB Coach

From Barrows’ Blog:

The 49ers interviewed their first candidate for quarterbacks coach, Rip Scherer, who held that position with the Cleveland Browns the last four seasons. The 49ers also have interviewed outgoing Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski for their offensive coordinator — things that make you go, Hmmmm — but I’m being cautioned that the Scherer interview is not an indication that Chudzinski is a leading candidate for the OC job.

The mere fact that the 49ers are interviewing quarterbacks coaches before hiring an OC, however, is intriguing. During his end-of-season press conference, Mike Singletary said the incoming OC would have the discretion to pick his top lieutenant, the QBs coach. The idea was that the setup would create built-in continuity if the OC were to move on.

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    Damn I hope your wrong about Chudinski being our next OC. Any coordinator who's offense goes 23 quarters without a TD has no place here.

  • ninerfaithful

    Rob Chudzinski is going to be the next OC in san fran there is no way they would hire a qb coach before a OC i just hope we find the guy that utilizes Vernon Davis More i really want to see the freak break out

  • West

    Im with you Axe……. Im feeling a little lost, did Linehan interview go that BAD? 23 quarters without a TD, sounds like a Hostler to me! Hope Sing see's something i dont

  • Samra

    axegrinder you dont want someone who was shitcanned by the browns???? uhmm billicheck????? The browns are retarded at least they will be the one ownership worse than the yorks


    West, I think Singletary is just doing his due diligence. I’m sure he has a list and is just seeing it through. Linehan is the most qualified candidate so far, although Dennison is interesting too. I for one don’t want anyone that was shitcanned by the wretched Cleveland Browns….Singletary has to know about that 23 quarters without a TD crap. If Singletary is anything, he’s thorough.

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    Samra, the Browns are a cursed franchise. Bellechick could be the one exception, although I don’t like that asswipe either. Who knows how many games he won because he cheated. He may be a good coach, but he’s a class-less piece of shit.

    As for the Browns ownership being the only ones worse than the Yorks, I don’t think so. How about Al Davis? How about the Ford family in Detroit? Al Davis at least cares about something, what I don’t know. The Ford Family, that one speaks for itself.

    The DeBartolo Corporation, which Denise York runs, has 60 BILLION DOLLARS a year running through it. So one can’t say that they’re stupid. Maybe just football stupid. I read in Forbes AND have heard that of all the owners in the NFL, Denise DeBartolo York has the most cheddar. That’s pretty impressive in it’s own right, especially when you think about the Seahawks owner (I forget his name) who once owned half of Microsoft, and the Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who I don’t have to explain where he got his $$.

    The point I’m trying to make is that with all the stupid football decisions the Yorks have made in recent years, they’re at least making an effort. They’ve written the checks. They’ve spent the money necessary to field a winning team. I’m not going to run down the list of bone-headed decisions, it’s way too long. Eddie hired Bill Walsh, and the success snowballed. Jed hired Singletary. If Singletary has half of the success Walsh had, and I believe there is potential, we’ll be in pretty descent shape.

  • MSouza

    They went so long without scoring because Ken Dorsey was playing QB. Joe THomas took a huge step back this year, and Kellen Winslow was ofter hurt. Chudzinski was the TE coach for, K2, Shockey, and Bubba Franks. He knows the position, I also think he knows how to run the ball, look at Jamaal Lewis two years ago. I think he is a risk, but I like him. I also like linehan though, as well as a few other candidates that haven’t really been considered yet though. I have a feeling that the process is still going on because Sing wants to interview a coach from one of the remaining teams.

  • Rob

    Why are we looking at offensive coaches for the Browns? Anyone else notice how their offense sucked this year? Sure they were good last year, but what happened this year? I don’t know if a unit that has such proven inconsistency is such a good choice.

    And, I know Singletary is just trying to take his time and get it right, but I’m starting to get nervous about how long this is taking. Mangini & McDaniels, who were hired after Singletary, are already hiring coordinators for their respective teams. And, more HC hirings are bound to come soon. Which means more OC hirings. Which means if we don’t get someone soon, our options are going to become more and more limited. So, I hope he hires someone soon…

  • Rob

    Ok, I didn’t read the replies this time before I posted…

    MSouza, you may have a point about Singletary wanting to interview someone from one of the four remaining teams. But, who? Russ Grimm is a great OL coach for Arizona, but i don’t think he has ever been an OC. And, I don’t think we can just steal one of the OCs from one of those teams. It would have to be a promotion for us to be allowed to interview them.

    I still say our best bet would be either Linehan (is there anyone who doesn’t like him?) or go with a split coordinator system with someone like Dennison and another passing game expert.

    I just hope Singeltary knows what he is doing. This is an important decision. And, waiting too long to make it could screw things up just as bad as making a bad decision.

  • Lowrance

    Anyone else to interview???
    How long before we snag somebody???