Rick Dennison to Interview Monday

Mike Sando of ESPN is reporting that former Broncos OC Rick Dennison will interview with Singletary and McCloughan today.

Dennison, primarily responsible for coordinating the Broncos’ running game, fits the 49ers’ profile for the job in that his Denver teams have ranked among the NFL leaders in rushing several times over the years. Dennison spent the last 14 seasons under Mike Shanahan, including the last three as coordinator. He coached the offensive line from 2001 to 2007 and special teams from 1997 to 2000.

The 49ers have already interviewed Scott Linehan, Rob Chudzinski and Clyde Christensen for the position. All remain in the running.

Coach Mike Singletary’s desire to build the 49ers’ offense around its line and running game made Dennison a person of interest.

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  • ninerfaithful

    i just cant wait till they hire someone so we can start to figure out the shap of the offense and if there is a qb in the draft that would fit the scheme

  • West

    Will….I agree, 9ers built as a power rushing unit….Linehan still best option!

  • Lowrance

    Thanks for the info…interesting fit.

  • joe gomez

    This is killing me. NONE of these guys are better than Martz. Not even Linehan.

  • joe gomez

    Found out some scoop about this guy. He didnt call plays for the Broncos. They had someone else doing that so hes not a true OC. Two, this guy was a freakin LB in his playing day, what the fuck does he know about the offense? He might know gaps and thats why he can call running plays but im sorry we need somebody that knows the passing offense as well. Fucking pathetic. You guys would be happy with this guy? Hahaha..Martz is laughing his ass off right now seeing all these losers interview for his old job. Linehan would be the best choice so far and hes not better Martz. Hes up there with Martz but not better. I hear we have one more interview left before the big decision. This is sickening.

  • joe gomez

    Meant to say he didnt call PASS PLAYS for the Broncos.

  • Rob

    I like this . . . probably the best OC candidate to emerge since Linehan. If he could bring just some of the success Denver has had running the ball to San Fran, that would be awesome. Could you imagine Gore with a similar success of the legendary Denver running game system? Ok, I now have two potential candidates that I would be perfectly happy with.

  • Will

    You mean the zone blocking scheme OC, the only running game that isnt smashmouth, which Singletary wants. I think he’s off track here, I beleive he’ll find that out after the Interview.

  • Amir812


  • joe gomez

    Indiana Jones or whatever your fucking name is first off mother fucker Im not your son. I'm in my fucking forties so unless your in your sixties I'd watch who you call son. My point was he doesn't know how to call passes so he obviously isn't a better OC than Martz who knows both. The ring on his finger proves he's better qualified than any of these bums being interviewed. Jerry Sullivan calling our pass plays? Haha you must be a fucking idiot to think that would work. Now we are looking to interview some loser from Boston College. If we don't hire Linehan who has the best credentials so far then firing Martz would have been a big mistake. Sing said he was going to get a proven name who has done something and so far Linehan is the only one that fits that description. All these other bums are clowns!


    Read this poor excuse for an article. What a spineless moron.


  • jerseyniner

    How does a zone blocking scheme fit our personnel? Baas, Heitmann and Rachal are all on the larger end of centers/guards, and only Staley has the combination of athleticism and size that would allow him to play in the broncos system.

    we’ve been drafting for a power running game for years. switching now would all but send us back to rebuilding mode.

  • joe gomez, so why couldn’t Jerry Sullivan or Pete Hoener call pass plays? They’vae done it. Chill a bit, son.

  • West

    Nolan to take over DC for Denver…..John Engelberger, Jamie Winborn and D Jaxs must be happy…….lol

    I was hoping he landed in Green Bay so we could play him this season

  • Amir812



    Too bad we don’t play the Broncos next year. Their defense will be soft as fuck with No-win running shit. Yeah, play 15 yards off the line of scrimmage. Yeah, play not to lose. That shit really works. Brand new head coach, and already McDaniels made his first blunder. What a bunch of crap. I hate the fucking Broncos anyway, so they can eat shit for all I care.


    as soon as shanahan was fired I was all over this guy. They have the good pass game (west coast) and always produce great running backs. Dennison Dennison Dennison Dennison Dennison…bring home the west coast, PLEASE!!!

    If everyone can go and read this article and bash this Dumb A#$. This has to be one of the worst articles I have ever read on sports.


    Who comes up with this stuff!!!


    NINERTIME beat me to it. Shitty article, huh?

  • Lottie901

    I agree. That was some BULL!!!!!!! Must be a CowGirl fan, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    Hey, Gomez, instead of swearing up a storm and insulting as many people as you possibly can, why not look at the facts.

    Sol, Dennison was a LB. I agree, that makes it odd that he became an offensive coach. But, just look at his results. He has coached one of the most consistently successful rushing attacks in the NFL. Actually, pairing Dennison up with someone who can create passing plays is smart. Shannahan probably learned that from his days in SF, as the Niners of old used to have two different people drawing up passing & running plays, with one person calling the plays on gameday. It can work. And, I can see Singletary thinking outside the box, coming up with a similar system here. So, while I agree that Linehan would be a good choice, I applaud Singletary for considering ALL his options before deciding. I think it shows he is open to new ideas, and that should be good for our team.

    And, gomez, it kind of surprised me to see that you are in your forties. Cussing people out at the drop of a hat is something I would expect from a hotheaded teenager. Please act your age and keep things civil. We are all rooting for the same team here. Chewing people out for something like this is pointless. There are greater issues in life to get agitated about.

  • seekret_sauce

    AXEGRINDER: That article reminds me of the guy who said Dwyane Wade shouldn’t be a part of Team USA in the Beijing Olympics because he wouldn’t do any good and just bring down the team. I just left a comment to just show how stupid this guy is and needs to be fired as much as Nolan did..he just writes articles to submit by the deadline not to inform anyone.

  • MSouza

    Joe Gomez if the ring on Martz’s finger proves that he is better than all of the candidates, then the two on Dennison’s must be a sign from god. He coached an offensive line of misfits to two Super Bowls. Everybody in Denver knows how to call a pass play, they threw almost as much as Martz, with a lot more success I might add.

  • joe gomez

    Sorry but if that were true he wouldn’t need somebody else to call the plays now would he? Please there’s a big difference earning a ring as a head coach than winning one calling just running plays! Get off this bums dick already. Sing promised a big name with a proven track record. This guy hasn’t proven suit. Besides, the guy ran a zone blocking run offense. You really think we have the linemen for that. Staley maybe, the rest forget it. Sing said he wanted a power running style offense so interviewing this guy really made no fucking sense. Biggest thing though is he doesn’t know shit about the passing game. It’s Linehan all the way so far. These other guys are a fucking joke.

  • joe gomez

    Rob sorry for the fucked up language. 20 years in the Marines will do that to you. Anyways the idiot was calling me son, so he had it coming. If you get offended by bad language I apologize.

  • Dan

    Joe- I have to agree with Rob Sing is doing due diligence. Why not look at all the options? (not that I think some of the interviewed are that great) Has anyone else interviewed Linehan? Whats the rush it doesn’t seem that Linehan is going anywhere! and as far as blaming the military for a potty mouth- please don’t, everyone in my family served in the military and my uncle was a drill sargent and he doesn’t swear like a high schooler.

  • joe gomez

    Well most the guys I served with didn't talk like Wally Cleaver. But by golly guys il try not to use those high schooler potty mouth language unless it's really necessary. Linehan is our guy bottom line. There is nobody in this interview process that can even come close to his credentials. Very disappointed but I guess there's just nobody out there.