Rathman Back in San Francisco

49erslogoThe National Football Post has just been informed that former San Francisco 49ers running back Tom Rathman has been named the new running backs coach for the 49ers.

Rathman was the running backs coach for the Detroit Lions from 2003-2005. In addition, he spent the past two seasons coaching the running backs for the Oakland Raiders (2007-2008).

In 1989, Rathman led all NFL running backs in receptions (73) and yards (616) while playing for the San Francisco 49ers.

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  • West

    That's Right!!!!

    Step two…..O.C. Linehan

  • A True Niner Fan

    Great Pick up, Rathman is a good Coach and will help guide Are RB's well… this is a great way to start the hiring of our coaches in need….looks like Singletary is going to try to surround himself with quality people with Wining intentions…cant wait to see who we get next

  • Mike in MD

    OUT MF STANDING!!!!!!!!! Well done Coach Sing!! This is a great 1st hire. I heard that 9nerfan….WELCOME HOME TOM!!! This is where you belong my man.

    Great first move because he can be in position to be the next in line OC. If all goes to plan the new OC should be in place for at least 3+ years.

    Freakin' awesome. Made my night. NINERS!!

  • Mike in MD

    Nice post 9:27 Axe. Love it. Ball security's a MUST. The Dolphins probably won at least 3 games JUST BECAUSE OF THAT.


    Mike in MD, you're right, the Dolphins played mistake free football pretty much all year, then look what happened when they turned it over 5 times in the first round of the playoffs. ASS-WHOOPIN'. I can't stress ball security enough. We'd be in the playoffs right now if it wasn't for three things: JT O'Turnover, Mike "no balls" Nolan, and Mike Martz and his flawed, turnover-prone offensive scheme.


    Damn straight.

  • West

    Sing has also spoke about bringing in another teammate/ former 9er Richard Dent to work with the team in training camp.

  • 9nerfan

    welcome back tom where u belong

  • Mike in MD

    Heads up….Bradford just declared for the Draft.

  • Mike in MD

    I jumped the gun.

    Per inside sources from Natnl FPost: Barring injury from Thursday nights game, Bradford should declare.

  • West

    I really hope Sing doesn’t jump on Bradford with the 10th overall pick. We got other areas that can be filled with that pick. Grab a QB in a later round so he can sit a year an learn our New West Coast Offense.

    I keep seeing his name on Mock boards! Only team i think would grab him before we pick would be K.C.

    Taylor Mays..10th overall pick

  • Mike in MD

    West – totally agree. I wanted Bradford as an option for NEXT YEAR. With my other Niner guys I already told them I wanted OUT if Bradford declared THIS YEAR. This year is NOT the time to go for a QB with the first pick….just too many major holes to fill. The thing that’s scary here is Sing will be tempted. I think I sense deep down he really wants some type of reliable franchise QB & doesn’t want to waste time. I agree but we should pass this year with our #10, do it mid-round. This is where McCloughan has to come in & spell it out for Singletary who doesn’t know Draft strategy.

    My pick for our #10 for IMMEDIATE IMPACT is Mays or Maualuga. Mays fills that NEED/BPA. Rey to me is the closest thing to being a sure success star Willis-like multiple Pro Bowl player for years that has a good chance of lining up for us. (The other is Oher but he’ll be long gone.) Sure people are sick of me talking up Maualuga but that’s my guy. But I’m totally on board with Mays & would be crazy psyched bigtime if we landed him. The team that challenges us for Mays is Oakland. Psycho Al has picked 6 DB’s in the 1st Round in the last 10 years. He goes crazy over combine workouts esp 40 times where Mays should shine. I hope he gets tempted by Crabtree or a stud OT instead.


    Anyone who hasn’t seen the ’89 49ers America’s Game on NFL Network…..watch it. Rathman is one of the guys narrating. This guy is the definition of “smashmouth”. To quote, “I’m blue collar myself, this is where I aim, right in the forehead”. Another great thing about Rathman being the coach, NO FUMBLING! This guy takes pride in ball security.


    Hey West, Richard Dent was on the Bears, not the Niners.

  • Mike in MD

    Offensive Tackle for Oakland is a good chance since Kwame is gonna get JaMarcus on a stretcher. LT……pleeease, unbelievable. Good sign here for us.


    I don’t believe that there is any other team in the league that has TWO coaches on their staff that has 3 Superbowl victories as players. Two for Rathman, one for Singletary. That’s sayin’ something. I’m thinking we’re going to be “imposing our will” on other teams on a regular basis.

  • Mike in MD

    Axe – that’s money. All that changed when Singletary took over. We could have been in the playoffs if he got the gig sooner.

  • Mike in MD

    Here’s the latest top 100 from the Natn’l FPost (partnered with Rivals) Updated JAN 4TH.


  • 9nerfan

    i hope we dont get a qb with that pick.im all for taylor mays.or even olb. not a qb please! not until the later rounds

  • http://niners Medford

    HEY AXE Richard Dent was on the 1994 Super Bowl team. Why did we ever let Rathman go in the 1st place?

  • West

    AXEGRINDER…R. Dent played with both Bears an 94 superbowl 9ers!

  • West

    Mike n MD…….Maualuga i agree will be great in the NFL…Only reason i have us taking Mays is because we have no 1 there, "Roman has to go"…Spikes i feel will be back, Spikes openly wants to return….Maualuga would be a long term fix! We all agree we need the best out there…Maualuga or Mays would be great for us……. Mr. Al Davis,lol yes i am a little worried he will jump on Mays, not because he needs him, just because speed… Just look at last year, he took McFadden but already had a 1000 yard back in Fargus… An Bush ready to help out…… They passed on Glenn Dorsey & Sedrick Ellis (needs) which still are needs along with there O line, so yea i can see Al grabbing Mays an passing on a lineman….lol, sad but funny

  • MSouza

    The reason why Rathman left in the first place is because Mooch took him over when Erickson took over.

    Love Rathman, if any of you ever go to Las Vegas, There is a huge poster of Rathman on the way into the sports book at the coast casinos. I love the guy, love his work ethic, and can't wait to see what he does with our players.

  • R.Craig33

    I'm just getting the news this is great and Dent will be next you think he don't want to be with his boy Sing.

  • West

    AXEGRINDER …. good look, i'll look out for ‘89 49ers America’s Game on NFL Network… didnt know Rathman was narrating. Thanks

  • Rob

    I also agree with this hire. But, Kevin Lynch's blog on the San Francisco Chronicle's site raised a good idea. Why not split the OC duties between Rathman and a good passing play caller, like a current QB coach or something. It's not an unheard of idea. The two could work together to come up with a gameplan, then one of them would take the playcalling duties on game day. I think the idea had potential. But, I guess they won't go in that direction, since Rathman was just hired as the RB coach. Still, I hope he helps things. Because Gore, as good as he is, has only declined in total yards since that breakout season two years ago. This year he barely got his 1,000. Hopefully, Rathman will get Gore back up to being one of the league leaders where he belongs.

  • West

    Among the rumored candidates for the offensive-coordinator job are former St. Louis coach Scott Linehan, Raiders advance scout Paul Hackett and Gil Haskell, who served as Seattle offensive coordinator the past nine seasons under Mike Holmgren.

    Interresting, Paul Hackett & Gil Haskell have ties with the 9ers!

    I still feel Scott Linehan is the best choice of the three…

  • erock85

    That’s correct Medford… Dent was a Niner for our last Super Bowl season. He was injured for most of it, but the fact remains… the last time we won it all he was on the sidelines. With Rathman as well, that gives us players from our last 3 SBs on the sidelines with us… not bad leadership and history.

    Singletary: 10 Pro Bowls, 8 All-Pro Teams, 2 Defensive Player of the Years, 1 Super Bowl… Future Coach of the Year
    Rathman: 2 Super Bowls, former Niner
    Dent: 4 Pro Bowls, 2 Super Bowls (1 Super Bowl MVP), former Niner

  • http://49ersfanboy.wordpress.com Indiana Jim

    First two picks will be OFFENSIVE TACKLE and DEFENSIVE END.

  • Mike in MD

    erock – good one on Dent being a SB MVP…didn’t know that.


    I had no idea Dent was on the Niners in '94, my bad. Hey West, you can get those America's Games on dvd at NFLshop.com.

  • West

    Nolan DC w/Packers…….. this is great, Another game for us to mark down next year……. love games with a little extra

  • West

    #1 Oklahoma (12-1) (7-1) vs. # 2 Florida Gators (12-1) (7-1)
    Rankings: Oklahoma ranked No. 1 in BCS… Florida ranked No. 2 in BCS

    Time: 7:00 PM/CT

    Network: FOX

  • Antoine

    I wish we could get back T.O or garcia for the last few yrs of their career, in know T.O. would cause problems, but he has matured and he never wanted to leave until that piece of shit Terry Donahue screwed this team up, and mutilated everything. We should bring T.O. home or at least Garcia, that would be awesome scenario, and that would add yo our team, at this point we need a good quarterback and receivers, we do not need anymore offenive lineman and defensive ends in the first round, we can get that shit in later rounds, look at Staley he sucks! We need tall receivers, big targets that give those little corners hell and we need an reliable, consistent QB. Our defense needs to be fine tuned but hs the pieces in place. Quarterback amd Receivers are our first priority, we need this once and for all, Bring T.O. home!

  • redneck9er

    Dude, you have no idea what ur saying. Staley is a solid guy. TO sucks and gets mad when he doesn't get the ball. Saying that have you heard what singeltary has been saying. Run, Run, Run. Also have seen the right side of the line lately, We just got rid of the false start queen last season and we still have mr. injury and mr. glass on that side. receiver wise have you heard the name, morgan or hill (Not the QB). Also we have Mr. Bruce who his old team gave him props as we were beating them. Think about what ur saying man.

  • joe gomez

    Antoine is somewhat right. Since TO left we have had alright to mediocre receivers. Nobody can take it to the house like TO and if you can overlook his personality problems he might be a positive addition to our offense. Just look at the guys numbers, hes up there with Jerry Rice and the top guys. Yea his attitude is fucked up I dont disagree with that but we havent had a "game breaker" ever since he left. Hill and Morgan are pretty good and might get even better but nowhere near TO as far as talent.

  • joe gomez

    Axe I believe Dent was on the roster but was hurt early in the season so thats why you rarely heard his name. I remember him at the Super Bowl parade, he was going crazy.

  • Hector Martinez

    Ignore, Redneck 49er he's a fucking midwest corndogeating Cowboy fan! T.O. would be a welcome addition to the 49ers and he has matured some so I do not see a major problem, he wants to win Redneck Cowboy, something you don.t want the 49ers to do reach number 6. We need a commanding offense that's what we need to address this year, receivers and QBn big tall receivers, no more of these short fucks. We need big physical Receivers this next season and we need a proven QB, I would try my best to get Matt Cassall, I would snatch him up before the patriots name give him the frnachise label to lock him up. Keep hill as backup as a potential starter much like Bono, and draft a young QB for the future, but we need to win now, that's why we need Cassal, I don't have till 2020 till we start winning with a new QB. We need to win nowand reach number 6 immediately and show America who th true americas team is.

  • redneck9er

    My thought though is listening to singletary, TO doesn’t fit. Mike will literaly tear TO’s head off after one disruption from TO. Also we need to move on. We sound like a guy stuck in the bottle after his girl left him. We need to move on. Just think of the half time of mike droping trow. TO might get gealous. Just kidding but i think he would get lost in the new niners concept, which would lead to some very intense anger. Run, Run & Run Then pass as needed.

  • redneck9er

    Hector Martinez, That must be Joe Gomez Real Name. Nobody talks as much trash as him. Anyways bobby what you said I have been trying to say to these TO lovers. As far as me being a cowboys fan, putting blame on the unknown just couse ur scared. I can't stand that simpson lov'n idiot Romo and jones pisses me off and reminds me of the yankees trying to buy championships. money only wins for a short time. Look when they bought Roy Williams, he didn't do sqwat. The Cowgirls suck, George Straight even wrote a song about them.

    "How bout them cowgirls".

  • Magnum

    1st off Dent did play for the 49ers in 94

    2nd I agree Mays would be nice, especially since we wont get Mike Oher from ole miss (he would shore up our running game issues)

    3rd if Tebow goes out and we cant get Dent or Oher – I say we trade down and then draft him. If not wait till he emerges in the 2nd round. We can use his leadership- He will mesh well with Singletary and his intensity and team idea. Great backup and QB of future. Even better leader and a proven winner.

  • Mike in MD

    West – Davis benched Huff who got switched to Free Safety after they got Gibril Wilson from the Giants. Huff lasted only 5 games in 2008 playing like crap before he got benched. They replaced him at FS with some guy named Eugene (last name) who I heard still sucks. So there's still a need at FS. Like most of crazy Al's moves lately their not working. >>>>> Bought Kwame for LT (high sacks/pressures), DeAngelo Hall at CB (cut), Javon Walker (IR)….all total disasters.

    ANYBODY & I MEAN ANYBODY would be an upgrade to Roman. If Mays gets chosen before us we still have Goldson if he can ever stay healthy who should be ready to take over. I think Reggie Smith could train for that spot too if we don't draft a stud FS. KLewis is just like MLewis. Good hitters, solid run support, but hurt us vs the pass.

    I wouldn't count out Malcolm Jenkins or William Moore at the #10 spot. Jenkins is a legit stud top 10 player who can play CB or FS. Moore is more of a ball hawk of a free safety than Mays. He can't as hard as Mays but has a lot more INT's. (But I think Mays can be coached to go after the ball more. Teams didn't challenge Mays in the air too often with the deep ball & Mays likes to go for the big hits more. I still think he has the natural ability to become a ball hawk. Definitely who I would choose first out of all the safeties available.)

  • West

    Mike n MD…..yea the Raiders are a real peace of work! No telling what direction they will be going…. Word is Missouri receiver Jeremy Maclin may be coming out….I could see Al going after him also,"speed" but this guy really is good……

    I put this out there on one of the other pages……If we dont grab a DT in the draft……..Why not go after Tank Johnson? Dallas looks to be letting him walk and Tank would be an upgrade from Franklin in my opion….I dont think we got a chance with Haynswoth, dont see Titans letting him get away…..

    What do you think? Who else is out there? Wouldn't hurt us cap wise an Tank got stuff to prove!

  • Bobby Boucher

    There is absolutely no way Singletary would put up with TO’s bullshit. He preaches that the team needs to be one. TO thinks he is the one and only important part of any team he’s on. I was a huge TO fan when he was here, but there is not a snowballs chance in hell he will ever be a niner again. Garcia is too old, don’t see that happening either.

  • West

    I agree Maclin over Crabtree, i also give him the edge……

    Yea when eva u get around to that list, put it out….Good look, Thanks.

  • Rob

    I can’t believe you guys want T.O. back. Forget T.O. That ship sailed a long time ago.

    Though I heard Marvin Harrison might not be back in Indy next year. So, if Bruce retires, I say go after him. Someone like him would be ideal to teach Morgan & Hill the ropes of being a great receiver.

    However, I do agree that we should try to get Garcia back. He will probably be available. And, I’m sure he would love to come back to SF before he retires. He would be a good example for whatever QB we draft. Not to mention a great backup to Hill. He would be everything Trent Dilfer was supposed to be.

  • West

    I see, Very true, all 3 are good………i like Maclin a little more, edge would be his return game….

    But we gotta go Def. with 10th overall……..We will know more once FreeAgency has past….T. Spikes will show our hand a little as for Maualuga. Maualuga or Mays i agree should be safe picks!

  • Mike in MD

    No telling where Haynesworth is going. I actually can see him leaving. HE WILL GET HIS BIG DOLLAR$$$ & does Tennessee want to match another team who will be throwing crazy money at him? What all teams have to be asking themselves is do they want to give up the big paycheck to a guy at or the top of his prime. You will get performance out of Haynesworth but there’s that chance he could dip down quite a bit after this contract year. How will he perform after he finally got his big money payday?? I would think this is his last run, big DT’s don’t usually have a long lifespan.

    Yeah Tanks possible. There’s other guys like maybe Grady Jackson (older) for 1 year. Another blogger had a list I can’t find right now. (My freakin’ computer blew out a couple days ago. Just bought a new one & am using it now but I have to reload all the old programs, docs, fav settings, etc…pain in the ass) If I get that list I’ll try & get it out.

    Good call on Maclin, the Raiders could jump there too. I actually like him better than Crabtree. For any team who has problems in the red zone a guy like Maclin if given a lane can take it to the house & you wouldn’t have to worry about the RZ in that case. Too bad we have still too many holes. That dudes a stud.

  • Mike in MD

    Damn I meant Percy Harvin. I haven’t watched Maclin that much. I know Maclin’s fast but he looks so casual when he’s running he doesn’t it. For some reason I like Percy better. Percy’s freakin’ stacked up top & arms for a receiver.



  • Mike in MD

    Agree with you about Maclin’s value also being a kick/punt returner.
    We need to find Rossum’s successor soon.

    There’s only a handful of DT’s that guy had.

    Shaun Cody, Rocky Bernard, Tank Johnson.

    Hit this link:

  • West

    Mike n MD ..Thanks, Rocky or Tank would be nice…………aint Rocky the one that hurt Alex? It is what it is!