Update: Linehan Declines OC Position

LinehanUpdated OC News: Scott Linehan has declined the 49ers offer to become the team’s offensive coordiantor.

01.16.09 – Niners coach Mike Singletary offered former Rams head coach Scott Linehan the position of offensive coordinator, it was learned this evening. Linehan met with Singletary and GM Scot McCloughan on Thursday. It was his second interview for the job.

Linehan, 45, wants to get back into coaching after getting fired four games into the season. He is expected to meet with his family before informing the 49ers of his decision. Linehan and his wife, Kristen, are the parents of three boys, ages 7, 11 and 13.

Linehan emerged as the team’s choice after Singletary and McCloughan interviewed four candidates for the job. Rob Chudzinski, Rick Dennison and Clyde Christensen also had formal interviews for the position.

Source: Matt Maiocco

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    Come on Scott, sign your name on the dotted line already!

  • BeAllEndAll

    I approve.

  • 49er4life

    Alright, now we need to draft Mark "Dirty" Sanchez if he's available. If not take one of the Big 3 o-linemen (Andre Smith, Eugene Moncroe, or Michael Oher), or a pass rushing linebacker (ie Everett Brown).

  • g3spot

    This is great news, it’s a good hire because you know Linehan isn’t on anybodys radar for a head coaching position. Therefore there will be some stability at the OC position.

  • Lowrance

    Good, sign already, your family will love you no matter what, lol.

    Can’t wait to see what Mike drafts, or what free agents he brings in. Guys who actually care about team first and winning above “look at me!”

  • K-Man

    Linehan would be a great fit. Although the Rams were an absolute disgrace, once Stephen Jackson came back their offense was much improved. Now we need a QB coach and a young QB to develop. I hope Shaun Hill gets one more year as the full-time starter.

  • nice nice…..im planning on making the trip to san fran this year to catch a couple of games. Should be worth my trip!!!!

  • Rob

    Ok, here we go. So, he was offered the job, huh? Good. Let’s wrap him up and end this chapter. I’m ready to see what Singletary does in the offseason. Signing Linehan would be a very positive first step.

    It’s only January, but September can’t get here soon enough for me. I can’t wait to see how we do under Singletary for an entire season!

  • ninerfaithful

    ya ya

  • West

    newmexicolobo…………Good to see you have come to your senses…. Linehan is there best choice…. An your boi Bruce will be ight…lol


    One would think Linehan would have talked with his family about the possibility of getting hired when he interviewed the FIRST TIME. He’s had like 3 months to consider where he might potentially go. This delay doesn’t make much sense. He better not be this indecisive when he’s dealing with our offense.

  • joe gomez

    Like I said all along Linehan only one with real credentials. The rest were all for show. There was really nobody else out there unless Shanahan wanted to take a demotion or if Turner was available. How much better Linehan will be on offense we shall see.

  • joe gomez

    Yea Axe and if he turns us down then what do we do? Well be forced to hire Chud the dud or some other no namer. I sure hope we will accept our offer or well be regretting getting rid of Martz.

  • joe gomez

    typo=he will accept our offer

  • Linehan doesn’t have any better option at this point so he WILL sign. He just wants to talk it over with his family. It WILL happen.

  • joe gomez

    Its a shame we have no plan B in case he doesn’t sign. Those other people we interviewed wouldn’t even qualify to be Martz’s waterboy.

  • xaos50

    Joe Gomez, I agree……..
    Shaun Hill still makes me just a little bit nervous, we need to find a diamond in the rough QB that can take us to the promise land….Did somebody say [a new and improved] Alex Smith !! nah. not me. =/

  • Alex Smith might be going back to San Fran….all interviews or sounds bites that he gave on that subject (because he has been asked) seem like he is very willing to take a pay cut. Plus we have Hill who is at least a SOLID QB. What I don't think is going to happen is the niners taking Sanchez or Stafford so ANY mock draft that you see us taking another QB (like they always do each year) instantaneously gave up a lot of credibility. I see it happening in the mid rounds.

  • joe gomez

    Jamesv. I would sign Peppers in a heartbeat but we got McIdiot calling the shots so Il be surprised if he did anything right!

  • Jimbo

    Another bone head move by the niners.

  • joe gomez

    Homerun ball to Desean Jackson. The bay area product does it again! What the fuck was Nolan and McIdiot thinking in not making this speedster a Niner! Can I say ""I told you so" now Pundit?

  • Jimbo


  • 9nerfan

    damn! who else is out there. i for sure dont want any of the other candidates.

  • joe gomez

    And people thought I was crazy for saying firing Martz was a mistake! I said it time and time again, should have had somebody set before we fire Martz!

  • joe gomez

    Lott how can you say Linehan was horseshit? He was the best choice hands down. All the rest of the other candidates are horseshit! Gruden? You really think he'll take a demotion? We got the same chance in landing Shanahan which is slim to none!

  • If this is true that Linehan has DECLINED the position then we are REALLY SCREWED because the rest of the candidates aren’t very good. I said it before and I will say it again…..it made no sense to fire Martz and it still doesn’t make any sense to me now because now that Linehan has declined the niners very well might take a major step backwards. WHO WILL THEY HIRE? There is NO ONE AVAILABLE! This might be SINGLETARY’S FIRST BLUNDER!

  • A little off subject, but Peppers and his agent say that he does not want to resign a deal in Carolina. I’m not sure that he fits in our style defense, but a player like him I think we should adjust and sign him quickly. he would be great on the opposite side of Smith. Any thoughts???????

  • Correction, Peppers does not want to sign a long term deal. Sign him quickly……

  • Lottie901


  • joe gomez

    Ryan the 1st I thought I was the only one saying that. Everyone on here were glad to get rid of Martz. BTW Warner is proving today, a strong run game is nice and a strong down the field pass game is even nicer.

  • joe gomez

    We shouldve made a run at Warner when he was available.

  • joe gomez

    Hey where’s all the people saying firing Martz was the right thing to do? Got one question for all of you…..what the fuck do we do now?

  • LOTT

    A blessing in disguise, he was horshit like maRTZ! wE NEED THE BEST OF THE BEST! bE PATIENT !

  • Billy

    I hope we get Jon Gruden

  • Sarah Palin

    Let me once again tell you all whats going on. He is holding out for more $$$. Read his quotes and read between the lines. Martz is an idiot and all you hypocrits that defend him are senseless. You are the same ones who bashed JT who your boy insisted on starting but he seems to get a free pass for that one and not fucking running the ball enough cost us at least 2 games we should have won. Fuck Martz he should have been let go.

  • joe gomez

    He is holding out for more $$$? You truly are a fucking idiot Sarah the tranny. It was a family decision dipshit! Yea Martz is an idiot that’s why we went from the worst fucking offense to 2nd in the whole league in offensive plays 40 yards or more. But you wouldn’t recognize that as production because your a fucking retard!

  • joe gomez

    So Miss. run the ball and vote, so who do we turn to now moron? He’s holding out for more money. LOL. That’s the funniest shit I’ve ever heard. I would expect that from a fucking homo. Haha

  • MSouza

    Gomez, how do you have enough time to post 11 times in one day. I mean I understand that it is a Sunday and all but damn.

    Did you really just resort to plays over 40 yards as proof that we will never get better than Martz. Flat out, it comes to wins and losses. 7-9 doesn’t cut it any way that you look at it. We needed to improve on the offensive side of the ball whether you are willing to admit it or not. Because while we may have been one of the best teams with plays over 40 yards, we had a very hard time getting the one really important one.

    Martz did a fine job as OC, but there is a reason why he hasn’t even interviewed for a position yet. Give it a rest, seriously, you need to relax and realize that the guys running the show know a little bit more than you.

    It does suck though that he declined the position, I don’t understand why he would accept two interviews with us if he wasn’t sure that he wanted the job. Not earth shattering however, two more teams lost today and we may be able to find a suitable candidate off of the Ravens, the ever present ghost of Nolan, or maybe one of the past interviews.

  • joe gomez

    Hey Rob, dont blame everything on Sing to fast. Remember we got McIdiot and the young Dorky Yorky overseeing everything. I knew we fired Martz too fast because we didnt have anybody to replace him. Linehan was our best option and now we will have to get somebody who wouldnt even qualify to be Martz's waterboy. To all the Martz haters… give us a name? Hahahaha.. who would you hire now? Dumb mother fuckers.

  • Joe gomez is such a fag!! I mean realy.. this guy is an idiot. time after time this guy writes some amazingly dumb shit. Joe, your a fag.

  • And i love how he gets so mad.. this guy is such a puss in real life. man it sucks that your a 9er fan.. fag.

  • Rob

    I hate to say it, but I agree with Gomez. Now that Linehan & Dennison are out of the picture, Martz is better than any of the options available. But, I think that offering Linehan more money wouldn’t hurt. Who else are we going to hire? No one I would be excited about, that’s for sure. Ok, so Martz’s philosophy didn’t match our personnel that well. But, he adjusted pretty well to Hill being in there. I guess we should have given him another chance. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. We second guessed what we had and now have gotten burned.

    The fact is that Linehan, and maybe something incorporating Dennison in it, was our only really good options. They are both gone now. Which means Chudnuzki is probably our best option, and that’s sad. I was willing to support Martz getting fired, but only if we could replace him with someone as good or better. We failed to do that. Singletary dropped the ball on his first big task. Not good. Suddenly, I’m not looking forward to next year as much as I was…

  • joe gomez

    Hey Souza..wow im very impressed you can count to eleven. What are you the official post counter mother fucker? lol… listen bitch, im passionate about the 49ers and if I got something to post im going to post so keep your sarcastic remarks to yourself. Another thing, 7-9 is pretty impressive to me considering where we were last year. We came behind on alot of those wins and needed Martz’s
    offense to get us back into those games. I wasnt saying the 40 yards and over stat is the main thing you look for in a winning team moron, but when you consider we were DEAD FUCKING LAST in every offensive category last year and to have that impressive stat this year, thats saying something about the OC. No matter how you look at it, we fucked up by not having a replacement for Martz. Ira Miller who knows a little about 49er football and currently writes for hookedontheniners.com even said that we fucked up by (1) not having a replacement ready after we fired Martz and (2) not hiring “football people” into upper managment positions.

    “We needed to improve on the offensive side of the ball whether you are willing to admit it or not”…hahahahahah.. dude why the fuck are you even telling me this..NO SHIT BITCH… everyone including your mom knows we needed to improve our pathetic offense…fucking idiot…hahahaha…are you on crack son? Oh find a OC off the Ravens roster huh? LMFAO … yea that would work dipshit, we already tried that with Nolan. Dont talk to me anymore unless you got something credible to say. Fucking idiot.

  • Rob

    Man, Joe, you just come in here swinging a hatchet every time, don’t you?

    I’m not necessarily giving up on Singletary yet, but you have to admit this all looks a little familiar, doesn’t it? When we lost Turner, we were left with no real viable options at OC, and we just had to make due with the best we could get. This just feels like that all over again. This time we at least will have an opportunity to get someone. But, Linehan & Dennison gave us people who had a proven history of success AND exerience. Now, we are going to have to pick one or the other. We can hire successful position coaches elsewhere who are ready to take the next step to being OC, but have no experience in that role (like that Colts receiver coach), or experienced OCs who have a questionable record of success, which is why their team is currently going through coaching changes (like the Browns’ OC).

    It just stinks because we really need someone with both those qualities. Now, we won’t get it. And, whether or not we will have success next year is anyone’s guess.

  • joe gomez

    Ok Souza your the pussy hiding behind a made up screen name so who's the real fag? Hahahahaha!

  • Oh joe… your such a kidder.

  • West

    MSouza………Have the Jets said they are keeping Shottenheimer?

    This OC search is a mystery, dont know what door there walking to!

    Eagles QBs coach Pat Shurmur,Your boy Hue Jackson Ravens QBs coach and former Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski's wants to speak with the 49ers about the position. Bill Muir O.C. from Tampa is an option also and the most proven!

  • joe gomez

    Oh yeah Souza, I write some really dumb shit. I dont hear anyone agreeing with your dimwit comments. Its apparent that you have zero credibility when it comes to 49ers knowledge. So come out behind that fake screen name now pussy, quit hiding. LMFAO.

  • joe gomez

    Hey Souza, tell your mom to douche twice tonight, I tried to pull out but the condom slipped. Hahaha.

  • MSouza

    It ain’t that serious joe, why would I make up a screen name to respond to your remarks,what are you going to do to me, send me a virus? Lol, you just can’t handle that more than one person thinks you’re a moron. Seriously Joe stfu, you post once every five minutes and it is usually the exact same mindless drabble as before with some different cuss words. Apparently, your only standard for niners credibility is agreeing with you, but I know football and I know the niners, and you know a lot about being obnoxious. There will probalby be another 15 responses to this instantaneously, because I have a sneaking suspicion you haven’t left this website, or your basement for that matter, in at least a few months. Do your self a favor, pry your fat ass out of the the computer chair, take a shower, it is that thing next to the toilet that shoots water out of it, brush your last tooth, and go out and try to find a hooker that you can afford. I have a feeling that all this internet rage is pent up aggression caused by a nonexistent sex life.

    Way to regurgitate a .com insider to prove your point, lol. You’re a joke.

    Anyways, the potential OC from the Ravens I was referring to was QB coach Hue Jackson. He was originally linked to the Jets OC position once Ryan got hired there, but now it looks as though they are going to stick with Shottenheimer. He’s been an OC before albeit it was for the Vickless Falcons. He did a pretty decent job this year with Flacco and he was the WR coach at Cinci when Chad and Housh started dominating. Also, he worked for Cam Cameron this year, who everybody seemed to want last offseason.

  • Rob

    West – the former Boston College coach wants to be an OC? You have a link for that? I like that idea…

    I also was thinking about the Ravens QB coach. Flacco had a great year. And, someone like that to have around for whoever we draft this year (and we better draft a QB), would be a good idea. Maybe pair him up with Rathman for my dual OC idea? I think it could work.

  • Jon

    Linehan is a POS anyways, what kind of moron interviews for a job and then turns it down, plus hes not even that good.. his loss. now he has to run the Lions lmao

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