Jagodzinksi Gets Interview

Former Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski will interview with 49ers coach Mike Singletary and GM Scot McCloughan for the coordinator job this evening in Mobile, Ala.

According to sources, Jagodzinski has been expressing to the 49ers his interest in the job. There was a National Football Post report last week that Jagodzinski would interview for the position, but the 49ers did not speak with him formally before offering the job to Scott Linehan.

When Linehan turned down the 49ers’ job offer, Jagodzinski came back into play. Jagodzinski and McCloughan know each other from their time together with the Packers. Jagodzinski was the Packers’ tight ends coach from 1999 to 2003. McCloughan was a college scout with the Packers.

Jagodzinski was Packers offensive coordinator in 2006 before moving on to become Boston College’s head coach. He was fired after interviewing for the New York Jets’ head-coaching job against the wishes of Boston College athletic director Gene DeFilippo.

Source: Maiocco

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  • marksmen

    he looks promising i think he has 20 years of experience in college and in the nfl, he helped Matt ryan with a new system he put in for ryan to win the unitas award and manning award. so he aint tht bad

    what u guys think???

  • marksmen…….i agree, best name that has been listed…… Linehan turned us down, so he’s gotta be next…. He’s a WCO guy…… Only thing is he’s a zone-blocking guy… We gotta big line, See how it goes, Staff knows more than me

    Time to get something done!

  • marksmen…..Bill Muir O.C. from Tampa is also an option, dont know if he is on the list!

    MSouza………Have the Jets said they are keeping Shottenheimer?

  • marksmen

    yea exactly, so maybe linehan turing us down was a good move i thought, everything happens for a reason..

  • West

    Very true marksmen…… Time will tell! Sing also has spoke about bringing in a Vet QB….. I could see us bringing in Garcia aka “gotta be one of the most under rated QB’s in the NFL” an drafting a QB in the later rounds to sit and learn…. Drafting a Josh Freeman -Kansas St, Nate Davis – Ball St, Curtis Painter – Purdue or a Grahm Harrell – Texas Tech……..

    As we all know Garcia knows and has been successful in the WCO

  • marksmen

    i dont think we would get garcia back, probably mcnabb we’d get, garcia getting too old tho but he put up decent stat this season for only 12 or 13 games played..we’ll see

  • Jimbo

    ^^^ Really? None of the QBs are going to pan out in the NFL! Why waste a draft pick.

    Unless we go OL I do not see the niners drafting an offensive player with that first pick.

    Too bad Taylor Mays isn’t coming out. Maualuga could be someone to target even though LB is prolly our best position. Could you imagine our defense with Peppers or Haynesworth and a first and second round picks. We would be a top 5 NFC defense.

    Two guys to target for later rounds: WR Ramses Barden from Cal Poly and QB/RB/WR Julian Edelman from Kent St.

  • Rob

    I could see this guy working out. With Dennison & Linehan out of the picture, this guy is my new favorite. I could see this pick being a boom or bust kind of pick. Like maybe it will work great, or maybe it will blow up in our face.

    One drawback to this guy, though – no loyalty. He knew he would get fired from BC, but interviewed anyway. You better believe that, if he is successful, and teams start looking for his services for HC, he will bolt quicker than Norv Turner.

    Still, he is the best person I’ve seen interviewed.

    By the way, West, I totally agree with getting Garcia back. He would be a great backup to Hill. Then, if we draft a QB (and we better), we would have enough depth to let him sit at least a year to let him learn.

  • Mike IN NJ

    This wouldn’t be a bad guy to bring in.. I know there is going to be the feeling of well he screwed B.C. over. Who’s to say if he has success as an OC that he would automatically go. Rumor has it that he wanted to come back to the NFL and knew that more then likely he would only be a OC some place. Now to say that knowing he was going to get fired if he interviewed for the Jets job showed he didn’t care about B.C. is BULL. Sorry but almost any college coach would take the chance of being interviewed for an NFL job. For most the NFL Head coach is there dream. The reason he was fired was because the B.C. AD wants someone there for 5-10 years atleast. That is an unrealistic for most programs who have any success. Whether it be for NFL or for a better or bigger program to come steal away your coach. The fact that he was fired from B.C for me atleast has nothign to do with anything. Personally I don’t think he’d be offered any kind of HC job anyplace for a while atleast until he establishes himself as a NFL OC and one of the better ones.. If he signs its atleast 2-3 years before i could see him going anywhere. BUT all of you sit here going I want an experienced guy and all this.. Well heres a news flash any one with experience will eventually or more then likely interview at some point for a HC spot somewhere.
    Also keep a look at Shottenhiemer from the Jets. He’s there OC but with Rex Ryan taking over that team he may be looking for a new job for all we know. But keep this in mind even if we get a no name guy or little known guy. EVERY OC that has become great or has become a HC eventually started off as a no body who no one ever heard of. Just had the talent for it an they took off. Now its a crap shoot if you get one that could be great or if you find one who bombs(hostler). But sometimes you don’t know until you give them a chance.
    Right now though I’d say this guy could be our best bet. I mean he coached Matty Ryan at BC an this kid looked great for a rookie this season. Can only imagine what he could do with our QBs. And keep in mind he was a College HC last season and that could come in very handy with the draft as he will have seen some talent in game situations and studied more on film. Overall I don’t think he’s a bad guy to look at.

  • West

    Has anyone had a chance to watch the Senoir Bowl Practice…B.J. Raji, Boston College DT is a beast…”Good matchups on Mack”
    I wouldnt mind us grabbing B.J. Raji in the 1st round.

    OPTION A) draft B.J. Raji DT

    F.A…….J. Peppers


    OPTION B) draft LB, Rey Maualuga, USC

    F.A……. J Peppers & Tank Johnson DT

    I really like the thought of J.Smith DE, B.J. Raji, Boston College DT, J. Peppers DE…..LB Lawson,Willis,Spikes,Haralson. “Our Secondary wouldnt be running around all day”!!!!

  • MSouza

    I know a lot has been made about Jagz and his zone blocking scheme, and how it would not work with our O-line, but besides from Gallery and Grove, the Raiders really did not have a prototypical zone blocking linemen, and they still were pretty effective in the run game over the last few years.

    I doubt that if Jagz ends up getting hired that Sing would allow him to implement the zone scheme, but I’m not sure it would be a terrible fit, although I agree our personnel isn’t built for it.

    West, I think Peppers wants to go to a 3-4 to stand up and play rush linebacker, but either way I would love having him.

  • Brummo

    My only concern is that he’s already applying for a head coaching job in the NFL. If he became our OC, I doubt he’d stay long. I mean, we know threatening to fire him if he interviews with another team isn’t going to deter him!

  • Mike IN NJ

    Brummo, you don’t apply for Head Coaching positions. You get called for the interview. It’s not like oh I want to be a HC someplace let me apply for it. Its more of they call you not you call them. And if you wanted to call them there is no guarntee that they even take your call.

  • West

    According to Matt Barrows

    Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, & scout for the Raiders Paul Hackett have been discussed by the 49ers as a candidate for the offensive coordinator position………

    I think i am favoring Jagodzinksi…. Jag would be bringing Steve Logan QB coach with him, which is alot of experience!!