Hue Jackson Added to List of OC Candidates

Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson is a candidate for the 49ers’ offensive coordinator position, it has been learned.
Jackson, 43, has been someone the 49ers have discussed from early in the process after coach Mike Singletary fired Mike Martz on Dec. 30. Jackson became available to pursue as a candidate for the job only after the Ravens lost Sunday in the AFC title game.

It is not known whether the 49ers will interview Jackson at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., but one league source suggested it is a strong possibility.

Source: Maiocco

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  • 9nerfan

    more projects for oc. is there really no one else out there who is proven or what.

  • Jimbo

    It’s getting to the point where I dont even care who the OC is b/c I know we’ll have a different one in 2010.

  • This guy was the Falcons O-Cordinator in 2007 ENOUGH SAID!!!!!

    The Falcons couldnt wait to fire this guy. I say No to this BIG TIME

    R Offense under Jackson as O-Cordinator 1st down run 2nd down run 3rd down pass. Wow I was confused there we are starting to sink again I like Sing but this is getting stupid already just hire someone already. I say hire Jags!!!!!! He brings the west coast offense with him and a QB coach.

  • 49er4life

    List of Ravens QBs: 1) Joe Flacco; 2) Kyle Boller; 3) Trent Dilfer. I mean come the fuck on. If this guy gets the job, then Singletary is cleary incompetent.

  • Blaine

    I like Jackson, I am from the Baltimore area and I think he is solid coordinator, alot better than that piece of trash Linehan. We need to be patient though, and wait for anything new to come up, we are limited on our choices and we need someone proven. I like Dennison of the Denver Broncos, I think he is a solid canindate. What do you think Souza, Ryan the 1st shithead or Danny, or whoever the fuck you create next you crazy bastard! Go to the cowboys Blog Ryan, Souza, Danny you little turds we know you are the same person with your anti-49ers statements, their horseshit!! Joe Gomez and I are tired of all ya’lls bullshit, get off the site! This is 49ers News not Cowboys news you shitheads!

  • 9nerfan

    i havent heard his name for any hc jobs so he might stay awhile. i know he has the style that sing wants. why not get him in for an interview. look what he did in baltimore. his offense wasnt explosive but it got the job done. i know he had that defense but we are couple player from that. a ballhawk saftey and another pass rusher and our defense will be up there. there will be some in free agency and we got the 10 pick. so why not bring billick in.

  • Rob

    Yeah, Jackson was the OC for the Falcons in the wake of the Vick debacle and when Bobby Petrino, who had no control over his players, was the HC. I say he is a good choice. I would be willing to accept him. The fact is, there are no perfect candidates left. So, yes, this guy may be the best option available. But, that said, he did do a great job with Flacco this year. He would be good to have around to help whoever we draft this year. So, if he would be hired, I would be ok with it. I wouldn’t be excited, but I would be ok with it.

  • Lowrance

    It's like they have zero plan for this.

    WTF is taking so long??? Why fire something unless you have a solid plan to replace it???!!!!

    C'MON MIke, kick Mc's sorry ass and HIRE someone that works for YOU!!!!!!!

  • 9nerfan

    brian billick is still out there. he’s a pretty good coordinator. better than the other candidates. why not go after him. wasnt there a rumor of him coming here for the oc position. he has the style that sing is looking for.

  • NinerPaul

    I just as fustrated as everyone else! I look on this and other sites hoping for good news more than I follow my own damn bank account latley and it is fustrating. But like Blaine said lets be patient. I think we have a good foundation players and the strong focus of our head coach to improve personal both coaching and players to move towards “The Vision” as he says. And if Shaun starts he won with both coordinators in the last two years. He’s got a good football decision making mind for the most part. Lets get some facts Shaun 10 games started 7-3. Alex Smiths best year, with Norv turner, I might add, as the coordinator, 16 games 7-9. I think OC is 1/3 of the equasion along with the Head Coach and the players. But I believe we do have a good foundation of focused players from the direction of the head coach. I can feel it, the players are probably beeming with excitement about next year. Especially that the card’s are in the Superbowl. Hmmmmm…. remember that monday night, that win would of given us the same record as them. Also,the first game of the year we sould of won also. I don’t think were that far off….. Go Niners!!! Ok… Lets get back to reality lets fill the OC position…. I think Mike will get the job done…

  • Rob

    Actually, 9erfan, that’s not a bad idea. It’s been a while since Billick was an OC, but why not try him again? Maybe concern that he would leave shortly thereafter to be a HC again? Same with Jon Gruden. The HC positions are all filled now, which means he either becomes an OC, or starts working as a TV analyst or something. So, why not? But, again, maybe it’s because Singletary knows he wouldn’t stick around very long. Still, those are two legitimate names…