Guess Who’s Back… Back Again… Besides Tom Rathman?

James is back people… sorry for the hiatus. I recently moved back to California and upon doing so have been without internet for most of the last month and a half. This dilemma is over and I have since been able to secure a reliable mode of getting online on a consistent basis. Not as though anyone really missed me I’m sure, just wanted to let you guys know that I will once again be more of a constant here at
So another season in the NFL has come and gone, at least for the teams who were not fortunate enough to make an appearance in the postseason festivities that are currently underway in various cities across the country.

For the San Francisco 49ers the events that have transpired since the early parts of September mean that the team, once a proud and highly regarded franchise in the league, has missed the playoffs for a club record sixth consecutive season. Much to the chagrin of the fan base and one would hope the ownership this team has been in complete and utter disarray for most of the last six years; right abut the time in which Dennis Erickson and Terry Donahue took over as head coach and general manager respectively.

There appeared to be a light at the end of the tunnel once the club made amends for their blunder and jettisoned the two men, naming Mike Nolan the new head coach, one who seemingly had a knack for aggressive defenses and had surrounded himself with what seemed like competent assistant coaches. This was also not to be however as has been witnessed since this event took place and the four and a half failed campaigns with Nolan at the helm.

Once again the team seems to have righted itself, at least in the now, as they have recently named one time interim head coach Mike Singletary as head coach with a new 4-year contract that will pay the man 10 million dollars over that span. This was the right move on all accounts and one would be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with that sentiment. Singletary compiled a 5-4 record in his late season stint calling the shots from the sideline and his ability to rally his players and their overall trust in him were both likely key to him securing such a position.

All signs seem to point to changes for the better with Singletary in control and we need look no further then the recent news that he has interviewed and hired former 49ers fullback and running backs coach Tom Rathman for the same position which the genius Erickson removed him from upon the end of his first season in San Francisco. The new head coach as made it quite apparent that he intends to instill a more powerhouse offensive style which will set up the pass, a return to the conventional wisdom and philosophy of the late, great Bill Walsh. “I want to be able to impose our will on the other team at the end of games,” said Singletary.

In order to accomplish this he first removed offensive coordinator Mike Martz from his post almost immediately after the season concluded. This was viewed by some to be a hasty and altogether negative move being that the team will soon be introducing it’s sixth OC in as many season, something many pundits have pointed to as a major reason for the teams lack of success in recent years. This was however a decisive shift in coaching personnel, one which I believe will pay dividends in the end for the organization.

There are many questions which have yet to be answered since the 49ers last game on December 28th. Can Singletary hire a good offensive coordinator, someone who can and will install his offensive vision and philosophy with this team? Will he have the ability to effectively evaluate talent when free agency and the draft arrive in the coming months? Is he going to be an effective leader for his team and continue what he has started in the second half of this season? There is no way to answer these questions with any true form of certainty however if his performance over the nine games he coached are any indication, a time in which he truly earned his position, then he has a better shot at attaining these goals then anyone else the team could have hired to succeed him.

  • 9nerfan

    welcome back james. about time huh

  • 9nerfan

    james,i know its kinda early but just wanted to know who you think we should draft. i looked at some mock drafts and they got us picking stafford which i personally dont like. i rather have taylor mays from usc. just wanted to get your opinion

  • SaMoaN_NiNeR_FaN

    yo draft REY MAUALUGA

  • Billy

    Perhaps we can get the power runningback in Micheal Bush if the Raiders get stupid and trade him to us for right price plus we got Rathman even more reason it may be possible, well its a thought

  • I wouldn't be surprised if they take Ray M. in the draft…he is VERY smash mouth and that is what Singletary likes. Not saying that it WILL happen, but I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL.


    welcome home #44 we missed you!!!!!!!

  • junebug408

    Good to have you back james. do you happen to have or know where i can go to see the 49ers-Redskins highlights? not the short version though. as long as the 9er-jets highlights you got posted.

  • 9nerfan

    rey would be good but we could resign takeo cuz he wants to come back. im o.k with takeo and patrick playing side by side. but if we get a ball hawk safety, our defense would be great. look at baltimore with ed reed. i mean i wouldnt be mad if we get rey but i rather would have taylor mays. 6’3″ 230 runs a 4.30 40. damn. just having him back there would give recievers second thoughts of catching the ball or qb throwing the ball on his side. thats already an advantage to the defense. or terrance cody from alabama. either one would be a big upgrade

  • James

    Jim, you took the words right out of my mouth… I would love to see the team draft Orakpo. He could be the pass rusher we need. A defense with him added would be very hard to attack.

    I cannot see any scenerio where the 49ers draft a quarterback in the first round. I could be wrong of course but I just don't see it happening.

    Thanks for the welcome back guys… as you know this time of year is especially slow but we'll get some discussions going as we lead into the combine, free agency and draft. Also as other teams lose in the playoffs perhaps the OC position will begin to take shape.

  • Lowrance

    Welcome back James…now burn that Dodger cap!

  • Welcome back, James!

    Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas.

  • ninerfaithful



    Lowrance…..Amen. Welcome back James, I wanted your insight on the Martz firing. I for one thought it was a good move. Gomez and I were debating back and forth for a while, I just wanted your take on it, you were a little vague in your article.

  • joe gomez

    We interviewed the WR coach from Indy for the OC job (yeah theyre not a pass happy offense..haha) The guys name is Clyde. His name should be an automatic disqualification. He has been an NFL offensive coordinator once before, calling plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2001. That team finished 26th in the NFL in total offense (15th passing, 30th rushing). 30th in rushing and this bum is getting interviewed. Why in the fuck are we wasting our time with this guy? We shouldnt interview people who couldnt even be Martz's water boy.

  • Medford

    I dont know none of these guys are better than Martz was. Even Linehan isnt that great and the Browns O-Cordintor hmmm the Browns didnt score a TD the last few games of the season and I know they were starting there 3rd string and 4th string QB's but come on where was there power running game? They had Cribbs (return guy) lined up as running back alot of times. Im hopeful that Sing will find the right guy I trust him a whole hell alot more than I trust McClueless.

    Note to McClueless for the draft this year draft guys we need right now and draft a QB. Rachel did turn out to be good but just think if Nolan stayed we would never see him.

  • Medford
  • James

    I see Linehan as being a good OC candidate simply because he has been adept at this position in the past. Under Linehan the Vikings offense did well.

    2002: #2 overall

    2003: #1 overall

    2004: #4 overall

    Not to shabby in my opinion. Here is an excerpt from the Rams site about Linehan when he was hired as head coach there.

    Linehan was offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach for the Minnesota Vikings from 2002-2004. The Vikings’ offense ranked second, first and fourth respectively during his tenure. Quarterback Daunte Culpepper’s 110.9 passer rating in 2003 was fourth-highest in NFL history. The Vikings scored 290 points the year before Linehan joined them 390, 416, and 405 in three Linehan’s three seasons.

    Sure, there was much different personnel in Minnesota, mainly Culpepper in his prime (if he even had one) but Linehan turned Michael Bennett into a 1200 yard rusher. I can only imagine what he could do with Gore. In 2003 the Vikings had Moe Williams as their leading rusher with only 745 yards yet they still had the #1 overall offense in the league. Of course Moss had 1632 yards receiving and in reality this most likely won't happen in San Francisco next season however I would feel confident with Linehan as OC going into next season.

  • James

    I have been behind this move since it happened and all I can say is that if Singletary is serious about getting back to a more smashmouth style, one in which the teams running game can REALLY get back on track then this is a great move.

    The one thing I will say (and this has been the consensus on the Holics) the move should not have happened unless the team had someone in mind who is better then Martz and whose efforts will shine through on the field in 2009.

  • joe gomez

    Welcome back James. I agree with you, shouldnt have done it unless they had someone in mind specifically. I dont think they do. Sing has said he has a long list and they were going to go thru that list one by one. People like Clyde, the WR coach who hasnt done shit is on that list. Ive said it over and over and over again, why in the fuck would we get rid of Martz if we didnt have anybody significantly better in mind? I hope this doesnt turn out to be another experiment that goes bad. If we start 0-6 what do we do with Sing then? I know everyone, from ownership to players to fans were praising Sing for getting the players motivated for the games and churned out a decent record. Instead of making that quick emotional hiring out of our “feel good” win, maybe we shouldve of sat down and talked to several coaches including Sing and made a decision after. A guy I wanted to atleast talk to was Shanahan.

  • James

    Thanks Joe. It’s great to be back!

    It was to late at that point Joe, the team had already named Sing head coach. I understand you know this and your point was that they should have waited to name a head coach until after doing an extensive search. However hasn’t this been one of the issues of the York regime? They have run two lengthy head coaching searches that have yieled coaches who in their departures left much to be desired? In naming Singletary head coach they avoided that and allow him to get his staff and plan going much faster.

    Also not naming him for the job would have created more problems then not. Think about it Joe, after his performance over the last nine games, his ability to connect with the players and gain their trust, and the affect it had on the fanbase, Sing earned the job. I believe that he is going to be the best head coach this team has had since Mariucci was fired. Although that is not really saying much when compared against Erickson and Nolan.

  • Hector Martinez

    James! I.m tired of being politicaly correct and going with popular belief, I am a realist!! Linehan and the other interviewing coaches are too risky to take the chance on. I am with Joe Gomez, stop wasting our time with these mediocre coaches, Linehan in my opinion is in the same class as Martz, and I am sorry James we need some Progressive moves for immediate change, we need a high calibur proven coach, from a winning team that’s consistent, from the Elite, from a team like the Patriots, Cowboys, or the Giants, we need a coach that has a proven sucessful track record, not this stagnent incosistent shit that is not from a proven team. I’m not sure about you James, but I’m tired of being stuck up our asses, so I want to unstick ourselfs, and go back to the promise land, fast, I don’t have time for this experiment, iffy shit! This is the championship 49ers, and we need the best!, not table scraps! We need to win now Damnit!

  • Los Banos Jerry

    On monday there will be 4 more teams out of the playoffs. And more

    interview possibilities.


    Joe…I understand your frustration, really I do.

    I pay 2 grand a year for season tickets, another $250 a year for parking, God knows how much $$ for beer, hot dogs and all that crap. Not to mention all the time I spend traveling back and forth to the games (which really isn't that much being that I live in SF). Plus all the jerseys, hats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, memorabilia, dvds, posters, autographs, and every other fucking thing the 49ers have to offer. My wife says we could buy a house in Hillsborough with all the money I've spent on that team. And lately, you're right, I've been supremely disappointed. There have been brief moments where I've wanted to throw all that shit in the dumpster. But I can't. I won't.

    I don't think McCloughan is the sharpest knife in the drawer. But he's the GM. I think Jed is young and inexperienced but he's the man, that's it. It's not a democracy, no matter how bad we want it to be. We all need to remember that Eddie was 31 when he took over. It's all about hiring the right people which Jed made a good first step with Singletary. I believe you're opinion of Jed will change with time. After all, I'll take Jed over John any day of the week. As for the Martz thing, well you know how I feel about that. Good riddance. As for not having a backup, well I think that Singletary felt that Martz wasn't the answer, and that there were alot of candidates available now or that will be available soon that would adhere to what Sing wants to do with this team better than Mike Martz could.

  • joe gomez

    I just know that if our new OC doesn't improve our offense and we end up Kings of "3 & outs" again than we would be the laughing stock of the NFL for getting rid of an OC who did improve our offense and has Super Bowl credentials. I hope it doesn't happen. I am so fucking sick of replacing OC's and going backwards. This better be the last for some time. By the way who was saying the Cowgirls are an elite team?

  • joe gomez

    oh ok I saw who it was. Hopefully he was referring to the 90's

  • 9erguy

    Chud the fucking Dud, Clyde whats his name nobody from the Colts, man if these are the kinds of people were looking at, were in a whole world of trouble.

  • joe gomez

    Thats what ive been trying to say. If we dont land somebody better than Martz were gonna have a whold bunch of pissed off Niner fans. Il be the first one line to blame everything on McClueless and the rich brat, they are the ones who are really behind all this. Anyone who thinks Sing has complete control over everything is sadly mistaken.


    I can't believe these fucking Cardinals. It's the beginning of the 2nd quarter and they're up 14-7. Against who I thought was one of the best teams in the NFC. WOW. Goes to show that once you're in the playoffs, anything could happen.

  • joe gomez

    Hector. Damn dude now you sound like a frustrated 49ers faithful who is so fucking sick of all this losing. You you should sound off more. I’m just as pissed as you are and tired of these high draft choices. I want to pick last damn it! I think James brought up a good point though. The players & most fans already made up their mind on Sing and Sing, along with McClueless
    and the kid made up their minds on Martz. Martz was Nolans guy all along and Sing has to bring in somebody that’s a proven winner. Linehan has that record and all the other names that has been mentioned so far would be an experiment. So let’s compare the two, Linehan and Martz. Both had high rated offenses. Both had offenses that dominated in the pass game and had atleast one dominant rusher. (Except the one year where Linehan didn’t have a thousand yard rusher which James pointed out). I would say they are pretty close as far as the resume. The only difference to me is Martz has something that Linehan doesn’t have.


  • joe gomez

    The problem Hector is this….. What other names are really out there?


    You call the Cowboys “elite”? What a joke. They haven’t won a fucking playoff game in 12 years. They have a bunch of selfish individuals trying to play as a team. Ain’t gonna happen. I’d much rather be in our situation than theirs. To be talked about all year as the best team in football then get embarrassed and go down in flames, I was laughing my ass off at those bitches.


    Take a line from Rathman’s book: When asked about scoring a touchdown in a Superbowl, “It didn’t really matter that much to me (scoring a touchdown). I mean I could be throwing a block on a play, the bottom line is WIN, AND WIN AS A TEAM.”

    The bottom line is we have what we have and that’s it. We could either be behind Singletary and what he’s doing, or we can bitch and moan about what “we” think should have happened. I’m hoping our complaining days are coming to and end with Singletary as captain of this ship. The guy doesn’t know how to fail.

  • West

    AXEGRINDER……..Said perfectly!

  • joe gomez

    Hate to say it but I am fucking jealous of the Cards. We need what they got. 2 stud RB's, 2 stud WR's, a stud QB who throws down the field and a pretty solid defense to go with that.

    Someday hopefully in a few years we will be able to say the same. Until then our future is in the hands of McIdiot & Young Yorky. An unproven but motivated coach is our best hope.


    I read a Browns fan’s comment on Chudinski. This guy’s offense didn’t score a touchdown for 23 quarters. His offense was the epitomy of predictable.

    Thanks for coming, have a nice day, get the fuck out of here.

  • joe gomez

    Axegrinder… said well but I think the reason of having this site is not to bitch but to discuss every single possiblity to make us better and to give opinions about certain moves our team is making. If its a good call then we login on here and approve. If its a bad call then we get on here and type our opinion. Thats all. We are all die hard Niner fans or we wouldnt be on this site. We are all sick of fucking losing every mother fuckin year. Im so sick im about to throw up red and gold all over my laptop. I want this team to succeed so bad so if I see a fucked up decision or fucked up call or fucked up play then im going to give my opinion on the matter. Personally I think we shouldn’t have let go Martz until we had somebody ready who is better or atleast equal to step in. Having a long list and interviewing “bums” is not a good sign to me. Im behind Sing dont get me wrong, but I sure in the fuck am not behind McClueless or The York Kid. The Kid I dont feel is ready and McClueless and just a retard and thats my opinion. If you have a different opinion then post it and we will share our views as faithful Niner fans.

  • joe gomez

    Los Banos Jerry.. where you been buddy? I dont see Adam49 on here anymore either.

  • Linehan I can live with, Norv I would love to come back, but this Chud whatever the hell his name is would be a ridiculous hiring. Hopefully Singletary REALLY gets to chose the OC because I am with Medford and the Axegrinder… hell with Scott McClueless!!!!


    Kings of “3 and outs”? That will NEVER happen again. Not while Singletary’s in charge. That was Mike Nolan’s fault. He’s in the rear view mirror now. We won’t have to witness history like that anymore. 2007 was an fluke. Let the fudgePackers worry about him. I want to forget that season ever existed. Shaun Hill can go out and draw plays in the dirt and have better success than 2007.

  • James

    Well if San Diego takes a loss this weekend then I would not be surprised to see Turner let go and at that point it would be time to snag him up fast… that would put an end to all of this pretty fast.

  • joe gomez

    I understand Taylor Mays is a pretty fast safety and ive heard several people here want to take him with the #10 pick. NFL Network doesnt even rate him as a top 5 safety. The top 5 according to NFL Network are:

    1) Rashad Johnson
    2) Louis Delmas
    3) William Moore
    4) Curtis Taylor
    5) Deangelo Smith

    As far as the “3 and out” subject, if we screw around and interview and hire a guy who has zero credibility than can easily happen again. This hiring is so crucial, if we fuck this up we pretty throw another season down the fucking toilet!

  • joe gomez

    James, I think either Linehan or Turner would be a successful hiring. Anybody with a proven winning resume and solid credentials.
    Anybody equal or better than Martz would be successful. Anybody else would be a disaster. We interviewed a nobody the other day. Hopefully its just for show.

  • TDawg

    Chud…..Da Dud, 23 straight quarters without a TD. He stuck by Derek Anderson while Brady Quinn sat. Folks here in Cleveland will pay for his bs ticket out of town. A one year wonder. I mean 23 quarterds without a TD???? That says it all. And please no excuses about injuries. Thed Browns offense was soooo predictable.

  • McClueless better snag Housh with a GREAT draft class or he is REALLY going to start looking like HE HAS NO IDEA what he is doing!

  • joe gomez

    Ryan, I don’t think Axe hates McIdiot as much as you think he does. I hate the stuttering bitch with a fucking passion. Axe doesn’t think he’s very sharp but is content of his GM position. This bitch should have been fired with Nolan and we shouldve gotten a GM with a nose for talent. Since the ownership is also fucked that didn’t happen. I know the day will come when we get rid of this loser, until then I’m going to keep calling it as I see it. He’s a worthless excuse for a GM. I’d give his job to Holmgren or Shanahan in a second.

  • Los Banos Jerry

    I think that Chudzinski might be a very good hire for two reasons.

    go to his history as Frank Gores OC at
    Miami, could prove to help. Very good blog. the 2nd reason is we
    might be able to keep him around for more than 1 year. His brother
    was the Head Coach at Boston College until he got fired this week
    for interviewing for the Jets job.

    His bio is quite impressive. I like both Linenhan and Turner, but
    I don’t think that they are long term solutions.

  • joe gomez

    Yea sometimes the truth gets stale don't it? Why should we accept losers Axe? Nothing wrong with getting mad at idiots. But move on I will.

    Chargers are making too many mistakes. It will be Ravens vs. Steelers in the AFC Championship game and Eagles vs. Cards in the NFC Championship.


    Joe, you misunderstood what I meant……I never said I was content with Mclueless as the GM. I said the simple fact is that HE IS THE GM. I’m tired of wasting energy hating everybody all the time. I would give his job to Holmgren or Shanahan in a second also. But it doesn’t matter what we would do, does it? McClueless has made some good calls, as well as some bad ones (Alex Smith being the BIGGEST blunder). Things could be worse, I mean we could have a Matt Millen type.

    What I wish would have happened was for Jed to get someone with a football mind in the “team president” role. That way Mclueless would have someone with a football experience to answer to. But they named Jed president so to hell with that idea.

    Everyone on here has their opinions and that’s great, but remember what Clint Eastwood said about opinions. I’m just trying to accept who we have and remain positive. The 2nd half of the ’08 season is more reason for positivity than we have had in 6 years. The world is full of fucking haters, I’m just not going to be one of ’em anymore. I’m going to see how this upcoming season plays out before I start revolting.

  • joe gomez

    Well I’m not going to accept what we have because I can’t accept nothing but the best for our team. Do I have the power to change it? Ofcourse I don’t. But I guarantee I will bash any idiot who threatens to keep us out of the playoff. Clint I’d right opinions are like assholes everyone has one. That’s the beauty of this site though, if nobody gave their opinion and just “accepted” everything the way things are then this site would be empty and worthless. McIdiot is a fucking idiot and the more people will say it the better chance of his ass leaving. He’s had more fucked up decisions than he’s had good ones. Il give credit to him for Willis and Gore but other than that he’s been a fuck up. Desean Jackson for example, everyone was saying we didn’t need him. The guy couldve stretched the field for us and was available in the 2nd round which was a steal. But no we picked Balmer and Chilo who barely did anything for us. Well now after a good season Desean is now tearing it up in the playoff and is about to play in the NFC Championship. FUCK McIdiot! I will say it until he’s gone. You accept idiots like him, I choose otherwise.


    This shit is getting stale. It was actually stale a long time ago. Next topic please.

    I can’t have the Steelers get their 6th Superbowl. I’m rooting against their asses.

  • Mike in MD

    I just read this from a NFPost article. Jordan Gross has MISSED 1 START IN 5 YEARS. That is PHENOMENAL!! He's the anti-JJ.

    If Carolina neither signs Gross or Peppers to a new contract one will be available in FA. The other should be franchised. Deadline to use the franchise tag is in mid-February. WE SHOULD GO AFTER ONE OF THESE 2 HARD!!

    Per NFPost: Carolina took care of one of its big priorities, signing cornerback Chris Gamble to a mega-deal late in the season, with over $20M guaranteed, but now has some serious issues. Its two premier players at premier positions – tackle Jordan Gross (who has missed one start in five years) and defensive end Julius Peppers (with 14.5 sacks this year) – will no longer be under contract at the end of February unless something happens. That something can be a franchise tag for one of them, but obviously not both. Whom to tag? That depends on how negotiations progress with each as we head toward the mid-February tag date.

  • joe gomez

    I would rather have the sack specialist. Haven't had one since Haley. We can try to fix that RT spot thru the draft. Peppers would be a great addition!

  • joe gomez

    I would rather have Peppers. We havent had a sack specialist on our team since Haley. We can probably find a good lineman thru the draft. If we cant get Peppers than try to get that lineman but Peppers would be a great addition!

  • joe gomez

    Man we havent had a sack specialist since Haley. If we can get Peppers that would be a dream come true!

  • joe gomez

    Sorry for the reposts, thought it didnt go thru, guess it did.

  • joe gomez

    Mike we need Peppers! He’s still got some left in the tank and we haven’t has a stud pass rusher since Haley years ago. We can solve that RT position thru the draft. I know we can’t get both so I’d rather get the sack specialist.

  • jerseyniner


  • Mike in MD

    Reminder: Gross has MISSED 1 START IN 5 YEARS (It's actually 6 looking this up on THAT'S FREAKIN' PHENOMENAL. He's a starter in the Pro Bowl this year & has been named the starter on the ALL PRO team.

    In his Rookie year in 2003 Carolina started him off at right tackle where he only ALLOWED 3 SACKS! He was solid at RT for their Super Bowl run that year when they won it. And as a Rookie NEVER MISSED A SNAP. That year as a rookie he was selected again as an All Pro. This guys work ethic sounds undeniably solid. I don't see him wasting anyone's money at all. I predict he will be highly productive for any team.

  • James

    Mike, Carolina never won the Super Bowl… they lost to New England 14-6 that season. No worries, just was not sure where you found that info.

    On Peppers I am not sold nor do I think that 49ers are. I would much rather draft someone like Orakpo and have him for years to come, also he is of course younger then Peppers and will have many more productive seasons ahead of him then Peppers at this point.

    Joe, as much as I agree that there should be someone else in place other then McCloughan, believe me when I say that no amount of complaing and no matter how many people feel the same, the front office is not going to cut him loose with that in mind. If it were that easy, Nolan would have never been retained to start last season. He is going to have to fail to field another winner for at least one more season before they fire him. Again though, as Axe said, he has made some good moves as well as some bad ones… we'll see how the offseason and 2009 regular season progress. I do feel that he might be on a short leash however, especially if Holmgren and Shanahan take a year off and are ready to come back in 2010.

  • Mike in MD

    I always thought highly of Peppers. Hell yeah we need a stud pass rusher. This Panthers blogger got me thinking ’cause I don’t follow that team. Here’s what he had to say about Peppers…

    January 12, 2009 / 5:00 pm / If I’m another NFL franchise you don’t want Julius Peppers. He is like Hancock. A superhero with strength and speed, but he never shows up…unless you play the Lions or the Cheifs. He pads his stats against bad tackles and is no where to be found against even a decent O-line. Just look at the tape of the Panther/Bronco game and see how Denver’s rookie tackle pushed him all around.

    Anyone know if there’s any truth to this?? Possible smokescreen to push away potential buyers??

    Did a little research: Peppers sack numbers since 2002….

    2008 – 14.5
    2007 – 2.5
    2006 – 13
    2005 – 10.5
    2004 – 11
    2003 – 7
    2002 – 12


    How’s their OFFENSIVE LINES?? I think Peppers lines up at RIGHT DE. If that’s so he’s going up against left tackles. Dunno the quality of this divisions LT’s. Still he’s lining up week in, week out vs the opposing teams best tackle.

    Peppers had a down year in 2007 & average in 2003. But in these past 7 years he’s had over 10 SACKS IN 5 OF THOSE. So based on these numbers I’d have to say Peppers is a solid pass rusher & don’t know what’s with all the hate by this blogger.


    Peppers is an established pass rusher & he seems solid. It’s a toss up for me. I’d be psyched getting ANY ONE of these guys!!!!

  • Mike in MD

    My bad James. I don't know what I was thinking. Just a brain fart. Yeah they were IN it (SB) but didn't win it.

    Check out Everett Brown/FL STATE if you get a chance. He's my choice for OLB pass rusher. He's climbing up the charts fast & is a top 10 on some updated mocks. (I don't know much about Orapko.) In fact Walter's scouting has Brown as the #2 rated pass rusher behind Orapko. Brown has never missed a game in college. I don't think Orapko makes it to #10.


    1 highlight clip on Brown:

  • Mike in MD

    James – if you paste a link, does the whole post get lost sometimes?? I just sent one a few minutes ago.

    Yeah my bad on the Carolina deal. They were in it (SB) but didn't win it. Had a brain fart.

    If you get a chance check out Everett Brown. He's my choice for pass rush OLB. Walter's scouting updated their site & he's now their #2 rated pass rusher behind Orapko. I don't think Orapko makes it to #10. (I don't know much about Orapko.) I sent a highlight link on Brown but it never made it. Brown's never missed a game in college & has great stats. Great 1st step, explosive, has solid repertoire of pass rush moves (all very effective) + defends the run well. Every fan I've heard from who's watched FL STATE says he's been a beast all year long. Great character guy as well.

  • Mike in MD

    Sorry for the double post.

  • Talking about Gross IS amusing, but a moot point if they choose to not bring Jake Delhomme back. If they don't bring him back then they will be able to get Peppers AND Gross. Gross WOULD BE EXACTLY what the niners need and I hope I am really wrong about this one, but I don't think Gross leaves Carolina.

  • West

    Mike in MD… hammer on the nail, Everett Brown is a BEAST…. im a fan, the guy has speed an can get to the QB….Personally I would like to see the 9ers make a run an sign Peppers, i know Orapko is younger but for '1" i dont see him there for us, "2" if Orapko is there for us i like Peppers. Peppers has been proven an can be a Immediate Impact… It takes most D-Linemen a year or so to catch on! Picture this Smith an Peepers putting pressure an a ballhawking FS T. Mays "opion" dat can also lay down the hammer! Two hammers in the Secondary M. Lewis an T. Mays…. Im getting to Excited over here let me slow my role!

    T. Mays 10th overall

  • Samra

    Sadly Taylor mays is not coming out this year i say we trade down and draft BJ Raji from boston college to play NT

  • West

    Mays has decided to return to Southern California for his senior season!! "This news sucks"………Samra not a bad idea trading down gettting extra pick an signing BJ Raji…..also wouldnt mind grabbing "safe pick" ILB USC Rey Maualuga…..

  • joe gomez

    14.5 sacks last year, picking Peppers would be the smarter choice. He is PROVEN and these so called studs coming out of college are somewhat of a gamble. Lets say we pick the kid Orapko with our number ten and he turns out to be a dud, man would we be looking stupid. I would welcome a proven pass rusher and I think a new start with another team would make Peppers even better. As far as McIdiot James, yea I keep hearing that the dumbfuck had some good moves as well. Only the bad ones outweigh the good BIG TIME. I will give him Willis and Gore as his good moves. Dont know what else good hes done but youll be reaching hard as that point.

  • Billy

    Regarding Mcidiot of course we dont want his dumb ass over here, I like his concepts and he has hit gold with Willis and Gore but Alex Smith is a bust no buts or ifs about it, Vernon Davis is a good blocker with speed but bad hands he sucks for a 1st round pick him and Walker are about par. Mcidiot made a big mistake in last years draft I mean all our picks suck except Morgan and Rachal (who was a reach in the 2nd). I hope hes on a short leash cause I dont want him just like everyone else.

    Mack Sanchez is a dud Im a USC fan and Im more into Graham Harrell as a project QB, disappointed Mays isnt coming out I thought we had him for sure, we shouldnt trade down I think we are in a good spot and should let things play out.

    I want either Boldin, Bryant, Peppers, or Gross as FA pick up but I wouldnt mind Crabtree if hes at the 10th spot, from now to the combine anything can happen, just hope its all positive for the franchise.

    Hey James you think theres an chance the Chargers may release Turner because this OC search sucks so far, Linahan is the somewhat solid option out of all of them.


    Scot McCloughan Grades per Player:

    '05 DRAFT (by round)

    1 Alex Smith F

    2 David Baas B-

    3 Frank Gore A

    3 Adam Snyder C+

    5 Ronald Fields C

    5 Racheed Marshal F

    6 Derek Johnson WHO?

    7 D. Holly WHO?

    7 Marcus Maxwell D

    7 P. Estes F

    7 Billy Bajema C

    '06 DRAFT

    1 Vernon Davis C-

    1 Manny Lawson C+

    3 Brandon Williams F- (I hated that guy)

    4 Michael Robinson B-

    5 Parys Haralson B

    6 Delanie Walker B

    6 Marcus Hudson D

    6 Melvin Oliver D

    7 Vikiel Vaughn WHO?

    '07 DRAFT

    1 Patrick Willis A

    1 Joe Staley B+

    3 Jason Hill B

    3 Ray McDonald C+

    4 Jay Moore WHO?

    4 D. Goldson B-

    4 Joe Cohen WHO?

    5 Tarell Brown B?

    6 Thomas Clayton ?????

    '08 DRAFT

    1 Kentwan Balmer D

    2 Chilo Rachal B-

    3 Reggie Smith ????

    4 Cody Wallace WHO?

    6 Josh Morgan B+

    These grades are my own worthless opinion. I gave them based on the round they were drafted in and the amount of playing time they saw.

    FREE AGENTS (the ones I can remember in no particular order)

    Jonas Jennings F-

    Michael Lewis B-

    Allen Rossum B+

    Nate Clements B+

    Takeo Spikes B+

    Walt Harris B

    Shaun Hill B+

    DeShaun Foster C+

    Justin Smith A-

    Dontarrius Thomas WHO?

    Tully Banta-Cain D

    Isaac Bruce A-

    A. Franklin C

    Barry Sims C-

    Donald Strickland B-

    Dominique Zeigler B

    I think McCloughan has better luck on the free agent market than the draft. We also will never know how much influence Nolan had or didn't have on any of these pick-ups.

    If fans around the league were to grade their own GM, MOST of their lists would probably look very similar to this one. The main problem with the 49ers over the last couple of years isn't so much a lack of talent, it's the lack of a proper coach who has the ability to motivate, and an instability on the offensive side of the ball. I'm not trying to defend Scot McCloughan, I'm just trying to say that Patrick Willis and Frank Gore aren't the only good decisions he has made. There is also a shitload of bad ones, too. Show me a GM in the NFL that has hit a homerun on every draft choice and every free agent pickup. Nobody can, because there just isn't any.

  • Mike in MD

    Pretty accurate grades Axe. F- that's hilarious!



    Just imagine this should have been 4 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the books. If everything would have gone to plan (right guy, surround him with solid pieces, proper coaching & mentoring, etc) he should be a legit stud VET QB by now who has arrived. But noooooo, this has set us back another 3 years minimum. At least we're not the only ones who's had these problems. (See Boller in Baltimore, Young & Leinart struggling with their teams but both still have a chance, Campbell who just deteriorated downhill the last half of with the Skins, etc.) We need to get that sore spot right this time for damn sure & learn from those mistakes.

  • Samra

    Alrite Mark Sanchez just announced he’s going pro i say we pounce on him like a tiger on a helpless baby deer if Sanchez is around at pick 11.

  • Mike in MD

    The NFP finally put out a Draft section that includes both their past & present articles. Great stuff.

    West – this is for you my Draft junkie brotha!!

  • I would not be happy if we used the #1 pick on Sanchez he aint no Manning or Brady thats for sure he aint even Matt Cassel. I wouldnt be suprised if we took a RB with that first pick. It makes all the sense in the world doesnt it. Hey Axe nice list you put up there but one mistake Daven Holly was a pretty good CB before he got hurt this year he is on the Browns now.


  • joe gomez

    Axe, agree with most of your grades. I wouldve graded Rachal, Robinson, and Staley a little lower than what you had. Rachal just hasnt played enough and didnt stand out that much. I give him a C. Robinson is ok at best. Doesnt break any tackles. Speed is average. To be honest, I would like to see him released if Clayton can prove hes a better blocker, hes definitely a better runner. I give Robinson a C. You gave Staley a B plus, just dont see it. Hes not overpowering anybody, hes not bad and hes not great, I give him a C plus. Kentwan Balmer has been a joke, I rate him as a F minus minus. As far as FA’s, Barry Sims rates a fucking double FF. Shaun Hill is a C plus. Clements is a C plus. Man your too easy on these guys. As far as GM’s goes, yea alot of them dont hit on everything but you think with the fucking #1 overall you would get a decent pick. He totally screwed that up along with Nolan. Not to blame everything on McIdiot because Nolan had alot to do with that shit too. Thats why I said they BOTH should of been fired!