Update: Reeves to Cowboys

Update: According to ESPN Dan Reeves has been in discussions with the Dallas Cowboys about a consultant’s role. Reeves informed the 49ers on Monday he likely would be taking a consultant position with the Cowboys.

01.23.09 – You are the next contestant on the OC list. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting the Niners have scheduled an interview with legendary coach Dan Reeves for their vacant offensive coordinator position, FOXSports.com has learned.

Reeves is scheduled to interview in the next 24 hours, multiple league sources said.

Adam Schefter is reporting the he believes Reeves could be hired as soon as this weekend.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • MSouza

    Love the move, I know he is a run first kind of coach but when he had Vick he showed some aptitude for shaking things up. I love the thought of bringing him out of retirement. Sing is making some really impressive moves.

  • 9nerfan

    i love it. i hope he signs.

  • Danny

    I am really not sure if I want Reeves? To the people that are happy with Reeve's, can you tell me why? I wasn't wanting Linehan(spelling), but what about the Jeff Jagodzinski? People are worried if we hired him, he would leave in a couple years. Dan Reeves, come on! Oh yeah, there are a few articles on Vick to the Niners, if that happens I am no longer going to be a 49er fan.

  • Doc Iac

    screw vick…i hope he never plays again…im with danny…let dallas take him, they take all the ex-cons, hes a piece of shit

    as for reeves…im fine with it as long as hes gonna stay and not take a head coachin job next yr

  • RedandGold

    F*** the boys in blue!!!!

    Lets get this done!! Good job Sing, the haters are just coming by the dozen.

    Red and Gold till the day I go!!!!

  • 9nerfan

    he has the experience. he knows what it takes to win. he's better than the other names thrown our way for oc. i hope he does sign. and linehan signed with lions for their oc job. haha. i rather have reeves calling the plays anyways.

  • Jimbo

    Old man reeves, interesting.

  • DcNinerFan

    Hmmmm, I’m not sure how to feel about this… I suppose on one hand it COULD be a great tool to develop future QB prospects, but on the other hand, why has no one else gone after him?

  • Rob

    Huh? Dan Reeves? What the heck is going on here? This guy hasn’t coached in forever. I thought he retired.

    This is getting ridiculous. It’s going on four weeks now since Singletary was hired. While other new coaches easily appoint their coordinators, we’re here looking at Dan Reeves. I have to admit that I am starting to lose faith in Singletary.

  • Niner Pundit

    I’m all behind this. Hope Reeves gets it. I also updated the article to report Adam Schefter believes Reeves will be hired over the weekend.

    Nolan should have hired Reeves when he first got the job.

  • West

    They better not play with me……danm i feel good!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN SING

  • West

    Niner Pundit THANKS FOR THE NEWS!

  • L.G

    Dan decent coach in league, he has gone to the Super Bowl with Denver and Atlanta. Never could win though??? I just don’t care for his style of offense but he would fit Sing. style. Run on 1st and second down then throw on third down. Conservative football rely mainly on defense and control the clock. Starting to miss Martz…

  • Brummo

    Man, I didn’t know Singletary was THIS serious about returning to “Old School” football. 😛

    Seriously though, I think it would be great to have Reeves as our OC. The man knows football. Period. Let’s bring him in!

  • West

    We would be bringing in alot of WINNERS into our coaching staff…… Reeves 4 S.B. Sing has a Ring…Rathman 2 Rings…Jerry Sullivan… R. Dent to help out ……..Some good leaders that we havent had in awhile!! Great way to get players to believe an play hard…..

  • Rob

    Ok, what I wrote above was my knee jerk reaction to this. Upon further thought, however, I have considerably changed my mind. Why? Because my wife and her family are all raging Steelers fans. And, I admit that I respect the Steelers and how that organization consistently performs well. And, one of their keys to success in recent years has been Dick LeBeau. The guy is in his 70s, but he runs a defense that is consistently one of the best in the league. But, no one wants to look at the guy for a HC job because he is already past retirement age. Why hire a guy for your HC when he is due to retire any year now? So, the Steelers get one of the best defenses in the league every year with no threat to their defensive mastermind.

    Could Dan Reeves be the offensive equivalent to Dick LeBeau? If so, Mike Singletary is the best coach in the league. So, I’m kind of excited about this prospect now. However, there is a good chance the guy will be out of touch, will suck, and we will be looking for yet another OC next year. But, I have a feeling this could be a very good thing.

  • Jimbo


    Impressive moves? WTF are you talking about? He fired one of the best offensive minded coaches of all time and hasn’t replaced him!

    Singletary has been anything but impressive.

  • West

    Reeve’s is n Santa Clara!!!

  • ?????

    MICHAEL VICK ON THE NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Blaine

    Excellent move! Danny, Ryan the first turd and the rest of your multiple Cowboy undercover shithead screenames, we know you want to prevent progress, but I am sorry to say Singletary wants to bring back the tradition the legacy that we had in the 80’s and 90’s so get ready you punks. Dan Reeves, has experience and although he has not won the big game as a coach he knows what it takes to get their. We need winners and thats exactly what Singletary is surrounding ours players with, winning coaches! Singletary wants to win quickly, and wants to reach number six fast, so Danny and your tgteamer Ryan the turd go to your Cowboys loving website, and spread the word THE 49ERS ARE COMING BACK!

  • Billy

    I hope Vick doesnt come over here we’ll be tainted, he sucked 2 years ago and now hes out of shape and still sucks, by the way Graham Harrall my pick for our QB, has his stock rising fast, I really like the guy and I hope Crabtree falls to us as well


    Jimbo, you got your head stuck up your ass, or maybe it’s stuck up Martz’s ass, I don’t know. Either way, you need to get it unstuck.

    Sing’s not making any impressive moves? Let me clear you up on that….

    1. Making an example of V.D with a positive outcome.
    2. Benching that dipshit JTO for Shaun Hill and winning 5 games in the second half of the year.
    3. Giving Manusky the freedom to call a more aggressive defensive gameplan. Unlike Nolan who micro-managed on defense and called plays “not to lose”.
    4. Motivating his players arguably better than anyone in the league.
    5. Hiring Tom Rathman as runningbacks coach.
    6. Firing Mike Martz. Probably his best move, in my opinion. There’s no future with Martz as coordinator. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. And it doesn’t take a genius to heave the ball downfield every other play, only an ego. If Martz is such a genius, how come he is on NOBODY’S radar?? NOT EVEN FOR OC, LET ALONE HC. And don’t tell me there are no spots available. Answer me that one.

    If he hires Dan Reeves, that will be “positive move #7”. Here’s a guy that runs the type of offense Sing wants, has been a head coach for 23 seasons, and has made it to four Superbowls. One bad move on Reeve’s part was the drafting of Michael Vick.


  • Blaine

    Ya AX, Jimbo and danny and his multilple screenames are just undercover Cowboy Fans to my understanding. they just can’t stand the fact we are going to improve, they have been coming on this site just to talk shit with their high school maturity. i love the move of bringing in Rathman, one of the guys who witnessed the dynastys and the tradition that we once had, i think the players will learn alot from him on what those teams had to win. We need to bring in some coaches like this who can motivate, the old schoolers were more about football than todays player who qare more about the paycheck than the loyatly and the team, singlatary is oldschool and i love that about him, he doesnt take any shit and wants to be the best and he has high standards that the 49ers always had during the winning years! ryan the first turd and danny you shitheads were probably not even a twinkle in your mommas eyes when the niner were champions, so get over your shit and learn something from the oldschool you young little turds!

  • joe gomez

    A little old, I believe hell be pushing 70 in a few years. Atleast hes got credentials unlike the other guys interviewed. Theres really not a whole lot of people out there. Kind of like trying to find your starting QB in this year’s draft. Hardly none.

  • Lottie901


  • Blaine

    I second that Lottie, Fuck the Cowboys, those corndogeating- wrestling watching- rednecks! We need to bring in Reeves and his experience as a teacher. He has not won the big one, but he has been their, I love the fact that Singletary is bringing in winning coaches from a winning background, Linehan is one crazy ass son of a gun, he picked the lions over the championship 49ers, that like drinking KoolAid over Champagne, he one Dumb Ass, this is the elite orginization in football, all I have to say is DUMBASS!! We need to bring in more coaches that have ties with the 49ers and winning orginizations. Does anybody know if Jeff Garcia will be available, or Mcnabb, I would love to see Jeff in a 49er uniform again, and draft a young QB this year to groom. We need the best of the best, not tablescraps like Linehan, reeves has a proven background, and age is not a factor, he is old, but wise and from the oldschool which will command respect!

  • geeray

    first off i hope he gets the job. He is a winner everywhere. And didnt he step in and help out with the texans three years ago. doing something with player personel.. i swear i remember that. anyway i hope he joins up. we need solid PROVEN structure. thats what he is.

    and jimbo that was the dumbest comment ever..should be WTF to your statement. martz is the reason we DIDN’T make the playoffs. we started winning this year when we went away from that shit he was drumming up. once we got into ball control we made progression. sure he can mix it up.. but we need stability not broken back qb’s due to getting massacred on 20 step drops in the end zone.

  • In light of all of the OC candidates that have interviewed I don’t know how you would want ANYONE EXCEPT REEVES!!! Jagozinski is going to use the position as a stepping stone job and Hue Jackson is an ALRIGHT candidate, but I don’t think Reeves is going to leave us to go to the HC again….I hope. As for the Vick rumors, I agree that Vick should NEVER be allowed to wear the red and gold. If it happens then McClueless should be fired right after it happens. We aren’t going to become the raiders and start hiring all of the low character people who probably have a secret dirt bag club with pac man jones. Jimmy Williams is risk enough for me……talented, but a risk.

  • West

    Ryn the 1st…….J.Williams a risk, in what way? He aint breaking our bank, he is depth an if he shows up he may unseat FS Roman….”tyme will tell”… So many 9er fans are stuck on this “play it safe picks” an look where it has got us!! Sing has controll of HIS locker room, and i dont believe he will lose it…..Not saying J.Williams is going to take us over our hump, but if we can get our hands on that 1 guy aka “RISK” that could than im all for pulling the trigger…..WHO do you guys want? Lets start with that!! Plaxico must be a risk also right….

    Side note, most of you hate Vick, but would welcome Ray Lewis, Right? Didnt Ray’s name come up in a killing? O i get it, it wasnt a dog!!

  • MSouza

    Ray was also found innocent.

    I don’t like Vick, but it has nothing to do with the dogs, its because he was always overrated. He is a gifted athlete but not a consistent passer, and that was before spending a year in jail.

  • JDOG

    I think we should go after Plaxico in the offseason, Mcnabb or Garcia at QB, and a draft a young QB for one of those veterans QB to groom. We need to also bring in a Dominate pass rusher, but the offense should be our main focus, because I don’t care how much D you have you need that high powered offense in todays NFL. We to make these anti- paly it safe pics and make some progress, your exactly right west, the 49ers and some people on this site don’t want to be creative and take the chances to become great, while other teams do it all the time, look at those hillbilly bastards Cowboys, Danny and Ryan 1st will tell you all about them, that is their favorite team, those bastards always make radical trades, even though the palyers are shithead jerks, they make improvement, so we need to make some radical trades and go after Players like Plaxico and Mcnab or Garcia! I’m sure danny and Ryan the 1st and his multiple Cowboy loving screenames will probably object to this, but it will improve our team!

  • Lowrance

    I'm with you on Vick, Ryan, just say NO!!!

  • Lowrance

    lol, my first reaction was the same as the first poster Jimbo.

    Reeves could be good for us, and if successful, maybe he’ll stick around. Just hope he doesn’t bring in Elway at QB, lol.

  • hate Michael Vick….no….wrong word……DISPISE is the better word. You are going to find VERY FEW people who WANT TO SEE Vick in a niner uniform or the circus it would bring to our franchise. Williams DID probably get signed to a small contract, but realize there WAS a reason why he was cut loose. There is NO DENYING his talent, but I also don’t want to become the raiders or bengals either.

  • bleed49er

    think it is a great hire, if we get him (think its taken a while cause they want the OC to stick around for 3yrs+), also on vick i think samuri mike can keep him focused, he deserves another shot.

  • JDOG

    Ryan the 1st Danny, and your multiplescreenames, give Michael Vick a rest were not going to get him, maybe your Cowboys will get him, so get over it already, as you know we are not that type of team we have class, unlike your Cowboys. Someone said earlier that Michael Vick is overated and I cannot agree more, he is completely inconsistent and very overated, and does not have a good work ethic, and I do not think the pen will channge that. Stop associating Reeves with Vick that was then this is now, if Reeves had a time machine and knew how Vick would turn out, he would not had drafted him. We all know you do not won’t progress and that your blood is boiling that we are getting Reeves, so get used to it and take you and your multiple anti- 49er screeenames and go to your Cowboy Fan blog and Spread the fucking news, the 49ers are Back!

  • West

    Ryan the 1st……… DISPISE is your choice of words…an you very much have that right!….”To each it’s own”…..But to think that our franchise would be TAINTED,…lol….Remember Lawrence Phillips aka “woman beater”?….Guess what, our franchise is still highly respected!!

    As for J. Williams, yes i do realize there WAS a reason why he was cut loose…As i recall Williams was out of football due to marijuana arrest,….. Yea he is a High Risk, what are the 9ers thinking, 0 No!!!…..lol

    People make mistakes and should be given a chance, if they are talented enough to take us to the next level than we should make it happen!!

  • I no doubt agree with you that people should be given a second chance, but I see a big difference in what Jimmy Williams did and Vick did….I am sure we both can agree with that. As for Phillips, I definitely see your point, but for the record I was NOT happy about that guy being on our team. TAINTED isn’t the word I would use for our franchise, but unhappy with him (Vick) wearing the uniform….absolutely. Vick clearly thought the whole thing was a joke (was even caught laughing it off while walking into a club while the new reporter asked him about it and said “America LOVES Michale Vick) and he thought it would come and go until the FEDS got involved. Then all of the sudden he was mister low key and “I want a plea deal”. No thanks on Vick. Jimmy Williams is light years apart from Vick.

  • bleed49er

    New to the site, but a fan from the beginning of the bill walsh era. If he is healthy and in shape there is not a better qb/rb for the wildwest formation (i came up with that). It would fit perfectly with sing’s philosophy of run first/pass second. Let me be clear, I would not bring him in as a first string qb, but for that purpose only. Nothing is better in football than a story of redemption and if he so much as sneezes wrong then give him the boot and go on with life.

  • West

    If Leonard Little can be over looked by the NFL than Vick can too!

    How many of you really wanted Leonard?

    I highly dont feel we will go after Vick, Every year a story like this pops up!But it makes good conversation… Bottom line if we did end up with Vick I would continue being a 9er fan “for good or bad times”….Only reason im speaking on Vick is because so many of you hate him. Some have stated that they would no longer be a 9er fan…..Wow! Glad we have so many Real 9er Fans

  • Mike in MD

    Hate to bust the bubble here about Reeves but from what I’ve heard he sucked as an OC calling the plays. I agree with my fellow blogger (very reliable) who said the reason why the Broncos improved was they got a hold of Elway period. When Reeves left Denver & Shanahan took over the playcalling their Offense was vastly improved. Now the positive that he brings of course is his experience & impressive knowledge of the game. This experience is what our young Front Office & HC lacks bigtime. And there seems to be good chemistry & respect between the big 3….Jed, McCloughan, & Singletary. Singletary especially, having asked Reeves for advice before in the past. What fits best for Reeves is if he were some type of CONSULTANT. This I would be totally ALL FOR.

    There’s also another rumor going around that’s saying 2 guys might be hired. Hue Jackson AND Dan Reeves. Jackson would be the OC calling the plays (who’s widely respected by the players he’s coached) & Reeves would be hired under some other title. He would act as some sort of advisor similar to what Tollner’s role was & maybe even wider.

  • Yeah, I don’t know about those who said they would STOP being a fan….you really need to re-evaluate that statment IF you made it. I would still be a fan, but it would put a damper on the season that is for sure. To speak plainly the guy made an EXTENSIVE dog fighting ring. He profitted off of dog fights that often resulted in deaths. Also, not only did he fully fund it to the max, but he hurt, tortured, and killed innocent dogs and it was MERELY A HOBBIE TO HIM. The GUY HAD MORE MONEY IN THE BANK WHILE HE WAS DOING THIS THAN TEN MEN COULD SPEND IN A DRUNKEN LIFETIME!!! WTF did he need to bet on or profit from this for???? No thanks to Vick!!!

  • 9ermanforlife

    this is a scary day is 9erland.. still dont have an OC. and the one we want hasnt coached in like 6 years… we need to do something and do it fast… if we dont have an OC by the time the super bowl is over i will be very scared

  • 9ermanforlife

    SIMPLY PUT…. ONCE A 9ER FAN ALWAYS A 9ER FAN… IF anything can cause you to stop cheering for the 9ers you should get the fuck off this site… TRUE 9ERS FAN ONLY

  • 9ermanforlife


  • West

    Next topic…Anyone catch the Senoir Bowl, Harrel looked off…..an Raji was ight…wasnt in the backfeild as much as i thought he would be…..I would still love the 9ers to grab him!

  • Blaine

    I love it, I get a lot of humor from your multiple Screenames Ryan you just continue in making up names and agrreing with yourself, like I said punk grow up and go to you Cowboy Blog you undercover Cowboy fan, this is a 49er site for real fan not little punks like you that have a elementary school maturity. Fuck Right tackle, every year you keep suggesting the same shit you and you many screenames, AKA DAnny, you momma and the list goes on and on. The 49ers need a offense more than anything, we need a QB, and we need dominate Receivers, your shit sugestions have not worked for the past 2 years, and that's exactly what you want you crazy little Turd! I am sick and tired of Ryan the first turd and Danny and all the names he makes up, all the real fans on this site need to recognize and don't take his shit comments to mind, because that's what they all are shit, he comes off knowing what he's talking about and hen he gets hi panties in a wade he makes a screename and complimentd him self and talks shit! Grow up punk, and realize you and you tagteamers cowboys friends on here, the 49ers are coming back whetheer you like it or not, and your shit talking want make the difference!

  • I tried finding the superbowl, but my comcast package is LAME!!!! Raji is a good option……I wouldn’t mind that pick up because it makes a lot of sense. I have a feeling we are either going right tackle or pass rusher. The only thing I don’t understand is WHY are we going to get a Paras Haralson replacement when he sure doesn’t look like he needs to be replaced. Go O or D line in this draft, but if Mauluga falls to us (likely) I think we need to look long and hard at him because he is a CRUSHER!!!!

  • senior bowl….excuse me…..

  • blaine’s moma

    ok blaine.. here we go with you now.. you are a complete bitch made moron. people are tryen to talk about this move and all you can say is cowboys this, and cowboys that. so worried about other bloggers.. you are nothing but a fagget little bitch.. and you realy don’t know shit.. so just shut up for your own good..

  • West

    Ryan the 1st… I’m with you on Paras Haralson, he doesn’t need replacing!! D line an O line is our need….. Mauluga is a beast and i wouldn’t be mad at that pick either….Mauluga or Raji I’m good with… Edge goes to Raji in my book because we need a DT to complete our 3-4… an I believe Spikes is coming back next year, (short term solution)

  • blaines kids

    hey blaine… lol.. you are such an idiot. I don’t know what else to say.. I mean what are you talking about.. you realy are a moron

  • Blaine

    LOL, bring on the screenames Ryan, we all enjoy your creativity!

  • joes dady

    and don’t think I’ve forgotten about you joe.. your still the biggest fag…. this blaine kat is about as retarded as you though… you guys should hang out… hey blaine, go back and read your last comment.. and tell me you don’t feel like an idiot… your a fag blaine… a gomez humping little bitch made fag… your a bitch too gomez.. don’t worrie I haven’t forgot

  • Lowrance

    Niner Pundit and others?

    I can only see the last 4 comments on this thread. (Blaine to Joe’s dady) At times this has happened before. Don’t know why.

    Has this happened to anyone else or should I chuck this computer? lol

  • West

    Lowrance, above “Leave a comment” click on Older Comments….
    It messed with my head for a min also…

  • Blaine

    I love the screenames, I always look forward to what you will create next, but Ryan can you grow up and talk some 49er football punk! Talk about the team, if you want to bitch, then go to your cowboy website and wine with you high school mentality, it is getting old, GROW UP little man and the rest of your TagTeamers, this site is reserved for true 49er fans, not little tripods like you!

  • Blaine

    Has anybody heard anything besides Ryan and his names on Reeves becoming our coordinator. Joe or AXGRINDER have you heard anything lately, is their any talks going on to bring him aboard.

  • Blaine

    We'll guess what I found on Google, their are reports from 49ers insiders that Reeves told them on Monday that he might take a postion as a consultant with the Dallas Cowbillys. I guess the old man wants to be with his old team afterall, it seems like Jerry hee haw Jones always like to take our talent or get ideas from the 49ers, I think that deep down inside its a competition between him and the 49ers, I guess he remembers too we'll the years our 2 teams when at it all the time, it seems like that piece of junk always gets ideas and players and personal from the 49ers, but personaly I am with you Joe I am not really sure about him, being an old cowboy and all, but like you said he does bring experience and knowledge, so for that I would take him if available. I guess we will find out somethin on tuesday or wensday, and if its not Reeves I hope its someone of his calibur.

  • joe gomez

    no haven’t heard anything new on Reeves. He hasn’t been an OC in decades so I’m still not sure about him. He does bring the resume though. Hey Souza you still playing games with those names just like a little fucking coward. Your just mad because I fucked your momma and your little sis up their asses… LOL

    Fuck off little bitch, your 49ers knowledge stinks and you obviously can’t face me like a man hiding behind all those different names. Pathetic mother fucker. Just pop yourself in the head and do us all a big favor. Your a loser. Hahaha.

  • redandgold4life

    ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Dan Reeves has been in discussions with the Cowboys about a consultant’s role. From the ESPN.com story:

    Reeves recently interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers about the offensive coordinator’s job but a 49ers source said Monday that Reeves informed them he likely would be taking a consultant position with the Cowboys.
    Reeves could not be reached for comment. A Cowboys spokesman said he had no information about Reeves joining the organization.


  • Lottie901


  • Mike in MD

    Joe – huge Rookie mistake by Singletary not having a guy(s) in mind & signing them up ASAP. Couldn't agree more. It's OJT stuff that we're just gonna have to go through. Thing with Singletary is he DOES LEARN from his mistakes. Not in panic mode yet but we need to get on the ball no later than a few days after the SBowl.

    Sing has to make up his mind on Jackson or be sure he's on Sing's side or we could lose him too.

    I hope he brings in Zampese, he was a hot candidate with us before. I've seen his resume & it's damn impressive if I remember right. Proven OC's are getting slim so if we're going to plan B with QB Coaches like Hue Jackson I think we should interview Ken Zampese ASAP.

  • Blaine

    Lottie, I agree 100%, I hate the Cowboys with a passion and everything they stand for ,arrogants and corruption, and when they win I get really, really pissed. We need to stack up and get the best before those bastard rednecks do. As far as I am concerned the cowboys are the “Trailor Trash” of the NFL, and should not have the Label as Americas team, if they are americas team then I guess America represents corndoeating-wrestling watching hillbillies, and thats not correct. The 49ers are the true Americas team, going from an underdog doormat to a winner in 81, the true underdog story! The 49ers are the best orginization in football and we deserve only the best! I’m sure Ryan and Souza and your multiple Cowboy loving names will continue to talk shit, you cannot stand to hear anything bad about your beloved trailor trash Cowgirls. Realize one things punks we are coming back and your Cowboys are going down again!

  • Lowrance

    Thanks West.

    Looks like the search continues….. like I said originally. Why fire your OC if you don’t have a solid plan for replacement. Martz might not have been the best fit for Sing’s future offense, but he’s a helluva lot better than promoting the equipment manager like Nolan had to when Benedict Turner bolted to SD.

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself Lowrance….Singletary and McClueles REALLY BUNGLED this one. Who are they going to get? I don’t think they EVEN HAVE A CLUE. All of the candidates are gone and are done playing the NINERS WAITING GAME. I think the fans are too! Singletary, you think MAYBE letting Martz go was a mistake. You better get Hue Jackson on the phone before he gets swooped up because he is your LAST BEST OPTION!!!! Man, this could REALLY screw up the season!!

  • joe and blaine’s dady

    hey blaine and joe.. eat a di#k…homos.. so you wanna do this like men huh… well please explain how your pussy ass wants to do that.. I hide behind no name.. I am and have only been your family.. I brought you into this world and can take you out.. oh blaine, thanks for the info on reeves, idiot it was already said.. what do you do in life blaine?? you probly work at kinkos or maybe a fastfood joint.. keep liven the life, you’ve probly never even seen your team play..

  • Mike in MD

    James – if you’re out there here’s my idea. This OC search is starting to get embarrassing. Hopefully if Sing’s got somebody targeted on the 2 remaining teams he’ll get it done no longer than a few days after the SBowl. My idea is IF we miss on getting that proven guy because the pickings getting slimmer with every passing day, go ahead & hire Hue Jackson with Tom Rathman helping out on the running plays to get his feet wet. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Jackson & we could start grooming Rathman. What do you think?

    We should have hired Reeves as a CONSULTANT. We messed that up bigtime IMO. That sucked. We need to get this OC thing done & SOON.

  • joe gomez

    For those of you who disagreed with me that firing Martz was a big mistake what do we do now? Right when he got fired I was surevwe didn’t have anyone in line to take over who was just as capable. This is a big mess.

  • Ninerfan81

    Well if you don’t like the Cowgirls grabbing Dan Reeves from us then none of us will be happy to hear the rumour that Niner’s Defensive Cordinator Greg Munusky was seen having dinner with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and prehpaps is interviewing for the vacant DC position.

    Wade Phillips and Munusky are pals from their days of working in San Deigo.

    On a different note, another OC interview today with Jets Running Backs coach Jimmy Raye II.

  • joe gomez

    None of the guys left are DEFINITELY NOT better than Martz!

  • L.G

    This is a joke! Dallas is always punking the Niners. Whats is wrong with the 49ers Organization? Don’t they have any pride?

    Bad mistake getting rid of Martz nobody wants to really take a chance on this indecisive management, new OC every year. Now Sing. going to have to take a big risk on some unproven OC.

    Sing, likes really old school football run on 1st and 2nd down and throw on third. It really shouldn’t be hard to find an OC to do that!
    I just hope it dose not turn into an other 5 yr. of Nolan Football.

    What was the hurry on hiring Sing. as a head Coach anyway? The Niners really missed out on some big name and proven coaches again…

  • Rob

    Well, another one bites the dust.

    As Singletary takes his good old time with this, one person after another ends up going somewhere else. I’m losing patience w/ Singletary. JUST PICK SOMEONE ALREADY!!!

    Maybe Singletary belongs in Oakland instead of San Fran, with how long it takes him to make a decision…

  • Mike in MD

    This just in from Maiocco. Hue Jackson in for 2nd interview…..

    The 49ers’ search for an offensive coordinator might be reaching its conclusion.

    Ravens QB’s coach Hue Jackson today is visiting with 49ers coach Mike Singletary for the second time in five days. He appears to have moved to the front of the line to become the 49ers’ next offensive coordinator.

    Furthermore, the club is also interviewing Mike Johnson today for the position of quarterbacks coach.

    Johnson, 41, coached Ravens receivers in 2006-07 after serving as Falcons QB’s coach from 2002-05. Johnson coached on the same Ravens staff as 49ers offensive line coach Chris Foerster both years.

    The fact both Jackson and Johnson are interviewing on the same day would appear to be significant.

  • Blaine

    I think Jackson is the best available option at this time, and the only option, we need to get it done, I think he has helped groom Flacco in a short period of time, and he can do something similar here. Ryan, I love your post their are very, very funny! You and your multiple tagteam screenames can keep on waisting you life behind the fast food counter while the rest of us talk some football you little tripod. your ass wasn’t even a mess on your moma’s wall until after 95′ you little shit!

  • West

    Hue Jackson is back at the 49ers facility in Santa Clara today for a second interview for the team’s offensive coordinator position. Also Mike Johnson interviewing for QB coach…….. Looks like the search is over!