Clyde Who?

From Barrows Blog:

Colts wide receivers coach Clyde Christensen became the first outsider to formally interview for the 49ers offensive coordinator position when he met with Mike Singletary this morning. Christensen, 52, has been the receivers coach in Indianapolis for seven seasons. He also served as the Buccaneers offensive coordinator in 2001. Tampa Bay finished 26th in total offense that season. Formers Rams coach Scott Linehan and former Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski are expected to interview this weekend.

Christensen spent six seasons at Tampa Bay, coaching the the team’s tight ends from 1996-98 and the quarterbacks from 1999-2000. A former quarterback, first at Fresno City Junior College in 1975 and later at North Carolina, Christensen also coached on the collegiate level, including stops at East Carolina, Temple, East Tennessee State and Mississippi.

Before joining Tampa Bay, Christensen spent 1994-95 as co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at Clemson. From 1992-93, he served as quarterbacks coach at Maryland. In 1991, Christensen served as running backs coach at South Carolina. He was receivers/tight ends coach at Holy Cross in 1989 before being promoted to offensive coordinator in 1990.

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    Clyde Cristensen? Whatever…

  • Lowrance

    We’re certainly going after the cream of the crop!!!

    I sure hope Mike knows lots that we don’t! (He’d better because I really don’t know much!)

  • Loeher

    The guy just interviewed, lol.

  • joe gomez

    Clyde over Martz? He’ll fucken yeah! It’s been 14 long fucking years since our last Super Bowl why not make it an even 20?

  • Rob

    I have to admit, Linehan is still the best name I’ve heard so far. He has had success as an OC. These other guys really haven’t. And, Singletary needs a good, experienced OC. Linehan fits the bill. The other guys I’ve heard about . . . not so much. We better get a move on and sign him. Other teams are starting to sign new head coaches. Those coaches are bound to eventually look at Linehan as a possible OC. So, let’s go, Sing! Pull the trigger!

    Hey, anyone else hear that Mike Nolan is probably going to be McDaniels’ DC in Denver? Well, looks like Denver’s D is going to be bland and predictable next year…


    I like Linehan…
    I think he’ll do wonders, coming down from head coach to perform smaller responsiblities. Additional, he knows the NFC west well because he’s played them from a close stand point. He has a feel for playcalling and time management. & I think his form of Football fits our team.

    I do worry though, that he will still want to be a head coach.
    And worry that he’d leave next year for a head coaching position.

    So its a gamble, but do think we should take our chance on this guy.

    A Very Deep & Emotional 49ers FAN

    P.S: 300 type attitude on the field is what we need.
    Never surrender! We aren’t spartans, but we are do fine gold! Trophies that is…

  • Rob

    Actually, I think Linehan would be extremely saft to hire as OC. He did such a horrible job at HC for St Louis that any owner would have to be on crack to hire him any time within the next few years. Well, I guess that means Al Davis just might…