Chudzinski and Linehan to Interview for OC Position

Adam Schefter is reporting that Chudzinski and Linehand will interview with Singletary for the OC position.

Chudzinski will interview Saturday with San Francisco, which is looking to match head coach Mike Singletary with a bright, progressive mind. One day before Chudzinski is scheduled to interview, San Francisco is scheduled to kick off its offensive coordinator search with former St. Louis Rams coach Scott Linehan.

Linehan and Chudzinski will be the first two candidates to interview for the 49ers offensive coordinator job, but they are not expected to be the last. San Francisco plans to speak with six or seven candidates and have them meet with Singletary before making a final decision. This is one it wants to get right. It has not always done that in the past.

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  • Nick


  • Niner Pundit
  • West

    BDot……i agree Linehan best bet as it stands….Chudzinski has worked well with TE, coached Shocky, Franks an Winslow while n Miami…. V.D. could like that…Clevelands Offense was ight……..Linehan allround best choice so far!

  • ninerfaithful

    hire scott linehan please we could turn the corner with this offense

  • Nick
  • Yea, a link would be appreciated. Otherwise, you’ re playing with emotions Smokey!

    Seriously, I think as it stands RIGHT NOW Linehan is our best bet. I do wonder some about his supposed offensive genius since in Minny he was basically just calling bombs to Moss (not hard), but he did do well in Miami too.

    As a fan, I hate watching this drag on, but I understand Sing wants to make good and damn sure he hires the right guy.

    So, no complaints.

  • West

    Clyde Christensen current WR Coach for Colts an former Bucs OC interview today…. Scott Linehan is also scheduled for today!! Linehan still best name i've heard

  • Lowrance

    I, too, know little about Chud…. hopefully we get it right this time. C'mon Mike, you've given us hope again…. we're all pulling for you!

  • West

    If we dont end up drafting a DT, Haynworth is a long shot because i dont see Titans letting him go……..Why not go after Tank Johnson, he has alot to prove… Been talk that Dallas wont be keeping him around…. In my opion he is a step up from Franklin, and wouldnt hurt us cost wise!!

    What do u guys think? Who else is out there?

  • Rob

    Ok, I’ve never even heard of Chudzinski. Should I have?

    I would be ok with it if Linehan is hired.

    But, what about Gil Haskill, Seattle’s former OC. He ran the West Cost Offense, and successfully. I think he would be a good hire, too.

  • 9ermanforlife

    i am scared

  • TDawg

    Chud…..Da Dud, 23 straight quarters without a TD. He stuck by Derek Anderson while Brady Quinn sat. Folks here in Cleveland will pay for his bs ticket out of town. A one year wonder. I mean 23 quarterds without a TD???? That says it all. And please no excuses about injuries. Thed Browns offense was soooo predictable.

  • Kristen

    Chud isn’t a dud. He is actually a very bright mind who’s been behind a lot of successes. Miami Hurricanes, Chargers, Browns (at least last season) You want to talk about 23 quarters without a TD? You try putting great offensive numbers with a 3rd and 4th (and 5th) string quarterback without an o-line.
    Keeping Brady out was smart. Two games in and Golden Boy was out for the season. Why? For the same reason NO “franchise” quarterback pans out in Cleveland- there is NO Offensive Line. Remember Tim Couch?

    Plus, it’s kinda hard to make plays when Crennel would call something out different than what Chud had ordered up….