Are We There Yet?

And by there I mean at the end of the offensive coordiantor search that should have already been condluded.

Rumors and theories abound this time of year in the NFL and even a team who failed to make the playoffs, such as your beloved San Francisco 49ers is not immune. Such is the case in the past few days that has some believing that team is taking a serious look at acquiring the services of Michael Vick this offseason so that he would be able to compete for the starting quarterback position.

I feel that I can state without hesitation that such as action will not take place and there is also little chance that the team will be bringing former Denver and Atlanta head coach Dan Reeves as the new offensive coordinator. The man has been out of football for years for a reason people, the game passed him by eons ago. In fact I would be less surprised to see the team fire defensive coordinator Greg Manusky and replace him with Ray Rhodes!

There have been more signings at this time of the offseason then in previous years in San Francisco, Jimmy Williams and Michael Spurlock to name two. I made reference to the fact that the 49ers already tried their hand at a defensive back by the name of Jimmy Williams once before and that didn’t turn out so well. The fact that the second coming of the name not only fell out of favor in Atlanta before this season began but that the league overall was so completely un-enamored with the man that he was forced to sit at home in 2008 without a team fails to instill confidence in me.

Perhaps the 49ers know something we don’t about the man and he’ll be the answer to replacing Mark Roman when next season commences. Spurlock could spell the end of Allen Rossum’s time in the bay area although I doubt it as he was signed to a futures contract, he will be fighting for a spot on the team and being that he was out of football last season it could be a losing battle.

The overall search for a new offensive coordinator has left me with a sour taste in my mouth as I and countless others had hoped that the position would have been filled by now. Sure, some of this is not the fault of Mike Singletary or the front office at large. Had they not been led to believe that they would have someone in the post when they brought Scott Linehan in for a second interview they could have at least courted someone who actually had the intention of taking the job once it was offered to him.

Speaking of Linehan’s actions I still fail to fathom how a man can turn down a job citing family issues and then entertain numerous offers from other teams who are also not in the direct vicinity of St. Louis. Using the 49ers to attract other teams interest is something I recently commented on, saying that attempting to do so would not be likely since the team was in need of making a decision sooner then later anyway. Turns out I was wrong as doing so seems to have opened discussions with many other teams for the same position. Who knew?

So the news now is that Reeves is likely to take a consultant job, ala Bill Parcells, with the Dallas Cowboys. It makes sense I suppose what with Reeves having worked for the franchise back in 1938 as a Tom Landry disciple. Perhaps Jerry Jones is thinking that what his former head coach did in Miami could be replicated with the addition of Reeves.

Only problem with that though is that Danny has not only been out of coaching for five years but his last stint in the league, while starting out well, ended horribly in Atlanta. Whatever the situation culminates with the fact that Reeves is, at this point, highly unlikely to sign with the 49ers only reiterates my point above, that is was never going to happen anyway.

The talk of the 49ers going hard and heavy at free agent to be T.J. Houshyomama has been met with mixed feelings among the faithful. I for one would agree with this move if it was ultimately made. The 49ers have lacked a serious playmaking threat since Terrell Owens departed in 2004 and adding a receiver of Houshmandzadeh could fill a hole on the offense that for the most part has been leaking like a sieve for almost five years now. I say with a good offensive scheme and quarterback who can get him the ball it would be a great signing. As of now though the team lacks the former and is merely serviceable at the latter. We’ll see how this one plays out.

The latest and most positive news out of headquarters today is that the team has brought back Baltimore Ravens quarterback coach, Hue Jackson in for a second interview, a sign that the search for a new OC could be coming to an end. If so the team could do worse than Jackson. There is also news that Singletary has interviewed Ravens receivers coach Mike Johnson to be the team’s new quarterbacks coach. The fact that two Ravens assistants, who have close ties to one another, are both in town interviewing could be a telling sign. Perhaps this search is finally over.

This time of year as always is particularly slow however the 49ers continue to make it interesting, providing us with news on at least an every other day basis. The fact that the news is relevant from the team’s lack of activity is minimal. At this point of the offseason, still over a month away from free agency and three months from the draft, any news is good news. Now hopefully we can soon report that the offensive coordinator has been hired and the players can get on with the business of learning a seventh system in seven seasons.

God bless continuity and PLEASE, PLEASE God bless the San Francisco 49ers!!!