49ers Sign Jimmy Williams

The 49ers have signed cornerback Jimmy Williams, a second-round pick of the Falcons in 2006. Williams was the No. 37 overall selection in that draft out of Virginia Tech.

Williams, who turns 25 in March, played 26 games in two seasons with the Falcons with seven starts before getting released in June. He did not play in the league last season.

Upon being released, Williams said he felt like he was never given a fair shot by new coach Mike Smith. He acknowledged the that team was “upset” about his weight.

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  • 49er4life

    Big fucking deal. He spent an entire year away from football. Look what a one year absence did to Mike Williams. And the most inconsequential free agent signing goes to….

  • West

    Was good in V Tech, see if he can unseat Roman

  • Samra

    hey 49er4life, Antonio Bryant spent more than a year away from the NFL and look what he did…you can never write anyone off…i bet if we had a 2nd rounder in 2005 we would have drafted him… funny thing the pick that was originally ours in the second round was traded to Denver who traded it to Greenbay who then traded it to Atlanta who then drafted this guy..so practically Jim Mora Jr. drafted him for us and we ended up trading for manny lawson with a third rounder

  • Niner_Dude

    I think this is great…we need corners…like fish need water…the NFC West is full of big time WR…now lets get one in the draft…