Willis Gets Starting Nod for Pro Bowl

The NFL released its Pro Bowl rosters today and the 49ers own Patrick Willis will be heading to Hawaii for the second time. Willis is the lone 49er to make the time to the Pro Bowl and NFL.com is showing Willis as the starter at MLB with Jon Beason of the Panthers as the Reserve.

Check NFL.com for the full Pro Bowl selections.

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  • EC49fan


    congrats pat well deserved

  • Doc Iac

    hes the man

  • GMAN

    Well atleast it gives us something to be proud about in this crap ass season. I did think Heitman deserved a nod. Willis is an absolute beast when it comes to tackling. Imagine what numbers he'd have if we had a fu@k!n legimate NT!!!

  • Ninerfan81

    I'd also like to add to this that the Team Awards were handed out and Issac Bruce won the award from his Team mates that represents a committment to the team and to the game. BY won this 5 years in a row and it says alot for Bruce to win it in his first year.

    I know alot of guys on this board questioned his 2 year contract but he has been a big part of our success this year not only as an individual WR but to teach the young WRs alot of the system and how to run a proper route. It really is like have a "Jerry Rice" type of player teaching our WRs, he just can't have his number…ha ha!

    Way to go Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!!!!!!!!

  • Billy

    Wishlist this is what I want for Christmas!!

    QB Graham Harrall(Draft)

    WR Michael Crabtree(Draft)

    DT Albert Haynesworth (TEN)

    DT John McCargo (BUF)

    MLB Jonathan Vilma (NO)

    CB Nnamdi Asmougha (OAK)

    FS Michael Huff (OAK)

    Any other propects possible?

  • niner doje

    hey billy what about julius peppers from carolina? isnt he a FA next year?

  • Billy

    Yeah he is we may be able to choose between him and Haynesworth

  • Billy

    Graham Harrall- Maybe the top QB in the Draft he is projected to be a 3rd-4th round QB, he will be our project QB and eventual Franchise QB, it also helps that he has already played with my projected 1st round pick and our furture #1 Receiver

    Michael Crabtree- First of all Hill, Morgan, Ziegler, Bruce (If not retired) are the WRs I predict we will go into the next season with. They are all good but we need a #1 Receiver he is the best in the draft in my opinion Micheal Crabtree he is comparable to Calvin Johnson scouts say hes is a little below him in every catagory except his hands are better, I love this guy and we need a go to guy to work!

    Albert Haynesworth- Up for DMVP this year and one of the best NT in the league if not the best. We need someone to take up blocks for Willis to shred like the beast he is and Haynesworth is the guy to do it I credit him with TENs success. He is a FA this year for sure because he has a clause in his contract stating he cannot be franchised and logic says he`ll test the open market going to the highest bidder, that will hopefully be us…

    Jonathan Vilma- One of the best MLB in the league, he is a FA this year and NO cannot afford to sign him because if they do the trade deal incentives say that if he is resigned they send a 1st the NYJ way and they dont want that so we can have to Pro Bowl MLBs and send Spikes Outside

    Nnamadi Asomugha- The only shutdown corner in the NFL, most likely to be franchised I`d say no brainer Raiders are probably having brain freezes picking between him and a punter. Of course he wants out and Raiders most likely wont let him and anyways he`d probably get more money then Nate but we cant afford that, it would be nice though

    Michael Huff- Sayed to be a bust in OAK, I say trade a 5th rounder for the 7th overall in 06`. What do we have to lose he cant be worse then Mark “Slow-man” and I wanted him in 06′ anyways so its win, win

    All this is my personal opinion its most likely impossible to get all this and it has flaws but I would love this, than again the franchise would most likely have no more money.

  • Sorry, but we are getting NEITHER of those guys. Peppers is going to play tag with the Panthers OR sign a long term deal with them…when they got Gamble to sign to a long term deal that was a done deal along with it. They have the money to sign him OR Gross AND THEN play tag with the one they don’t sign. As for Haynesworth…we don’t even have CLOSE to the cap room necessary to get him (you’re talking about a player who will COMMAND 8.5 million a year AT LEAST) AND do ANYTHING else. We need Housh, we need to draft a left tackle, BUT if Jordan Gross gets on the market we need to do what needs to be done to get him in the red and gold.

  • Doc Iac

    Thank God for ryan the first for a common sense comment…. some of u other people want everyone thety see on sports center to come to the niners, and really belive its gonna happen..

  • Billy

    First of all I just want to look at potential FA I mentioned it would most likely not happen and you go like an idiot stating things where the hell does anybody state any of the players we said coming to the 49ers huh if it was Cassel Id understand but Doc Lac you are stupid for what you just stated.

  • Doc Iac

    billy ive been on this site since 2003 when i first discovered it, and all the time i see that shit, its insane…

  • MAN, Shaun Hill is play GOD AWFUL and SO IT OUR SECONDARY!!!! This was supposed to be a win and right now I just hope we can make it out of the half alive.

  • hunterboyz@yahoo.com

    I knew we’d win this game…
    even after the 3 intercpetions…
    Even with the running game failing…
    With our Defense getting tired…

    I thought the whole time… okay, last week all the stats and no win.
    This week no stats and we win…
    It was really that simple of a thought for me…

    I love this team, and our new “300” Spartans way of thinking:
    No surrender, No retreat…

    I feel we are a good team, we “were”(past-tense) just coached horribly.

    Go Niners!!!