What We Learned: Redskins vs 49ers

For the second straight week the 49ers overcame a double digit deficit to win the game. Amazing the turnaround this team made this season under Mike Singletary. If Nolan were still there none of those victories would have happened. With this victory Mike Singletary becomes the first coach with a winning record since Mariucci and Shaun Hill puts up the best QB rating since Garcia back in 2001. It’s unfortunate that they missed the playoffs by just a couple wins, that Cardinals game in particular. Oh well, we can now see this team lock up Singletary and hopefully they somehow retain Martz and carry what they have done this season into next. So now let’s see what we learned after the come from behind win against the Redskins.

  • Justin Smith was a great signing and since Singletary took over he has shined.
  • Shaun Hill sucks in the 3rd quarter, but is money in all the rest.
  • Deshaun Foster had another quality game with Gore still nursing his injury.
  • Gore is the first runningback in 49ers history to rush for 1,000 three consecutive years.
  • Chilo Rachal was a great draft pick and the offensive line has improved dramatically over the last nine games.
  • Josh Morgan and Jason Hill are going to be great to watch for years to come.
  • Takeo Spikes needs to be re-signed.
  • Allen Rossum needs to be re-signed.
  • JT O’Sullivan doesn’t need to be re-signed.
  • Everyone knows Mark Roman sucks and he showed it again today, by missing a sack and getting hurt in the process.
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  • Ninerfan81

    Wow! What a great game and a great way to finish the year!!! Sucks that it just came down to the 2 Zona games, that we should've won this year and we'd be talking about the Playoffs.

    Plenty of positives to talk about in the offseason and yes I hope we keep Martz, but if there'se a quality OC available that we can keep for the next 3 to 5 years, then I'm all for it. Our problem has been hiring former HCs who want to coach again…IE: Martz, Turner, etc.

    If Singletary truely has someone in mind then I support him! Should be an interesting offseason to see who gets the axe in the NFL.

    Happy New Year!!

  • Ethan

    Who wants to keep a Offensive coach who conspired with Nolan to keep Hill from starting and allowing Just Turnover O'Sullivan to ruin our season. Martz is an idiot and needs to go. To retain someone who sadly misjudges talent (He's probably the best quarterbak that I have ever coached; referring to Just Turnover) would be a travesty. I realize that the Niners have had a new OC for the last 4 years, but Martz does not deserve to be retained! If the Niners would have started Hill from the beginning of the season, then they would have been in the playoffs.

  • Red & Gold Fan

    Get Martz and O'Sullivan out now and get the players we need re-assigned quick.

  • Ninerfan81

    oops, NOT in the NFL!

  • Martz might not be the long term answer, but I would LOVE for someone to come up with a name that would be a better option at this point. Keep the momentum going because another year under Martz would keep them moving in the right direction. Singletary is a GREAT coach, but he doesn't know how to run an offense. Until we find a better option the niners would be wise to keep Martz on line.

  • Billy

    Texas9er it nice to know that Im not alone on Romo being overrated. He got DESTROYED!!Americas Team my ass!! Id take Shuan Hill anyday over Romo and cant wait to see us kill next year

    As for Martz I think he wants the job thats why he called so many runs, I dont mind keeping him and Norv if availible wouldnt be bad either so I think it could be win, win


    Today was a great day to be a 49er fan. Cowboys ate shit and are done, I don't have to hear about the Patriots in the playoffs for once. Singletary is our head coach, and we beat the Foreskins in our house to end the year. Great day!!

  • Ninerfan81

    Just saw it on FOX it’s official…Singletary is our new Head Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I also just read on NFL.COM that Sing is the new Head Coach, I am still not sure about Martz. The offense finally looks like an NFL offense but passing deep is not their strength. I say bring Martz back, it seems that he and Sing have co-existed pretty well. Go NINERS. P.S. S. Hill for 2009….

  • Ninerfan81

    Ethan, well said about Martz, but “Nojob” Nolan is just as much to blame if not more! The HC should have the final say and not the OC, which is clearly the case now with Singletary. He is 100% in charge of the that team now and no OC will make him doing something he’s not 100% sure of.

    If Nolan had any balls, he would’ve given Hill the starting role because he earned it last year. You don’t start someone who’s never been in a game just because he “knows the system.”

    Nolan will never be a good HC just because he lacks the testicular fortitude to make the unpopular decisions.

    Two words, Trent Dilfer! Funny how either man is in the NFL right now.

  • Texas9er

    Today was the best early birthday present I have ever got. The Catch 2 to T.O. was on my birthday and nothing can top that. |The 49ers winning today, Singletary staying and the Dallas Cowboys getting destroyed on national TV infront of everybody is awesome. Tony Romo is the most overrated football player in NFL history


    Anyone who says Martz needs to go……I agree. He’s not the long-term answer.

  • Om

    Congratulations from a Redskins fan, but in all honesty I wouldn’t read much into at least this last win. The Redskins defense largely mailed in its effort today–both in preparation and execution. Don’t take my word for it, a quick review of the previous 15 games will provide all the evidence necessary.

    And offensively, this Redskins team has been utterly inept for the past two months. Again, don’t take my word, take a look at the box scores. And even those don’t paint the full picture of the futility on that side of the ball.

    Your team showed lots of heart, and I’m glad Singletary will get a chance to show what he’s got next year … but the team they beat today had one foot on a banana peal and the other on the first fairway.

  • DcNinerFan

    I LOVED this game, I was the only Niner fan in a room full of Skins fans (obviously). I was jumpin up and down, but they were good sports about it… That being said, I feel they abandoned the run ALA Martzball, too soon… We were getting some good gashes… but in the end, trust in Hill… he delivered when necessary.



  • pintor98

    Rathman as our RB coach(Future OC) How about Dennis Green? He’s a great coach look at all the Minn teams he had. He can either pound the ball our air it out. He made 1000 yard rushes out of Terry Allen and Robert Smith. Also made Culpepper look good. With WR’s Morgan,Hill,Zieglar TE’s V. Davis, D. Walker, RB’s Gore and Clayton I can see us a top 15 offense.