What We Learned: 49ers @ Rams

Edit: Below is what I wrote with about 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter. And reading everything below, most of it hasn’t changed to much, but let me edit by saying for 54 minutes the team played like crap, but in six minutes they changed a lot. Oh and I love Josh Morgan. Funny how things can change in a matter of moments.

Embarrassing about sums it up. The 49ers went into St. Louis and fell flat. One of the first games under Singletary where the team was not prepared to play. After this game I’m sure management will think long and hard if both Shaun Hill and Singletary are the answers. I know I would. Here is what we learned after the piss poor performance the 49ers put up today.

  • Shaun Hill did his best JT O’Sullivan impersonation.
  • Vernon Davis can’t hold onto the ball even when he catches it.
  • Battle of the day was Donnie Jones vs. Andy Lee.
  • Shaun Hill just signed an endorsement with Campbell’s Noodle Soup at halftime.
  • I miss Frank Gore.
  • The defensive line can’t get pressure for anything against one of the worst lines in the NFL.
  • After this game Shaun Hill shouldn’t be handed the starting job next season.
  • After this game Mike Singletary shouldn’t be handed the head coaching job.
  • The Dome’s blustery winds were to much of a factor in Hill’s passes.
  • Singletary probably dropped more than his pants at halftime.
The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Niner Pundit

    egg on my face….and I love it.

  • wickerman

    HOT DAMN!!! Miracles do happen Santa Claus!!

    Josh Morgan for president.

  • firen

    Haha and the Rams just proved what kind of team they are. Niners played well when they needed it!!!!!!

  • Brummo

    Holy crap! What a game. Well… what a last few minutes of a really bad game.

  • Lowrance

    Unreal to play 6 minutes and get this win….

    Merry Christmas 49ers!

  • Rochester

    What we learned: The Singletary 49ers don't give up.

  • MSouza

    I don't think the niners make that comeback under Nolan. We came out flat as hell, took the game lightly, but we came away with the win. Anybody catch highlights on the Pats Cards game. If we don't take the division next year, I would be both shocked and extremely disappointed.

  • Lowrance

    lol, just to follow what Mike said about his deep throws.

    When Hill threw the ball up in the air, I'm screaming, "oh not, not another prayer pass into double coverge", then Josh comes down with it for a touch down, and I just can't believe it!!!

    Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good….again…

    I love how they point out that teams who have the possession 33 minutes win 80% of the time. Last week we lose, yet this week we win…. go figure.

  • FriscoNinez

    Down 16-3 in the 4th and we come back to win good job Niners! an awesome team effort to get back in it even without Gore, and Sims starting we still pull it off. Happy to get the W Go Niners! After this game I want to see Singletary get the job even More then before. Go Niners!


    Sorry, I meant F@#K THE COWBOYS!!!!

  • Ninerfan81

    I agree about keeping Singletary and Hill, and it would be nice to see Hill given that job to keep BEFORE training camp, let him go through the OTAs, training camp and preseason knowing he's the #1 QB in town. No more of this 3 QBs in camp and all have a shot to win the job crap!

    This is where you have like the no non-sense approach by Singletary. You're my guy and that's that! He stuck with him and that can only increase their bond as HC and QB.


    Are we the only west coast team to win early games twice? That's Singletary's influence right there.

  • firen

    Dude the game is not over yet! A bit premature don’t you think? And denying Hill and Singletary their jobs would be the wrong move man. You’re overreacting

  • Niner Pundit

    Yes I may have jumped the gun, but the performance out there today is still horrid. With that said I hope the final score is 17-16.

  • Mike

    Shaun Hill showed that he could overcome a poor performance. VD…what is up with you. better get it fixed or you will be playing in Canada next year!

  • DcNinerFan

    I’m glad I turned the tv on with 10 minutes to play, just to watch the ugly end… Egg on my face too!!

    Wonder why no one has brought up the “They are who we thought they are” line for the Rams…

  • DcNinerFan

    You know, if we could solve our turnover problem, we really could be a powerhouse… they are what kills us most of the time… Miami was a fluke game, and today was one of those rare games every team goes through… we have a few holes to fill, and ball safety to worry about, but we could put it together this off season…

  • wickerman

    I think the Singletary for head coach deal really should be a no-brainer. Is he perfect? No way. Is he better than anyone we ave had since Mariucci? You bet your life he is. I say he earned it.

    As for Shaun Hill, I admit to being a fan, but I am a realist too. What is the point of getting some kind of deep threat with Morgan or Hill or a future pick/trade just so Hill can struggle to get the ball to them? I like Hill, I really do, but unless Martz changes his philosophy and goes Bill Walsh style west-coast offense, Hill is out of his element.

    Mart wants a big plat Rams style offense with lots of deep routes and fast receivers witht he big play threat of Gore to keep defenses off balance. Hill is having success now because we do not have the o-line or the speed at receiver to make that a reality. If we get the personnel, Hill is not the QB to take the helm. What we need is a guy with JTO's arm with Hill's accuracy. Hill's accuracy is shaky at best on the deep ball. Liek I said, I like Hill, but facts are facts


    Quarterbacks in this league are going to have bad games. It’s what you do in the 4th quarter with the game on the line is what matters. Shaun Hill proved that he could overcome adversity and pull out a win. He proved to me today that he is a winner. Singletary was going to yank him out of the game, but Hill talked him out of it and went in there and won the game. Impressive 4th quarter performance from the whole team.

  • Cory

    Singletary should still get the head coaching job….it was one bad game,we still won, every team has games like that….and Shaun Hill yes he didnt play well most of the game but he did what a good QB does lead the team downfield twice for the comback win.

  • Mike in MD

    I don’t know about that criticism on Singletary. He got the team UP vs the contenders…Miami, Jets, Bills, & Cowboys. 4 in a row. Should have got 2 W’s in AWAY games by dominating Miami. It’s got to be tough to get your team UP for a meaningless game vs a garbage team after 4 meaningful hard games.

    The other thing you could say is Singletary got them to get off their asses & get them to re-focus. You know damn well under Nolan we would have no chance & the team would of folded like a bunch of girl scouts.

    I agree with you on Sean Hill. What we learned is that arm is unreliable on the deep ball. His deep balls make me nervous. But these were good small steps for the team to not fold, hang in there, & make the comeback like this. I can’t wait for the off-season to fill a few more of the many holes we have & comeback with the same motivation & belief in the team & HC these players have.

  • Niner Pundit, I don’t really think you had it wrong at all. We won this game on a MIRACLE catch. I realize that a win is a win, but the niners didn’t look good in this game. Let’s not get it twisted and start patting the niners on the back. WE NEED a defensive end on the opposite side of Justin Smith, we NEED SOMEONE to replace Roman, and we NEED Shaun Hill to not try to do too much which is what got him all of those picks in the first place. Singletary deserves his job, but Shaun Hill (after this game) shouldn’t be HANDED the starting gig for next year. Yes, he is error free and yes it will be difficult to find someone to do a better job given our circumstances (no NOT CASSEL), but he really needs to take Bruce and Morgan out to dinner for saving his ASS!!!

  • EC49fan

    im not going to name names but in the near future i see a couple of contract extensions and a couple pink slips

    i was disappointed in the boys today but my little ray of sunshine came from seeing the cards game….and they gave kurt the pro bowl over drew

    i hope they overturn prop 8 because he may look like a science experiment but me and josh morgan are getting married during the offseason

  • Mike in MD

    I think some of the blame goes to Martz. I give all the credit in the world to this guy for turning us into an NFL watchable Offense again but he’s totally unpredictable.

    I seriously thought he was trying to show off to all his ex-boys & people out here in St Louis by trying to go back to his glory days of airing it out & interm/deep. He abandoned the run early…..why not stick with what got us here?? Running the ball, WCO short passes, & sticking with a ball control offense. This is Hill’s style but instead he was forcing him to go downfield with it. I swear I think Martz loves it when we’re playing from behind because it gives him an excuse to abandon the run. When we go haywire like that & start heaving the ball all over the place we lose our composure & start throwing picks. Plus he totally ignored the D….at least run some plays to give the Defense some rest which they played solid early on but they were on the field too much & got a little fatigued.

    Another thing we’ve learned is while Hill might be able to carry the torch for a year while we build up our O/D Lines & fill our many holes we NEED to draft & develop a future franchise QB. We need more PLAYMAKERS period on BOTH sides of the ball BUT can you imagine if we had a QB who we could call a stud playmaker who had some ELITE TOOLS?? (YES A CANON OR STRONGER ARM, smart/quick decision making, ACCURATE, & some mobility a plus.) We’ve got to be dying for that.

  • #1

    Niner pundit, somethings you say I agree with, however, at times you display ignorance. You sayed “after this game Singletary and Hill should not be handed the started Job. First of all, no one in the NFL is handed a starting job, you earn it. So what your saying in that statement is 4/6 games Singletary and Hill were great. Every team struggles at times, the good teams show they could come back and overcome adversity, no matter who your playing. From what it sounds like, you never played a team sport in your life.

  • FunkyFrank

    I have to say that I am 100% certain we need to give the QB job to Shaun Hill and give the HC job to one Mr. Samarai Mike Singletary. I didn’t get to watch the game but caught the highlights. Four turnovers, and we come away with a win. That is simply amazing in my mind. Shaun Hill put on a clinic in being a clutch QB, who doesn’t give up when the cards aren’t falling right. I see a completely committed team under our new coach, unlike what was being displayed earlier in the season. As a die hard fan, I love what I am seeing from this team with nothing left to play for besides their pride.

  • Lott

    I agree 100% #1, Sing and Hill are gonna be good come next year, after the draft and starting the season the way he wants his team to be. Singletary will restructure this team the in a winning direction, so all you Cowboy-49er fans on here like Pundit, and EC49 get ready for some 49er football! Get Ready! And EC49 go back to dallas and don’t ever say you are dissapointed the cowboys lost, How dare you discuss those Corndogeating-Hillbilies on this site!



  • joe gomez

    Il take the sloppy win anyday. Kudos to Josh Morgan.

  • EC49fan

    i apologize to all my red and gold brothers. when i said i was disappointed in my boys i meant the niners not the cowboys. my brothers is one of those cowboy goosemonkeys and i puke whenever i see a star

  • junebug408

    i usually agree with you Pundit, but i think you need to smoke the whacky tabacky after you post comments not before.

    49ers X-Mas list….top 5.

    1. Sign Singletary!!!!

    2. Start Shaun Hill next season.

    3. Re-sign Spikes!

    4. Replace Romans sorry ass and possibly Lewis.

    5. Get a better nose tackle. (love smith and think ray mcd is gonna be sick!)

    and oh yeah….fuck the cowboys!

    happy holidays to all my niner faithful! GO SHARKS!!!!

  • I think Junebug has it right. We need to sign Singletary…that is an obvious one. SPIKES AND HARALSON need to be given new contracts….PERIOD! I don't think anyone on this site wants to lobby for Roman keeping his starting job. Then we need to make ONE BIG SPLASH in free agency. I know some of you don't like the idea, but I think Houshmanzadeh makes the most sense. You put him in with Bruce, Jason Hill, and Morgan….that will be a respectable receiver core. Beating the lambs is one thing, but beating the Cardinals is another. We need to climb to the top of the division instead of squeak by its bottom dwellers.

  • West

    Pundit, Pundit…..I think that Jack got to you! Sing has EARNED the job period. Going in 3 – 13 in the half an you wanna throw in the towel….. Sing an company did a great job refocusing an pulling out a W…

  • Ninerfan81

    Everyone is wondering if we should keep Shaun Hill as our QB for next season or draft or sign one in the off season. Here are some numbers to consider.

    2,302yds 63.5% 17tds 8int 90.4 QB rating with 9 starts (11games played, including last year's starts.) 7-4 record.

    And against some pretty good teams, like the Cowboys, Miami, Jets, Zona, Cinncy (last year's team of course) Buffalo and the great game against Tampa Bay last year!! Not to mention a great game coming this weekend at home versus the Redskins!

    I just think we've got more important issues to address in the off season. And damn it to think we just might finish 2 back of Zona. Like to have those 2 games we played against them back.

    Oh well, next year! :)

  • West

    Ryan The 1st, i agree we need Haraslon an Spikes…On FA's theres a couple names out there that can really help us get to that next level… Houshmanzadeh is definite along with Peppers or Haynsworth…. We will most likely only get one, an I feel it will be Houshmanzadeh or Peppers…….

    We all agree Roman gotta go, If we dont address O line with or 1st pick i would like Mays FS at that time….

    Another note, Staley has looked really good a LT, do we really want to move him?

  • West

    Ninerfan81 thanks for the stats….We can afford to pick up a Graham Harrel Texas Tech QB or Curtis Painter Purdue QB around the 4th round….Let them sit an learn! Curtis Painter may have an edge in my opinion….

  • shane

    The two comments on Shaun Hill and Mike Singletary shouldnt get their jobs back next season is a really dumb statement. Im kind of disapointed you would allow people to read that shit. It was just stupid even if they would of lost. Alrighty Im Done

  • Rob

    Wow. I didn’t see this game (which sounds like that’s a good thing), but can one game really undo everything? I mean, sure, almost losing to the Rams is embarrassing. But, they did come back to win. Singletary said after the game that he almost benched Hill in favor of O’Sullivan. Which is hard for me to believe, so Hill really must have had a horrible day. But, he let Hill play it out, and he didn’t regret it. Check out the story from a blog a guy writes for the SF Chronicle:


    Apparently, this was not a pretty win. But, a win is a win. Let’s not de-throne Singletary & Hill after one game. Remember to keep everything in perspective. Only three interim head coaches in NFL history have ever had a winning record. Singletary has a chance to be the fourth next week.

    As for Hill, I don’t necessarily think he is a long term answer. We still need to draft a QB high this year. And, bringing in extra competition for Hill wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. But, right now, Hill is our best QB. And, I think he is a decent one at that. But, I guess he isn’t impervious to having bad days. But, remember that even the Peyton Mannings and Tom Bradys of the world have bad days. He will bounce back next week. Mark my words.

  • Ninerfan81

    Answer: T.O. did it in 2003!

  • I honestly don't think Niner Pundit is or EVER was saying that Singetary shouldn't get the job. I think he said that it shouldn't be just handed to him. To be honest, IF the niners lost that how would many of you feel about that??? That would have HAD to change your opinion a little….it would have changed mine because the LAMBS ARE AWFUL!!! If we play like that next week then we are going to have our asses handed to us. As for the draft, we are looking at somewhere between the ninth and 14th pick. Unless we pick up a stud defensive end in free agency then our pick HAS to be a defensive end. I don't think Orakpho or whatever his name will be available (if he is then its a no-brainer)….Tyson Jackson might still be there. Lots of pre draft spots I have been looking at have that safety from USC as an early 2nd rounder. One can only pray that we would be that lucky. O tackle or defensive end HAS TO BE our 1st pick unless a can't miss talent falls in our lap like if Malcolm Jenkins or Mauluga falls to us. The free agent market is going to be tough, but sadly this year I think AN UNUSUAL amount of teams are going to play tag with their players. I am hoping Housh isn't one of them, but it IS possible (hope I am wrong because then that really let's the niners focus on key positions in the draft. Housh and giving new contracts to Spikes and Haralson need to be the free agency period priorities.

  • Here is the list of free agents coming up…realize some have been given new contracts by their original teams and some WILL play tag at seasons end….


  • Can we just move Vernon Davis to Defensive End?

  • fernando

    i think hill got a chance to start in the begaining of the season
    we would be going to playoffs,its just mike nolan was too stupid
    of a head coach to do anything right or have the balls to tell
    any of his players anything like mike lol vd to defens lol

  • fernando

    i hope we just get d-line player and o- line players and a safety
    cause mark roman sucks balls u guys saw that interception fucked

  • Forensics 187

    Well, they say good teams win even when they play bad so take it for what it is worth.

    I think Cassel would be a good option at QB, Hill is getting it done some how, but did you see him try and get that long one down the field? Pathectic! No arm stregth what so ever. At least let A. Smith and someone else like Cassel battle for the start.

  • Doc Iac

    i agree that shaun hill isnt the answer, but this article proves my point how 49ers fans opinion changes so fast….from singaltary is the man, to can him. ridiculas man

  • Cassel is going to want a BOAT LOAD of cash that is will be about half of. Let's not get ahead of ourselves when it comes to Cassel. He is a GOOD qb, but it also doesn't hurt that he has a TOP THREE receiving core, a TOP FIVE o line, and a top THREE coaching staff. I am just not thinking that it would be a wise move to get him.

  • deekon52

    We need a quaterback like shaun hill only with a cannon

  • A True Niner Fan

    Screw Cassel…..he sux…I remember that games a couple of weeks ago were he was so Bad he woulda made Dilfer look good again…Cassels true colors came out that day and hes just a sorry backup that will prob end up in KC….whats all this Arm Strength BS about Shaun Hill….Did we not just Win the Game on a long ball?…was Joe Montana known for his Long ball? or his ability to win games in the clutch and march teams down the field with the ball game on the line………what are the percentages anyway on completeing Long balls its not like teams just come out and pass Hail Marys all day long…Im not saying that Shaun Hill is Joe Montana but I will take a quote from Clint Eastwood as "Dirty Harry"

    ….."How in the Hell are they supposed to get experience if you never give em a shot!" Shaun Hill is the best QB weve had since Jeff Garcia and he gets the damn job done, Period.

  • Ninerfan81

    Two Milestones can be reached on Sunday!

    First if Gore comes back to gain just 22 yards, he’ll become the first 49er RB to accomplish 3 straight years of 1000 yards or more!

    And Issac Bruce can reach 1,000 yards for the season with over 133 yards in teh Washington game! Heck if he can get 125 in the Dallas game on the road this should be doable! When was the last time we had a 1000 yard receiver…if I can’t remember off the top of my head it’s been tooooo long!!

    Can’t wait for Sunday…but alittle sad the season is almost over…thank goodness for NFL Network!!

  • What is wrong with some 49er fans complaing about Martz calling that deep pass that WON US THE GAME its not you guys here but on another site it just pisses me off WE FUCKEN WON IDIOTS would you rather us lose? If we lose Martz then we r done as a team u cant keep getting new O- cordinators. I like Martz he doesnt call the right play all the time but would you rather have that idiot we had last year?

  • texas9er

    well said “A Tru Niner Fan”. Coming from someone in cowboy country


  • Lowrance

    Hmmmmm I must have some bug. All I see is Meord’s Starkey comment….but not any of the other 50 comments….

  • Lowrance

    Medford even….. stupid fingers

  • West

    Lowrance, where it says Older Comments right above Leave a comment Click on that… “I also over looked it”,

  • Bones

    “After this game Shaun Hill shouldn’t be handed the starting job next season.”

    Wait wasn’t Hill the guy who came back and won the game for us in the 4th quarter?…oh yeah that’s right he was.

  • joe gomez

    Just saw replays of the Josh Morgan catch. Its even more amazing when you watch it in slo-mo. Atogwe thought he had another int but Morgan lept higher than him and snatched the ball with one arm for the TD. Brandon Lloyd had alot of amazing catches that I recall but this went for the winning TD so it truly is spectacular.

  • texas9er

    I vote S. Hill for mayor of 9er Nation. I don’t know what it is about him, but he brings the offense together. Not much of an arm, some throws that made target but were not spirals. he does not have a great arm but does have a great mind. But, what makes a team click is what makes a team win. Hill for starting QB. Singletary for govenor (49ERS). Receiver wise, Morgan, hill, bruce (for a couple of years at least), Battle (as long as he is healthy – a very dependable catch), Delanie and vernon (Needing some work-Vernon more so),Bryant Johnson, maybee a free agent or a draft pic to draw some competition. Next O-Line and D-line (O-line more so). Playoffs here we come! come on baby we got this next year coming!!!

  • Texas9er

    Dude what are you doing? you need to find another name. This one is taken. I do like your comments though