What We Learned: 49ers @ Dolphins

Well the winning streak is over. No thanks to Barry Sims or Mark Roman. It goes to show that you can control every aspect of the game except for the points on the board. The 49ers had a shot at the end to win it but unfortunately Adam Snyder had to get hurt, and Kwame Harris’ long lost brother Barry Sims got to fill in. Here is what we learned after the 14-9 win by the Dolphins.

  • Mark Roman is not a good safety and as soon as they can they need to find a replacement. It’s to bad Dashon Goldson can’t stay healthy.
  • The only play Roman defensed well was the almost interception that Nate Clements had. Way to break up the play Roman.
  • The 49ers did a good job of keeping Joey Porter in check, hats off to Joe Staley and Vernon Davis, but again it fell upon Barry Sims to stop him and he failed.
  • Deshaun Foster did a nice job filling in for an injured Frank Gore, but the outcome would have been different with Gore in there.
  • Shaun Hill played a nice game despite lots of pressure. Finished the game with no turnovers which was huge.
  • The 49ers are afraid of the Redzone.
  • Two plays were the difference in this game and those plays were to tight ends. Thanks again Mark Roman.
  • Incase it hasn’t been mentioned Barry Sims and Mark Roman suck.
  • Martz did a nice job of getting Vernon Davis involved in the gameplan.
  • Despite the score: Vernon Davis won the matchup against Joey Porter.
  • The Dolphins’ Wildcat¬†was no factor whatsoever.
The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • joe gomez

    Pundit, whats your take on Thomas Clayton? I think he should of got some carries in this game. Im tired seeing Robinson's one yard and a cloud of smoke. He has no moves and cant break any tackles. He had one good catch in the game and plays decent on special teams but I just think Clayton would of provided more yards per carry for us.

  • West

    Next season will be a new start under coach Singletary, and he will bring the pieces in place to rebuild this team much like Bill Walsh did in the early eighties. If we do not lock up Singletary, what will happen is if the Cowbillys don't make the playoffs or go to the superbowl, Jerry Hee Hw Jones will fire Wade Phillips and try his best to bring in Singletary, after all the media Sing has gotten for being an aggressive coach. Mr. Heew haw jones has a hard on for recruiting our talent, and he likes highly publicized figures, AKA Popeye the sailor man jones and Mr. BO. So lock him up niners! lock him up before that hee hawer takes more 49ers from us!

  • Lowrance

    Can't be mad at Bruce.

    He earned the right to get that penalty without being critisized. (Except continually by the whiney announcers)

  • Mark Roman DOES suck….anyone think he DESERVES to start next year……DUMP HIM AND TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!! Dashon Goldston…we welcome you with open arms. I also wanted to hear thoughts on the idea of Staley starting at RIGHT tackle next year and the niners using one of their first two picks on a left tackle. What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Depends? I just think he did so well at right tackle last year and Mr. Glass will be HOPEFULLY gone, Sims IS Kwame's long lost brother, and Snyder I think would be a GREAT back up tackle. I just think we would have it all together on the line if got someone like Oher or Loadholt…I don't honestly know what other quality tackles will be available. Lastly, GIVE PARYS HARALSON A NEW CONTRACT!!!!!

  • Eric

    damn. check out the stats on nfl.com or foxsports.com or wherever. 49ers controlled every stat category basically. rediculous

  • Doc Iac

    wow does mark roman suck, he should be cut

  • EC49fan

    i think you forgot about how much mark roman sucks

    oh no you just forgot to put it in bold

  • joe gomez

    Weve been saying Roman sucked all year long. Why in the fucking world did we even sign this bitch? Hes got ZERO int’s for the past who knows how many seasons. Hes a fucking loser. His partner M. Lewis isnt that much better as far as tackling, he missed some big tackles out there. Barry Sims is a fucking joke, I agree. Ill say it again, Joey Porter was the crazed pass rusher we failed to sign thanks to stupid ass Scott “im an idiot” McCloughan.

  • A True Niner Fan

    tough loss…..Had we been able to puch a few in for 7 instead of 3 it might have worked out…….a couple of plays hurt us though like that red zone area illegal formation called on Issac Bruce negated that first down catch… we had also Zieglers horrible punt return IQ…..and a couple of Passes that Vernon dropped where he coulda done some damage…these are the things were gunna have to address in the offseason if were gunna turn this thing around for next year….the basic fundamentals…we just cant keep shooting ourselves in the foot..we gotta play smarter at least were gunna Crush the Rams next week lol

  • West Texas

    I agree 100, lock him up before those hillbillies do!

  • Mike in MD

    VD needs to spend time with Coach Sullivan & train like a WR. I give him big props on the blocking, he’s a stud here..no additional work needed. Where he has problems first is when he has to use his hands to catch the ball. 2nd it’s his route running. The hands problem & catching is the main problem though. Just continuous reps over & over & over WITH HIS HANDS. He can also practice this at home in the back/front yard or chilling at the park. Pull a Romo…he always has a football with him & is throwing the ball perfecting his throws leading his receiver. VD just has to keep playing catch & having a buddy throw to him from all angles & him snagging the ball ’till he’s more comfortable & hopefully if he can keep it up…until it’s 2nd nature.

    How Mark Roman has had a job after all these years seriously BLOWS MY MIND. Week after week for how many years now are his mistakes jumping out in the film room for everyone to see?? Singletary’s got to the bottom of just about every position but hasn’t gotten to his FS yet. Screw the radio..give it to MLewis or back to Willis. I’d rather start a Rookie playing prevent D giving his man plenty of leeway than Roman who single-handedly lost this game. Those 14 points were both on him. The 1st cover was obvious. Unless your Tony Gonzalez, Gates, or Shockey the FS should always be able to make a play vs a freakin’TE when the balls in the air on a deep route. Then on the 2nd play Roman doesn’t know how to play his position which he does repeatedly. You’re supposed to let the play develop & whoever breaks deep THAT’S who you cover. He broke to soon went to double cover the outside guy & left the man running a fly directly right at him open for the TD. Willis got there too late trying to cover his job. I wonder what he was thinking when Roman blew his assignment AGAIN. Got to bench him ASAP for the Defense/team to continue trusting each other & stay with the accountability.

    Anyways…..sorry for the rant. We need a RT, FREE SAFETY, NT, & LEGIT PASS RUSHER 1ST. Then overall we just need more SPEED, EXPLOSIVENESS, STOUTNESS ON THE O/D LINES, & PLAYMAKERS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. A legit FAST explosive #1 WR & change of pace FAST home run capable #2 RB. Great effort just not enough talent yet. Same recording. Give it up to Coach Sing & our boys for the fight away in hostile territory to a playoff team. We would’ve got killed under the old HC. Big props to Foster, he ran hard today. We really missed Rossum. Can’t put any fault on Ziegler, all he was doing was trying to field the ball & not cough it up for a turnover.

  • Lowrance

    I agree with Mike…

    Nothing frustrates me more than VD with all that talent and look at me thoughts, continually dropping passes…… He’s an expensive blocker….

  • I agree with the Vernon Davis sentiment…he had a good game except a crucial catch that even my wife was saying, “How did he drop that, it hit him right in the hands?” ROMAN NEEDS TO GO, Michael Lewis too, and we need to put Staley at right tackle while drafting a left tackle. Our interior linemen are good. However, we ARE afraid of the red zone.

  • wickerman

    I think we have ad 2-3 posters in a row who failed to mention something


  • Lowrance

    New tackle, Guard, and a huge defense tackle to clog the middle.
    Is that too much to ask for Santa?

  • ShaneO

    I love this website cuz you tell it like it is. i have been screaming for Goldston all year and on other sites, i wont mention any by name, that piece of shit Roman gets praised for his experience! this fuckin guy has ONE pick in 4 years, he never makes a big play (unless its knocking the ball away from our own guys)ONE pick!! you should have more by accident!! thats OUTRAGOUS!!! him and Sims both blows nuts and cost us this game… im glad someone said it!!! what i dont understand is A Sing makes changes everywhere else but over looks this, WHY? B. how the fuck is Davis on the sideline on that final play… God dammit this sux

  • 9ermanforlife

    ok i will start off by saying mark roman sucks and needs to be releived of his his starting posisition. Vernon David handled porter. Barry Sims makes me want to puke, he played horrible basically the whole time after snyder got hurt. the way Sims just let porter run by him on the last play was horrific, then he just claps like awwww maybe next time.

  • Lowrance

    Okay as much as Vernon Davis frustrates me, I have to take exception to the 49ers offical websight. The headline says that Joey Porter got the best of VD on Sunday. He made one fugging play and gets the best of him???? Who the hell's writing there FOR OUR team????? That headline's implications are dead wrong. VD handled him all day long to where he was only mentioned at the end, when Sims did an "Ole" like he was Kwame Harris.

    I will totally stand by VD's blocking here.

  • Anyone know if Tommie Harris DT Bears is a free agent?

    Also we need to go after J. Peppers DE Panthers "step up our pass rush"

  • Taylor Mays, S USC could be a nice replacment for Mark Roman. If they dont go with a Tackle in the 1st round. I also like M Lewis, I dont feel he isn't doing his job!

    T, Mays FS…..M.Lewis SS……..

  • 49erkurt


    I was watching Barry Simms the entire game after the Snyder injurt. He was dominated tiem and time again. He is a horrible athlete and just a total ass clown. How can you possibly block that bad? For the love of God your a pro, and he actually gets paid for that? Vernon Davis has all the athletic tools to be a great player, but it wont happen unless he starts catching passes that he should. I watch game after game of him doing nothing but blcoking and then when he catches a pass he cheers and makes a huge scene. Mark Roman couldn't tackle a 12 year old angry girl scout. Hes that bad. He looked like a huge loser on that pass play when he let some crack head from miami beach cathc a ball over him and physically dominate him. I HATE HIM!!!! barry simms and mark roman should be gone next year, no questions asked. Martz needs to understand that we dont have the o-line to run a 5 wide spread. If the team sends a linebacker we are screwed. Shaun hill is very good and has the potential to be a pro bowler that can put up insane numbers; he also seems to have that "it" factor.

    Get a couple free agent o-linemen, safety, pass rusher

  • Lowrance

    Ziegler needs to watch film and be taught what to do when returning punts.
    Why does he need to look at the sideline and lift his hands as if to say? What do I do? Twice in a row. And please don’t run to the same side everytime. Can we say predictable?
    And hopefully he’s learned not to fair catch the ball at the 4…..

  • joe gomez

    I agree 100% ShaneO, V. Davis shouldve been in on the last play to help out on J. Porter. Why in the fuck would Davis be out on the last play is a big fucking mystery. Another questionable call I have is with 1:20 left on the clock you dont spike the fucking ball and waste a valuable 1st down! Im sure these guys have practiced the “no huddle” offense, that shit was a waste!

  • FriscoNinez

    I completely agree with u Lowrance VD handled Jerry porter like nobody has all year. The one complaint I have with VD was the dropped ball on 2nd or 3rd down early in the game which I think he was able to make up for during the rest of the game with his blocking and few catches oh yeah and that run he had out of the backfield would like to see a little more of that. He also did a good job at keeping his cool I thought for sure a 15 yarder on VD was coming at some point with all the trash talking going on. The rams should be a good bounce back game with Gore back in the line up man I miss him. Overall I think it was a good effort by MOST of the team would of been Nice to see Sims or Roman put a little out there….. off to St Louis GO Niners!!

  • 9ermanforlife

    all u guys are just bitching about vdavid WTF ABOUT BARRY SIMS OMFG

  • What FS will becoming free agents?

  • Is Ken Hamlin FS Dallas an Terrence Newman DB Dallas free agents? Cant find any updated info on them!

    Tank Johnson DT Dallas is another free agent i believe

  • Ninerfan81

    If you watch the Sing PC today you'll know that is wasn't entirely Barry Sim's fault. Hill set up the play on the wrong side, it should've been on the right and not left. That's important because according to Sing's PC he said there should've been a WR near Sim's to help out. In other words, put their hands on Porter to slow him down and then break in the their route.

    Martz called the play to the right side but because of a audio sound in his helmet Shaun Hill set up the play to the wrong side.

    There's no doubt we've come along way since Singletary took over and we're headed in the right direction. Alot of you on this board are asking for big personnel changes, FA, etc. but I'd like to see us keep Hill and Martz and Singletary in place from the start of Training Camp, Preseason and a full regular seasons to see what he's capable of.

  • Goldson probably would have been in there sooner if he could stay healthy. Wats up with the d-line zero pressure? The Dolphins had major injuries on ther O-line and we got nothing. Great move Scot McClueless for signing Issac Sopawaga for big buck for zero pressure no tackles no sacks. What does he do? Oh yeah never sign an ex Raider O-line man ever!!

  • Loeher

    There are some pretty good Free Agents Safeties coming out this season.

    Jermaine Phillips(TB)
    O.J. Atogwe(STL)
    Sean Jones(CLE)
    Darren Sharper(MIN)
    Dawan Landry(BAL)
    Mike Brown(CHI)

    Then draft Michael Oher or Terrence Cody in the 1st.
    If we go with Oher, then B.J. Raji in the 2nd.
    If we go with Cody, then Jason Smith in the 2nd.

    I would be cool with that =D

  • Mike Brown would look GREAT in a niner uniform, but there is NO WAY he becomes a free agent…..it is just like the cowgirls….ANY free agent that you think will be coming out of there WILL be given a HUGE contract. That is the beauty of Jerry Jones…he PAYS his players to keep QUALITY on the team. THE PROBLEM is that he doesn’t CARE if that talented player is a turd like the player that will not be mentioned!

  • As for the Oher vs. Cody debate….OHER HAS MY VOTE!!!

  • Mike in MD

    Thanks Loeher for the FA safety list..the only guy I know there is Sharper. Isn’t he old? I think I just heard recently he isn’t playing that good.

    Jason Smith has been recently coming on the Draft boards. I’ve read about him. He’s a duplicate Joe Staley. A converted TE, excellent feet, but is light at around 300 lbs just like Staley’s situation out of college. I’d rather get a more natural OT. It will be a challenge getting 1 of the top 3 OT’s…Oher, ASmith, Monroe. Damn near all the teams before us need or could use a stud OT. We’re at pick 9 right now. I almost wish we take STL as expected but tank the last game to keep us from getting down to far on the Draft. I hate thinking that way..no matter what even if we win the last 2 we should be alright. There’s lots of talent 1-15.

  • Mike in MD

    So far here’s my picks for our 1st round…

    Any of the top 3 OT’s in this order – Oher, Smith, Monroe. Taylor Mays/FS, Rey Maualuga/ILB-TED in a 3-4, Terrance Cody/NT. I’d be happy with any of these picks. I still have to study the pass rushers.

    I left out Crabtree because we’re not THAT bad at WR plus something bugs me about a #1 WR who doesn’t have home run speed that can take it to the house. I know he’s a talent but we can get by for now at WR. There’s Anquan Boldin & TJ Housmanzadeh who are FA’s next year that could help boost up our WR corps.

    BJ Raji in the 2nd Round is a STEAL.

  • Mike in MD

    I’m with you Ryan on Oher vs Cody. I would be PSYCHED if we landed Oher.

  • Mike in MD

    Joe..yeah it blows big time. Whatya gonna do though. I'm still waiting 'till the end of the season to decide on Singletary but I'm leaning on him bigtime. His strengths outweigh his weaknesses & he's one where he could work on improving his weaknesses. Nolan was hopeless.

    Right on West..I think Jason Smith's too high for 1st Rd though. I have him as one of my 2nd Rd picks. Cirron Black/OT/LSU would be my 4th OT in the 1st Rd. Would be a bit of a reach as a top 10 pick. If we miss on the top 3 OT's in the 1st Rd we could go after Smith or Loadholt in the 2nd.

    So far here's my 2nd Rd'ers (short)….

    BJ Raji/NT, Jason Smith/OT, Phil Loadholt/OT. I would say Nate Davis/QB but he's staying in school.

    Also Free Safety or pass rushers should be options here.

  • Texas9er

    Barry Sims has to be the worst tackle I have ever seen. We would have been better putting Vernon in a RT instead of him. About Jason Smith. He has the potental to be a great tackle. I'm from Waco Tx were Baylor is located and I have seen him play about 10 times and he never gives up sacks. Baylor hasn't been good for a while but this dude is. He went up against Brian Orakpo and held him pretty much in check. I haven't seen him run block that much because Baylor runs the spread but when it comes to pass blocking he is the best in the nation

  • West

    Texas9er , yea the thing i noticed about Jason Smith is he stays with and finishes plays….He stays with his man…..I really like that guy and feel he will be a nice pro….. We need that type of player

  • Mike in MD

    Texas9er..good to get some insight firsthand from someone who watches him play. He's a Staley clone which isn't a bad thing. Just not overpowering as a run blocker but will have to add weight & work on his technique to learn how to get some push on his man. 2 Staley's wouldn't be bad, wouldn't be spectacular. If he's all we can get we would still be solid. ANY LEGIT OT is better than "help yourself & kill my QB 'cause I can't move" Sims. But I'd like to get more of a natural bigger & still athletic OT as I said before. Getting any of the top 3 (maybe 4) would give us the option of putting him at LT as the dominant guy & switch Staley back to RT.

    West..I know McCoy already said he's staying at Texas. Not sure on Bradford or Harrell. I like Harrell in the 3rd Rd.

    Do you have any favs on pass rushers? Yeah it sucks to not make the playoffs but man I LOVE the Draft. I also can't wait for Free Agency. Can you imagine if we we're a playoff team? That would make the off-season that much sweeter. Maybe next year bro….

    Check out this read on Taylor Mays. My only fear is if he becomes another Darnell Bing. But something tells me I don't think so. Can you imagine if he comes close to a Sean Taylor type???? That would be FREAKIN' UNBELIEVABLE. He has it in him. He models his game after Sean & his other idol is Ronnie Lott. That would be the equal of trading in our Pinto for a damn Ferrari.

    LINK: http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/story/8893972/Free-s

  • DCNinerFan

    Hey Mike In MD, I'm assuming you are in Maryland. If so, whereabouts? I live in the Gaithersburg area. Just curious. Would be nice to have another Niners fan I know in the area…

  • Texas9er

    West, McCoy is staying for his senior season. As for Sam Bradford, after winning the hiesman im pretty sure he comes out. I hope we don't take him. Not only do I think he will be a good pro QB but he is a Sooner and we can't have that on the 49ers. Reggie Smith is one to many. Grahm Harrell is a senior

  • Texas9er

    I meant to say Sam Bradford will not be a good pro. My bad

  • Mike in MD

    West..I too like that about Smith. Him staying with his blocks, finishing, & dominating his man is awesome. They say he has the best feet out of all the OT's in the Draft.

    In 2 years Staley has come along nicely. He pretty much shut down Porter who's this year's sack leader ONE-0N-ONE. At 300 lbs Smith can legitimately bulk up. Having that ATHLETICISM & THE QUICK FEET….you can't teach that to a big man who doesn't have it. But a smaller 300 lb Staley/Smith type CAN get the bulk they need. I'd rather take that than the big man who doesn't move well. UNLESS you can get the bigger man that has it all.

  • Mike in MD

    DCNinerFan..I'm in Greenbelt, PG County. I know Gaithersburg, I used to work out there. Believe it or not there's a lot of Niner fans here. There are at my job.

  • joe gomez

    Wow another year with no playoffs. We should all just line up and take turns slapping the fuck out of the Yorks. Then after were done slapping then we should slap the fuck out of Donahue, Nolan, & McClueless.

  • West

    Right on point Mike n MD…

    Texas9er… thanks for the update, McCoy I wish he was coming out, would like to see him with the 9ers….As for Grahm i wouldn't be mad if we landed him. I do hear what you are saying about Bradford….

    Best QB in this years draft in my eyes is Matthew Stafford! Big guy an arm,has good pocket awareness and performs at a top level for a good program "Georgia". Another important note he comes from a Pro style Offense, like Matt Ryan hints smooth transition into the NFL.

    dont see him there for us, dont even kno if he is coming out!

    I see us grabbing OT, FS or ILB as i stated above with our 1st pick… should be a nice draft….Bright side atleast with Sing we know they will play….NO MORE 3 YR PROGRAM TO TOUCH THE FIELD

  • 9ermanforlife

    fuck berry sims

  • Mike in MD

    I just did some research on Darnell Bing. The thing that makes me feel better about Mays is that he's a projected 1st rounder, top 15-20, some higher. Bing was picked in the 4TH ROUND. That tells me Mays should be more ready than Bing. Bing is the bigger hitter (Mays can still lay the wood) but Mays has way more speed/range & should be a better playmaker all around especially vs the pass.

    The Free Safety IMO should be all about defending the pass/getting INT's 1st. Being able to help in run support is secondary. But from everything I've heard & read Mays is a stud in BOTH. I think he'll be for real in the NFL.

  • Mike in MD

    West..that long time BS waiting for our Rooks to see the field was so freakin' painful. I WAS DYING!! We all were. It made me want to get some cheap JetBlue tickets fly down to the stadium & slap Nolan to wake TFUP!!

    Oh it feels so damn good for that idiot to be gone. Singletary's accomplished MORE in personnel adjustments in a handful of games what took Nolan in all of his 4 years. Unfreakinbelievable!!

  • West

    Loeher thanks for the list, we need to replace Roman……. Mike Brown would be a gift, i also like O.J. Atogwe from the Rams……Or drafting Taylor Mays, sweet….so many different ways we could go… Mike in MD i like your draft list, Rey Maualuga ILB USC ,Taylor Mays FS USC ,Micheal Oher OT Ole Miss, or Jason Smith OT Baylor we are on the same page!

    As for Mike Lewis SS, i dont feel we have to replace him so we could leave Dawan Landry,Sean Jones and Jermaine Phillips off our list.

  • West

    Mike n MD……. sounds good, im a fan of draft time……Welcome to some good conversations…….

    I also heard that Crabtree isnt coming out, have you heard anything on that…. He wouldn’t be there for us anyways, just dont want to see him a Raider

    Also, whats McCoy,Sam Bradford an Graham Harrell stats….. r they coming out? Not much talk on Graham which is odd but good for us.
    All except Bradford should still be there in the 2nd round

  • West

    status not stats

  • West

    What ever happend to Bing? But yea Mays is gonna be nice! Very interesting draft

  • West

    Pundit what happend to the other post, others are blocked?

  • Mike in MD

    After us Bing went to the NYJ & now Detroit. I just read from a blogger before Bing was Drafted by Oakland that he had been watching him & said he would be a horrible NFL safety. (Seemed to know what he was talking about.) Others said they thought he wasn’t starter material but didn’t think he would be this bad.

    Here’s more proof of Taylor Mays playmaking. It was last month vs the Cal Bears. He made some big hits on receivers & broke up several passes. Sweet. I really have a good feeling he’s gonna be for real.

    Bing: http://blog.pfwonline.com/2007/07/26/darnell-bing-releasedcb-to-watch-for-in-2008/

    Mays: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-uscfyi11-2008nov11,0,5109364.story

  • DcNinerFan

    Mike –
    I’ve looked in vain for Niner fans out here, the best I could find was a few fleeting glimpses of Niner stickers on cars, and its hard to talk to people in that situation. I used to work in Greenbelt (somewhat opposite of you…) do you know of any Niner bars in the area (Bmore/DC?)

  • Mike in MD

    DCNiner…don’t know of any Niner bars. Maybe ESPNZone in downtown DC. Brought my nephews there for the arcade downstairs but the bars seem like they have a good atmosphere. TV’s everywhere. Should carry all the games.

  • joe gomez

    Can anyone tell me how the fuck did Mark Roman ever make it to the Pros? That bitch needs to go.

  • Mike in MD

    Joe…how the hell did he make it on OUR team???? AND why hasn’t he been benched YET??????!!

    REMINDER…..this year he has 5 passes deflected NO INT’S. In 2007 he had 4 passes deflected, O INT’S —– PITIFUL!! 1 INT IN 2006. After this year that’s 1 INT IN 3 YEARS!! Plus he singlehandedly lost the MIAMI game for us allowing all 14 points. Bench this MF NOW!