Video: Mic’d Up with Mike

Video of Mike Singletary mic’d up during the Week 11 matchup against the Rams. Also the Week 13 press conference.

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  • Brummo

    Singletary rules… I really hope he gets hired as our next coach.

  • Jason Deesnuts

    I loved every aspect of that video(getting in the players faces, keeping the refs on their toes, and the love that he had for his players when he was talking to them whether it be negative or positive). Spikes said it best “As a player you want to be challenged.” The passion this video shows is undeniable and the style of play is different(obviously) in comparison to Nolan.

    When Singletary was hired there were alot of doubters….Can he lead this team? Is he the right fit? Can he win with these players? After his 6th game as the interm head coach he is 3-3. As we saw in a cold, wet and messy game at Buffalo and then at Candlestick against the Jets a team that beat Tennessee(who was 10-0 at the time) and some considered the best team in the AFC after that victory, we are a team that plays with passion, pride and a burning fire in our gut that we haven’t seen in “The City,” since the glory days.

    Anyone who doesn’t think Mike Singletary should be our head coach next year is insane and doesn’t understand what defines a great NFL head coach. We’ve always had the players to be successful, but we just haven’t had the right leadership to lead our warriors into battle. I’ll cheer when were playing good football and I’ll talk shit when were not playing up to our capability. There is a standard that we expect here in San Francisco and that is “Excellence.” We have the greatest fans and expect “Greatness” because those two words have been instilled in all of us since Bill Walsh.

    I don’t want our team to slow down these next couple of games and not play our tails off so we might have a chance to get a higher draft pick. Two of our last three games are against playoff contending teams. We need to finish these last three games strong a show the league that the 49ers have come to play and expect to get punched in the mouth.

  • Brummo

    …and by that, I mean hired permanently. 😛

  • seekret_sauce

    Watching how he handles his players and himself..I’d play for that man!

  • seekret_sauce

    LMAO oh and the thing w/Foster was hilarious. “HEEYY!!!” “I gotta go out there coach..” “Oh..” hahaha

  • 49er__FAN